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Around Goteo in 80 days / Starting the project log

By: Goteo 24 | 01 | 2012 Success stories, Goteo
News report about Goteo & the Bookcamping & Freedonia projects on spanish national TV La Sexta. Source: http://www.lasextanoticias.com/videos/ver/licencia_libre_para_el_ciudadano/546073

After 80 days and a lot of movement, and now that the complete cycle of the first projects with we launched the platform is over, we're starting a series of regular updates about Goteo and things we've been chewing over: progress updates, ongoing developments, challenges and where we are going in general. We welcome comments on the posts or if you want to get more involved, please get in touch here):

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First collective cheques delivered, more on the way

By: Goteo 23 | 12 | 2011 Success stories, Projects, Help kit
Photo: Carlos Cazurro (www.cazurro.com) with Creative Commons by-nc-nd/2.0

A short post with photos of the delivery of the collective cheques earlier last week. On Tuesday, December 20th, coinciding with the start of #redada 11: NGOs, Social Actions and Internet at Medialab Prado, we delivered cheques to the the two first projects co-funded via the platform: Tuderechoasaber.es and


Validating an irrigation system for the commons

By: Goteo 14 | 12 | 2011 Success stories, Goteo, Projects
Source: Botanicalls Kits, based on arduino let plants reach out for human help! They offer a connection to your leafy pal via online Twitter status updates to your mobile phone

We'll start this post citing one of the best shared resources on the Internet - wikipedia: "Drip irrigation, also known as "drop by drop irrigation", is an irrigation method used in arid zones which permits the optimum use of water and fertiliser."

Here at Goteo we've been trying out this same system in a digital way for 40 days. And after helping "water" to arrive in the form of monetary and other resources


Tu derecho a saber ha sido cofinanciado y se desarrollará colaborativamente :)

By: Goteo 30 | 11 | 2011 Success stories, Projects
Vídeo explicativo del proyecto. Créditos de la fotografía inferior: "Out to Launch" de Jon@th@nC en Flickr bajo licencia Creative Commons by-nc-sa 2.0

Goteo está de celebración. Tuderechoasaber.es, la herramienta propuesta por David Cabo y Access Info para presionar y hacer efectiva la ley de transparencia en España acaba de obtener los recursos mínimos que se había fijado, a dos semanas de cumplir el plazo. Con el espaldarazo definitivo que le ha dado


7 días abiertos, 7 proyectos, 7 cosas que ya puedes hacer por/en Goteo

By: Goteo 10 | 11 | 2011 Events, Goteo, Projects
Algunos de los muchos tweets sobre Goteo que nos han alegrado esta primera semana :)

Acabamos de dar el salto. Después de tanto investigar, codiseñar y testear en torno a una plataforma que pueda llevar el crowdfunding más allá, abriendo proyectos para generar retornos colectivos y conversaciones, apoyos y alianzas a su alrededor. 

Hoy hace justo una semana que hemos abierto las compuertas de Goteo con un evento en Medialab, y vemos con agradecimiento el apoyo


Look for these icons

By: Goteo 01 | 11 | 2011 Crowdsasuna, Goteo, Help kit

In this post, we explain the meaning of the icons that you may find in Goteo, that graphically summarize the kind of collective benefits and individual rewards that projects published on this platform may offer.

They are thus useful for finding projects as a function of the results that they will share with the community, as well as the products and services that each one offers as an individual reward for the contribution offered.


Why is Goteo different?

By: Goteo 24 | 10 | 2011 Goteo
Interview with Enric Senabre during the presentation of Goteo in the EOI booth at SIMO.
Goteo is different from other collective financing or crowdfunding platforms due to its emphasis on “open source” projects in a wide sense. That is, the projects will share knowledge, processes, results, responsibilities or benefits, with a philosophy of the common good, and will favor collective empowerment and the generation of shared resources.

Another peculiarity of Goteo is that it allows each project to generate a minimum amount to get started and then later to solicit