Goteo #190: GoteoEss Cooperation

🗓 On February 19 servitude was abolished in the Russian Empire (1861), in Spain the first government of the Second Spanish Republic began (1936) and the Belgian Chamber approved the granting of the vote to women (1948). Our humble contribution to make this date something memorable is going to be the launch of CrowdCoop: the crowdfunding project call to boost cooperativism.

📬 In this newsletter we will talk about three projects that call for cooperation to recover food sovereignty, heal the wounds of a war and empower women from different backgrounds around the creation of a meeting space open to the entire community. We will close with the motives and objectives of the CrowdCoop initiative that we are sure you will love.

Super Coop 🍐

🍐 SUPERCOOP is a cooperative and collaborative supermarket that they are building between neighbors of Madrid, and that is located in the San Fernando Market, in Lavapiés.

🛒 The idea is to open its doors in the first half of 2020, so they need to get support and financing to buy the equipment that will allow its implementation. This support can be given in the form of new partners and partners, or in the form of donors that enable the project to be promoted.

👉 Support the launch of SUPERCOOP, a cooperative and inclusive supermarket in the neighborhood of Lavapiés (Madrid) entering in SuperCoop.

Scars on Earth 🌋

🌋 The documentary #CicatricesEnLaTierra recounts the civil reincorporation of former FARC Colombian guerrillas, through their wounds in war and illusions.

🎥 The project has objectives such as: to reveal the importance of persisting in the commitments of the peace agreement, to give voice to witnesses of the war from the stories of 4 ex-combatants of the FARC and to show the feeling of the Colombian population before the historical change that the signing the peace agreement with the FARC-EP was for the country and for the traditional way of dealing with social conflicts.

👉 Enter in Cicatrices en la Tierra and know more about the people who fought against the legitimately constituted state.

The Gate of the World ☕️

☕️ In ¨La Porta del Món¨ (The Gate of the World) we find an empowerment project through decent working conditions and cultural wealth.

💜 The entity ¨Món Banyoles¨ promotes a non-profit social initiative cooperative in which women from different backgrounds will create a bar-restaurant, which also aims to be a meeting place for citizens and associations. Why? To tear down walls and stereotypes, but above all to build a future with social justice.

👉 Collaborate in the creation of this space supported by women from different backgrounds gathered in Banyoles entering La Porta del Món.

CrowdCoop: Become cooperative with Goteo!

🎊 In this newsletter we want to celebrate with you that Fundación Goteo, Facto Assessors and Heres Social launch the CrowdCoop Open Call!

Its objective is as simple as it is powerful, to unite the skills of these three entities to launch crowdfunding campaigns aimed at establishing a cooperative.

Do you have a company in Catalonia that wants to become a cooperative through a micromanagement campaign? Do you have an association and have you been thinking about establishing a cooperative?

With Crowdcoop we have designed a comprehensive training program that ranges from the creation of a cooperative, through training in fiscal and legal matters to the design and launch of a crowdfunding campaign.

Take the opportunity and enter CrowdCoop right now.

See you in 15 days! 😜

We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

In order for us to continue our work so that more civic initiatives take place


Our projects

Salvem Barnasants! Salvem Barnasants!

By: Barnasants Cançó d’Autor

Creating culture

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Climate action

POR EL RESIDUO 0 EN ANDALUCÍA. Juntos para avanzar hacia la mínima generación de residuos y conseguir la máxima tasa de reutilización y reciclaje. NO A LA INCINERACIÓN.

€ 1.400 received

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Sentir a Carrilana Sentir a Carrilana

By: A.D.C. Esteirana de Carrilanas

Creating culture

Fabricación de 4 carrilanas para niños con deficiencias visuales en colaboración con la ONCE para el GP de Carrilanas de Esteiro

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19 days Remaining

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Después de un largo viaje por diferentes estilos, Nautas Loops presentan su primer álbum Aterrizaj zaj zaj y un videoclip.

€ 940 received

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