Goteo’s 2017: New year has officially begun

On the coldest days of the year we start 2017 with good New Year's resolutions. We would like to make your life easier, also in matter of taxes. In fact, the tax advantages for your donations reach up to 75% for individuals and up to 35% for companies. Please, remind that you have until 25th January to confirm your tax data and download your 2016 donation certificate. If you make it on time, your donations will be tax-deductible in your next tax report!

During the last weeks we will be on many fronts. And this is not a joke, as you will see, we are going to be at the same time in three countries and two continents. Let's break it down bit by bit.

16-20 January we are in Chile for our LearnByFunding Crowdfunding workshop in collaboration with the Slow Food Chile Network that has been involved in several national projects on gastronomic heritage.

26 January we have the last Meetup with the Commons Startup Support Programme La Comunificadora promoted by Barcelona Activa and developed together with Platoniq and the Free Knowledge Institute. We are currently training the participants on business models that combine a p2p collaborative production model with commons-oriented community projects, shared knowledge and a sustainable income-generation.

As already stated, on 1-2 February we will be at Roma Caput Mundi for The Digital Social Innovation Fair - DSI Fair 2017 - organized by the ChIC consortium. The goal of the event is to provide coordination and support initiatives from the European Digital Social Innovation (DSI), within the Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) community that we are part of. We have been invited to participate as speakers for the session titled: Designing Technologies and Innovation for Social Impact. We would be delighted to talk about Goteo, his specificities compared to other crowdfunding models and about the social impact of the projects we support.

Talking about projects that benefit the community, we have selected especially for you some energetic (and committed) campaigns for this cold season. We guess you will like them, check them out!

Water and rural environment
Developing technologies for a sustainable management of water in the rural environment
El Taller Movil
By: Detlef Teichert
El Taller Movil
Categories: Social, Technological
What do i offer? * Advice on ecological water techniques, such as water supply and recycling * Mobile Workshop with tools and Knowledge * Related technology :cable car railway, bicycle washingmashines and bicycle saw, etc * 20 years experience of living in a community * Advice and methods : 7 points of clarity, sociocracy, networks and contacts Who needs this service * Ecological communities * Alternative projects in the countryside * Alterative lifestyles in the countryside What...
Co-financing: Minimum € 6.000 _ Optimum € 8.000
Remaining: 3 days
Purified water
Low cost and sustainable technology for countries with limited access to drinking water
Filtros de Agua Cerámicos para Ecuador
By: Laura Guerrero y Horeb Agua de Vida
Filtros de Agua Cerámicos para Ecuador
Categories: Social, Ecological
Ceramic Water Filters are a cheap water purification technology that can be produced locally. There are currently more than 40 factories in the world that produce these filters in countries where there is low access to drinking water. The efficiency of these filters is good for bacteria and protozoa that cause diarrhea, but are unable to remove the tiny viruses from the water. In Catalonia 5 years ago, between scientists from the University of Barcelona and Josep Matés, a ceramic potter from...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.000 _ Optimum € 5.000
Remaining: 13 days
Double album
An open and sustainable cultural model, an analogue handmade recording
Ayúdanos a grabar el nuevo album de Freedonia
By: Freedonia
Ayúdanos a grabar el nuevo album de Freedonia
Categories: Cultural
Freedonia somos un colectivo de 10 personas que llevamos más de 10 años investigando y difundiendo la música con raíces afroamericanas a través de nuestros shows, grabaciones o talleres. Tratamos de dar visibilidad a estos estilos que ya son una realidad en nuestra vida cotidiana socio-cultural, enfocándola desde un punto de vista de ocio saludable. Para ello en esta ocasión queremos grabar nuestro tercer album de estudio. Queremos grabar nuestro nuevo álbum bajo licencias Creative...
Co-financing: Minimum € 17.750 _ Optimum € 24.550
Remaining: 4 days
Recovered seeds
Increasing the variety of extincted local cereals
Somonte vs. Monsanto. Semillas de dignidad por la soberanía alimentaria.
By: mafaddita
Somonte vs. Monsanto. Semillas de dignidad por la soberanía alimentaria.
Categories: Social, Ecological
Colaborando con este crowdfunding ayudas a la recuperación de variedades locales de cereales que se encuentran prácticamente extinguidas (pretendemos sembrar una decena de variedades distintas) al tiempo que también nos ayudas a desarrollar y mantener la legítima okupación de la finca de Somonte. En Somonte estamos empeñados en hacer realidad la soberanía alimentaria de los pueblos y para ello ¿qué mejor que asegurar la biodiversidad del cereal con el que se elabora el pan de cada...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.950 _ Optimum € 10.200
Remaining: 7 days
Goteo is a social network for crowdfunding and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructures, microtasks and other resources) for encouraging the independent development of creative and innovative initiatives that contribute to the common good.
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