Featured, on 25 May 2016.

This Friday, 27 May, Olivier Schulbaum will be giving a TEDx PlaçadelFòrum, talk at the Teatre Metropol in Tarragona, discussing matchfunding as a barometer reflecting the needs of a more collaborative and transparent society.

On 31 May and 1 June, we’ll be back with the second training workshop on crowdfunding as part of the call for matchfunding Meta! Gipuzkoa at the headquarters of Biharrian (Eibar). Meta! is open to cultural projects promoted by civil society, with campaigns backed by up to 70,000 euros from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. To participate in this second workshop you must register here. Find more information about the two previous editions of the workshop.

In addition, on 1 June, we will be taking part in the talk Business Models in a Circular Economy: Social, Commons and Feminist Standpoints, in the Sala Bizeconomiasocial, in Bizbarcelona.

If you are planning to be in Antwerp on 14 June, you can register now at the ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen for the workshop on how to apply Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing starting from MoMu's Study Collection as Use Case.

Do you like to read? Visit Goteo’s blog, and look for the last post on “Journalism or not: collaboration with a transformative spirit”, which explores the relationship between sources and audiences.

Last days! Don’t forget to inform yourselves about some of Goteo’s active campaigns. A continuing flow of contributions is crucial!,

25 Years already!
A Kalimera, a free radio station to democratise the word and to appropriate it for everyone.
Ondinhas venhem e vam (pola rádio livre)
By: Rádio Kalimera
Ondinhas venhem e vam (pola rádio livre)
Categories: Social, Technological
A KALIMERA. A RÁDIO LIVRE DE COMPOSTELA ONDINHAS VENHEM E VAM! Tsunami terra adentro A começos dos 90 nascia em Compostela A Radio Calimero, já logo A Kalimera, que igual que o polinho negro escachava a casca na procura de justiça no feito comunicativo, democratizar a palavra, apropriar-se dela. Muita gente desde entóm passou, transitou, ficou e mesmo recuncou na emissora livre da cidade. Ali coletivos autogeridos, associacionismo vizinhal, identidade, lutas comunitárias…...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.735 _ Optimum € 4.945
Remaining: 15 days
Dancing in the streets
Festival of contemporary dance and body arts, in Ourense. It’s the sixth year this summer ;)
Edición VI corpo(a)terra
By: corpo(a)terra
Edición VI corpo(a)terra
Categories: Commercial, Communications
Festival de danza e artes do corpo nas rúas de Ourense. Corpo(a)terra é na actualidade un referente Nacional e Internacional no mundo da danza. Corpo(a)terra naceu no verán 2011 da man da asociación trasPediante Cultura como unha iniciativa privada sen ánimo de lucro. Durante os últimos 5 anos continuou crecendo sempre co impulso colaborador de artistas implicadoxs e da equipa de traballo que se encarga da sua produción. A realidade do proxecto en canto a tempo e traballo...
Co-financing: Minimum € 6.000 _ Optimum € 7.500
Remaining: 11 days
Learning robotics
Combining a design based on a traditional Galician dance costume and learning through robotics.
EIRO - Open Source Robot Kit
By: NeuKos
EIRO - Open Source Robot Kit
Categories: Technological, Design
Do you want to build your own humanoid robot? And do you want to learn how robots work, how they are programmed and enjoy at the same time? Do you also want the design to be original, flexible and open source? There's no room for doubt! What you need is EIRO. EIRO is a robotics kit that lets you build your own humanoid robot based on open source Arduino platform and whose pieces are made by 3D printing. EIRO robot has mobility in its legs, arms and head, being able to play, walk...
Co-financing: Minimum € 6.810 _ Optimum € 10.750
Remaining: 24 days
Digitising memories
An audiovisual project to record, preserve and share the knowledge of our elders
Bibliotecas Vivas
By: Sustinea
Bibliotecas Vivas
Categories: Social, Communications
Bibliotecas Vivas es un proyecto de recuperación directa de la memoria de la comarca de Ourense (ayuntamientos de Ourense, Pereiro de Aguiar, Esgos, Nogueira de Ramuín, San Cibrao das Viñías, Barbadás, Toén, A Peroxa, Coles, Amoeiro y Vilamarín) mediante la recogida y recopilación de las historias que protagonizaron el mosaico rural de la provincia. Esto conformó la sociedad que somos hoy y que debemos reconstruir y difundir empleando a los protagonistas reales de la misma...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.000 _ Optimum € 3.450
Remaining: 13 days
Agroecology in Town
An open, cosy space working with friendly farming and short distribution channels.
Drogheria Belle de Mai
By: En Chantier
Drogheria Belle de Mai
Categories: Social, Educational
We want to create an associative and participatorive grocery with workshops on self-production of food and household products. The Drogheria will be an open space involving proximity between beneficiaries and producers. It will offer unpackaged quality products at an affordable price, or exchangeable with non-market means. The idea is to recreate proximity relationship and offer a welcoming place, not only for shopping but also to discuss and exchange about products and the life of the...
Co-financing: Minimum € 10.000 _ Optimum € 17.500
Remaining: 10 days
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