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GnuPG: new website and infrastructure

The world needs GnuPG encryption more than ever - a new website, new design, and new content will make strong crypto friendly.

Economic needs



€ 24.000
€ 21.655
€ 36.732
07 / 02 / 2014

Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Infographic

    Public-private cryptography lays at the heart of GnuPG's powerful protection, and in order to find keys of friends and contacts, GnuPG users must have a basic understanding of how it works. This isn't easy to explain however - a new infographic would be extremely helpful in showing new users the basic principles of the system.

  • Poster

    Crypto is critical, but it isn't very sexy. GnuPG has easy to use clients for Windows, Mac, Gnu/Linux, and Android, but to improve our image we need a poster to spread the word. Humans are visual. Let's give them something to look at.

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What is offered in exchange

Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 5

    Acknowledgment: Listed donor on GnuPG.org

    To thank you for your support your name will be added to the page of donors on the new GnuPG.org website. Choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.

    Limited reward
    48 units left
  • Contributing € 12

    Product: GnuPG laptop sticker

    New stickers especially for this campaign. They're the first GnuPG stickers ever made, and a slick way to show your support for powerful crypto.

    Limited reward
    40 units left
  • Contributing € 35

    Product: Limited edition GnuPG tshirt

    Crypto is cool. Wear your support with this organic and fair trade high quality cotton tshirt.

    Limited reward
    6 units left
  • Contributing € 60

    Services: An @GnuPG.net address

    Choose your own address at GnuPG.net. These email aliases are exclusive and have never been available before.

    Limited reward
    7 units left
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Gnu Privacy Guard

Gnu Privacy Guard
GnuPG is developed by Werner Koch via his company, g10 Code, and many community contributors.

Sam Tuke manages fundraising, public relations, and community engagement for the project.
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Düsseldorf, Germany
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GnuPG: new website and infrastructure

GnuPG is the world's privacy protector. It guards emails, files, and apps from snooping and spying. The new GnuPG website will bring bullet-proof privacy to the general public, provide a friendly face of Free Software cryptography, and allow the project to sustainably fund maintenance and development into the future. The new GnuPG.org will be mobile and desktop ready with a fresh design, built for internationalisation, provide non-technical guidance for new users, and have built in management for future subscription donations.

Main features

- Brand new GnuPG website
- Release of GnuPG 2.1
- Anonymous Tor network access to gnupg.org
- New server for web infrastructure
- New user friendly design optimised for desktop and mobile
- Fresh download page catering to all devices
- Updated collection of external videos, guides, and courses
- New page for Cryptoparties
- Continued availability of all existing pages and manuals
- New subscription handling system for sustaining GnuPG development

Why this is important

Recent government spying revelations have shown us how hard real privacy is to achieve, and how little of our information is really safe. GnuPG is one of the few tools that can offer real protection. Yet it remains popular primarily in only hi-tech circles, despite it's availability on Windows, Mac, and Gnu Linux, its ease of use, and the fact it's free of charge. We need to introduce new people to GnuPG and help them to start emailing safely and privately - the new GnuPG website will play an key role in making strong crypto desirable and accessible.

Why is strong privacy so important?

Faith in the privacy of our communications is necessary for:

- Guarding trade secrets
- Meaningful and fair negotiations
- Protection and advancement of human rights
- Academic exploration and development
- Political freedom and democracy
- Proper development from to adulthood - childish mistakes belong in the past

What makes GnuPG so secure?

It's Free Software - anyone can inspect its source code and check for back doors, and security experts frequently do. It's made by leading experts who were originally chosen by the German Government for their aptitude. It's build on rock solid cryptography principles that have been adopted industry-wide, and uses the OpenPGP Open Standard for compatiblity with other applications. It's so widely used that hundreds of companies have a vested interest in checking that it works the way it should. Unfortunately that doesn't mean they choose to donate to the project or support it in other ways. And it's even used by Phil Zimmerman, father of strong email and voice over IP encryption.

What difference will a new website make?

The existing GnuPG website dates back to 2002. It was built to provide easy access to technical documentation about the project. In 2013 GnuPG is now well accepted by technical security groups however, and we need to reach out to new audiences. We also need to make it easy for people to help sustain work on GnuPG into the future, by supporting subscriptions and encouraging donations.

Non-technical need encouragement to get over the few initial steps that setting up strong encryption takes. Faith in the relevance, usefulness, and power of GnuPG is affected by the the project homepage, and we need a new professional face to inspire a new generation of users to try it out, together with friendly introductions and pointers to additional resources.

A new website serves not only to boost the project's image and popularity short term therefore - it will found a sustainable development model for future maintenance and development of this foundation stone of digital security.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Making GnuPG more accessible and appealing via a new website, and providing the ability to accept regular donations from companies and individuals in future are the primary goals. GnuPG is a long term project - it's a pillar of digital privacy for today and tomorrow. Infrastructure for new web services and regular support transactions will help safeguard it's development in future.


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