Capturing Fashion in the 20th Century with Frieda Dauphin-Verhees' Study Collection

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Thank you very much for your contribution! Besides our endless gratitude, your name will be mentioned in the credits of the educational film using Frieda's collection, and in a dedicated webpage in our online archive of the study collection.
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An evening at MoMu - 1 June 2017!
Donate €25 and receive an exclusive invitation to a festive nocturne at MoMu on 1 June 2017 dedicated to this project. The festivities will start at 7pm. Not only will you get free access to our highly acclaimed exhibitions ‘Margiela, the Hermès years’ and ‘Nicole & Hugo. Swinging Ann Salens’, you will also catch a rare glimpse of the study collection and receive all the details of how your contribution will help us. Also, two drinks will be on us!
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Adopt a piece in the study collection
What is more original than actually adopting an object from Frieda’s study collection? Your name will be mentioned on the label and sewed in to the piece. Your name will also be connected to the object in the online archive and as an added bonus, adopted pieces with be photographed by a professional photographer and send by email! In addition to this you will of course receive an invitation to our evening on June 1st, including two drinks and the opportunity to experience an actual class from Frieda!
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Become a patron for the Study Collection! You will of course receive the rewards mentioned above, and we will mention you (as a person or company) as a sponsor of our initiative on our website, flyers and link your name to a specific artifact in our collection! For Belgian patrons, we can also offer you a tax certificate via the King Baudouin Foundation (please contact for more information!). Moreover, you get our eternal gratitude and make a difference!
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What makes this project special

19 | 05 | 2017

Eén van de dingen die dit project in onze ogen zo speciaal maakt is dat de studiecollectie scholieren en studenten de kans geeft om te leren aan de hand van echte historische stukken. Die aanpak is namelijk vrij uniek. Frieda was destijds een pionier door échte stukken in haar lessen mee te nemen en de studenten ze grondig te laten onderzoeken. Ze mochten de stukken zelfs aantrekken!

Nog steeds is dit niet gebruikelijk in opleidingen en ook niet in musea. Musea moeten meestal hun stukken juist beschermen tegen teveel aanraken. Het feit dat scholieren en studenten straks de mogelijkheid hebben om bij ons de collectie te komen bestuderen is op zichzelf dus al bijzonder.

Daarom is het heel belangrijk dat de collectie gemakkelijk te gebruiken zal zijn voor lessen. Scholieren en studenten zullen kunnen kiezen uit bepaalde tijdsperiodes en de stukken bekijken die bij die periode horen. Bovendien kunnen ze zich er nog extra in verdiepen dankzij het lesmateriaal dat het museum rond de stukken en de tijdsperiode zal maken. Ook zal er nog allerlei extra informatie te vinden zijn in het online archief van de collectie.

Dit alles heeft als doel om mode en geschiedenis zo levendig mogelijk te maken, en op die manier scholieren en studenten te onderwijzen en inspireren. Op die manieren kunnen we ook Frieda’s wens vervullen om haar verzameling en haar manier van lesgeven te laten voortbestaan.

Beeld: MoMu Antwerp | Gabrielle De Pooter




One of the things that we believe make this project really great and special is that the study collection allows students to learn by interacting with actual historical objects. This is a fairly unique approach. At the time Frieda was a true pioneer by taking the actual pieces to her classes to let the students study these. The students were even allowed to wear them!

This approach is still uncommon in education or museums. Museums usually have to protect their objects from getting touched. So the fact that students will have the opportunity to study the collection in this way is in itself quite unique.

That is why it is so important to make the collection easily accessible for lessons. Pupils and students can pick a time period and study the pieces from that period. And they can learn even more with the addition of the educational material about the pieces and the time period, that the museum will provide. There will also be extra information available in the online archive of the study collection.

The main goal in all of this is to bring fashion and history to life, in order to inspire and teach students. In that way we can fulfill Frieda’s wish to have her collection and her way of teaching live on and continue to inspire.

Image: MoMu Antwerp | Gabrielle De Pooter


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