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Club ciclista Perucha

Documentary to visualize and support Percuha, craftsman and mechanics hacker whose cycling club faces off its second eviction process. A cycling life!

Economic needs



€ 11.000
€ 8.000
€ 9.681
28 / 02 / 2013

Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Spread in the internet

    You can help us to spread this campaign and the documentary project on other websites and social networks. Tweer and share. Information and code to embed campaign at: http://clubciclistaperucha.dentera.net

  • Spread in the street

    Tell the project to your family and friends. Download information and flyers at: http://clubciclistaperucha.dentera.net

  • Ride your bycicle

    It doesn't matter if you can not contribute money to the project. We need the support of many people to generate social pressure and negotiate the conditions for Perucha can continue in the workshop. Enter the website, leave your support and ride the bike. A gesture like that can improve the lives of many people.

  • Subtitle translate

    We believe that the documentary can be interesting in other languages. You can translate subtitles.

  • Places to project the documentary

    We would like to present the documentary in many sites and chat with people who have viewing. If you have an association, a bar, a club, a social center, a place, etc.. help us to organize a launch event.

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What is offered in exchange

Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 10

    Product: Mention + Spoke cards bundle

    Mention on web and documentary credits + Spoke cards bundle

  • Contributing € 20

    Product: Photography

    Mention on web and documentary credits + Spoke cards bundle + Analogue Photography 10 x 15

  • Contributing € 40

    Product: Shirt

    Mention on web and documentary credits + Spoke cards bundle + Analogue Photography 10 x 15 + Project shirt

  • Contributing € 80

    Product: Cycling cap

    Mention on web and documentary credits + Spoke cards bundle + Analogue Photography 10 x 15 + Project shirt + Cycling cap

  • Contributing € 120

    Product: Tyre belt

    Mention on web and documentary credits + Spoke cards bundle + Analogue Photography 10 x 15 + Project shirt + Cycling cap + Tyre belt

  • Contributing € 200

    Product: Photo book + Cycling jersey

    Mention on web and documentary credits + Spoke cards bundle + Analogue Photography 10 x 15 + Project shirt + Cycling cap + Tyre belt + Photo book + Cycling jersey

  • Contributing € 750

    Product: Original handmade custom frame

    Mention on web and documentary credits + Spoke cards bundle + Analogue Photography 10 x 15 + Project shirt + Cycling cap + Tyre belt + Photo book + Cycling jersey + Original handmade custom frame

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Produce Dentera

Produce Dentera
Dentera (dentera.net/) is a working group with a focus on social and experimental work. We understand the experimentation as way to find new ideas and techniques. These projects are born across the communication between different audiovisual fields. Through a multidisciplinary team, we create integral projects based on free knowledge. Releasing from the development and production processes to the final result under copyleft.

Currently the team includes a photographer and documentary filmmaker, a graphic artist, a composer and sound engineer, a libre-software engineer and several bycicle activists.
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Club ciclista Perucha

The documentary project, emerges from the daily relationship with the teacher Perucha and the passion for cycling.

The main features of this project come with a spontaneous and natural way, through the personal connection with Perucha, gathering information about his life and his craft.

Higinio Domingo "Perucha" has been doing pro-common since before that term existed. His interest and dedication to sharing and teaching techniques of the tool-and-die maker work are well known in the whole Ventilla neighborhood and other places around the world.

Tool and die maker is a person who creates and invents complex mechanic elements, adjustments of presicion, moulds and matrixes using hand tools or machines. He also checks the parts, and validates their manufacturing process and quality.

Perucha was one of the precursors of the bicycle welding, prototype design, construction tricycles and tandems for elite sport, as well as innovative techniques with the use of materials of all kinds.

One acknowledges especially the entusiasm and the emotion of Perucha, when he comes across a fault, that was not able to be repaired after its way through other bike workshops. When the others believe that the only alternative is to throw away and buy, Perucha builds, repairs, modifies and shares.

He doesn't just practise and spread welding discipline, but also teaches you how to design and build your own tools, parts and supplies to build and repair bicycles. Thus, he empowers you to rediscover your capacity for self-sufficiency, contributing to improve the collective intelligence

Despite the changes that technology has introduced, the fundamentals remain the same. Quoting Perucha, "The file can never end". We believe that the work of an artisan, a hacker of the mechanics, necessarily passes from other, diverse, not automated, reappropriating forms of production.

Nowadays the cyclists club Perucha faces off its second eviction process; the IVIMA through forced expropriations, is changing the physiognomy of Ventilla district. Perucha is being evicted for second time, giving an end like this, to all the posibilities of cooperations, experimentation, learning and production of rarities.

Main features

We want to document the life of Perucha through the realization of a series of tools: a documentary, a website, a photo book. Because we believe in the richness of these experiences and their value for evoking and inspiring more.

In addition, we aim to finance the legal defense costs of the Perucha's workshop eviction. The cyclists club Perucha is facing off an administrative and judicial process and must afford court fees and defense costs.

All the material that we will be producing will be licensed under CC BY SA, so you will be able to download them, copy, share and modify them. Other than that, we have prepared a series of rewards for participating in the campaign; a cycling jersey/malliot, a cyclist´s cap, a photography book, a recycled tyre belt, a few spoke cards, posters and a couple of customised bicycle frames, made by Perucha.

In order to follow up with the process, we have developed an informative, collaborative blog whose purpose is to give visibillity, accompany and elaborate the strategies around the maintanance of the cyclists club Perucha. (clubciclistaperucha.dentera.net/)

Why this is important

This film was born from the need to deepen the knowledge about the person, the trajectory and the work of teacher Perucha. It is directed and supported by the whole community of citizens that value the contribution of a person that dedicates his life to the world of cyclist.

The Project shows the philosophy of an heterodox workshop day by day, the most important individuals that accompany Perucha (his wife, his children, grand children; his cousins, friends and enemies). It intends to be a collective look over his past in connection with his present. That's why, it will not only be a recognition of his task, but a statement against the forced eviction from the building of Perucha´s workshop, aiming to look for solution of continuity.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The campaign goal is to find co-financiers for a project that shows the history of Perucha, sharing his knowledge and experiences, through different communities and by participating in them. Activating, invigorating and connecting networks of support to the Cyclists Club Perucha.
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