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More than half of our promoters are women. Do you want to find out their experiences?
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We design and facilitate workshops, bringing crowdfunding and civic co-creation to the whole world
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Gogoan (En la memoria)


By: Sanfermines 78 gogoan!

Cuestación popular para la creación de un monumento en recuerdo de los sucesos de sanfermines del 78 en Pamplona
  • € 8.370 received
  • 30 days remaining

36% Financed

Da Salud y Ghana


By: Diego Puente Ramos

Tiene como principal objetivo el abastecimiento de material clínico en el orfanato Assan Children's home en Kumasi, Ghana.
  • € 4.483 received
  • 10 days remaining

78% Financed

In progress! Now 4 the optimum

Obrador quesero para una granja familiar sostenible


By: Yas & Albert

Necesitamos transformar un camión en una quesería artesanal para poder elaborar nuestros productos en la granja.
  • € 10.565 received
  • 31 days remaining

105% Financed

Ahora Comparte

TOMA Teatro


By: Bajando al Sur y Meta-Comunica

Festival de Teatro de l@s Oprimid@s de Madrid. Del 22 al 27 de mayo. Cinco días de encuentro en Lavapiés.
  • € 1.715 received
  • 17 days remaining

57% Financed

Creative Commons film
The film about Juan Carlos I that some don't want you to watch!
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Impact data
€ 5.729.376
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Co-responsible institutions doubling citizens donations

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Total budget
€ 100.000
Ahora Comparte
1. ¿Qué es Ahora coMparte? Ahora coMparte es el canal de Ahora Madrid en la red social Goteo, para compartir recursos y cofinanciar ideas...
€ 80.288
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€ 496.000
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Goteo Foundation

Our experience with Goteo made the feeling of community stronger. Nothing is impossible if there are people who believe in your vision
- MAR MERINO / No Callarem. Llibertat Valtonyc
Through a Goteo campaign we increased the community and the number of co-owners. We reach where we had never come up with other funding options
- ARNAU VILARDELL / Som Mobilitat Cooperative
The matchfunding #Femeducació has been a key tool to strengthen the educational communities through the creation of new support networks"
- LLUÍS MAS / Fundació Jaume Bofill Project Manager
Thanks to Goteo we built together our dream. Our project started walking
- NURIA VEGA / (des)vestint aliments
Meta! is one of the most interesting and innovative initiatives we have launched. It has allowed us to promote 40 cultural projects, with citizen participation
- DENIS ITXASO / Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa
We agree with the spirit of collective rewards for co-financiers and society in general, which is the main philosophy of Goteo
- DAVID CABO / Fundación Civio Director
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Goteo Foundation

A team working for a civic crowdfunding!

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Canal de Ahora Madrid de la red social #Goteo para compartir recursos y cofinanciar ideas y proyectos que mejoren...
Escaparate de proyectos innovadores de la comunidad universitaria UC3M para contribuir al bienestar y progreso social.
Nodo en Barcelona de la red social #Goteo para cofinanciar y colaborar con proyectos que aporten un componente...
LAR pretende sensibilizar e formar ao tecido socioinstitucional lugués no uso e vantaxes do micromecenado en liña...

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