3 August, 2016. You can start getting ready for September.

On 15 September twenty projects selected for matchfunding META! Kultura, promoted by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, will be launched. We've been there, this week, getting everything ready for the big date! So, what they are about? More here.

The Synergia Summer Institute, a programme of study in Monte Ginezzo, Tuscany, Italy, will be held from 11 to 23 September. The theme is "Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth: Pathways to a New Political Economy”

The call Idea Camp 2017: Moving Communities, will be open until 20 September with an option for a grant to develop projects, focusing on the current positive, radical resistance movements which are daring to counteract anti-democratic practices. Any ideas?

The call for OuiShare Fest Startups to support the "most advanced collaborative initiatives" in the OuiShare Fest BCN (26 and 27 October) closes on 30 September.

And here are some necessary campaigns which would be very grateful for your contributions:

A man and a bike
A trip from Stockholm to Brussels with the mission of increasing the safety of cyclists.
Europa del Norte en Bici
By: Guille Cortés
Europa del Norte en Bici
Categories: Social, Technological
On 26/07/2016, I will start cycling from Stockholm to Brussels, through Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Amsterdam, some of the most "bike-friendly" cities in the EU. This project has a Mission: to promote the use of bicycles by making cycling safer. The cyclists need to feel safer in order to ride more. Bicycles bring more benefits to society than we believe: health, environment and economy. This project is also backing a Cause: to raise awareness for those cyclist who are/were...
Co-financing: Minimum € 1.940 _ Optimum € 22.440
Remaining: 19 days
Synthetic Biology
Developing a preventive treatment and tumor risk marker.
Microorganismos contra el Cáncer
By: Proyecto Polybiome
Microorganismos contra el Cáncer
Categories: Technological, Educational
Colorectal cancer is, undoubtedly, one of the highest diagnosed cancers both in Spain and in the world, being the current diet one of the main reasons of its development. Because of this, we want to reduce this incidence not by forcing an extreme change in society’s current eating habits, but by creating a probiotic that would help its prevention. This probiotic would be composed of some bacteria naturally found in our gut, modified so as to serve as a tool to prevent cancer. In order...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.500 _ Optimum € 7.000
Remaining: 21 days
Exporting Basque Art
A book about an artist transcending creative and artistic frontiers.
By: GUedizioak
Categories: Cultural
The editorial project within which we will publish BLAMI’s book Dramatic Art has one ultimate goal: create a selection of well-structured books about the new generation of Basque artists. One that arrives to a diverse and broad public. A series of books under the label GU EDIZIOAK. BLAMI transcends artistic and creative borders. Design, illustration, collage, interventions, outsider art, photomontages, action, transformation… He is admired and valued for his career path and work...
Co-financing: Minimum € 11.720 _ Optimum € 72.722
Remaining: 22 days
Zemos goes to Finland
The Zemos collective will go north with their Remix for Bien común (Remix for the Commons).
CopyLove Helsinki
By: Pixelache
CopyLove Helsinki
Categories: Social, Design
Pixelache Helsinki wants to bring key members of ZEMOS98​ collective from Seville, Spain to the 2016 edition of their festival, to introduce the concept of CopyLove to Helsinki and Finland. ZEMOS98 will bring feminist-orientated care and warmth, Remix for Bien común (Remix for the Commons), Commons spirit and Love to the North. In particular they will share their Audiovisual Source Code (Código Fuente Audiovisual) format and approach. During Zemos98 visit to Helsinki we will organize...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.400 _ Optimum € 5.800
Remaining: 11 days
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