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No nos vamos, nos echan

We don't leave, they kick us out

Economic needs



€ 8.300
€ 6.300
€ 7.717
14 / 06 / 2013

Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Cuenta tu caso en la web

    Si te has tenido que ir del país para poder trabajar puedes contar tu caso en www.nonosvamosnosechan.net También puedes enviarnos una foto con tu mensaje para los que nos están echando.

  • Organiza una acción el 7 de abril

    Estés cerca o lejos puedes coordinarte con más gente interesada en tu ciudad para organizar una acción el 7 de abril. Escríbenos aquí o consulta los diferentes grupos que hemos creado en el Facebook de Juventud sin Futuro: http://goo.gl/IRL7t

  • Traducciones

    También puedes ayudarnos traduciendo los diferentes contenidos que vamos publicando sobre la campaña, incluida la subtitulación de los vídeos.

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What is offered in exchange

Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 10

    Acknowledgment: Agradecimiento en la web

    Tu nombre en la página de agredecimientos de la web de nonosvamosnosechan.net

  • Contributing € 20

    Product: Material impreso + Agradecimiento en la web

    Te enviaremos un surtido de pegatinas, el cartel de la manifestación y un ejemplar del periódico de la campaña

  • Contributing € 35

    Product: Camiseta de la campaña + Material impreso + Agradecimiento en la web

    Te enviaremos un surtido de pegatinas, el cartel y el periódico + la camiseta de la campaña

  • Contributing € 45

    Product: Libro de JSF + Camiseta campaña + Material impreso + Agradecimiento web

    Añadimos el libro de Juventud Sin Futuro que relata el surgimiento del 15M desde la perspectiva de varios miembros de nuestra plataforma que participaron en sus inicios.

  • Contributing € 55

    Product: Camiseta de JSF + Libro de JSF + Camiseta de la campaña + Material impreso + Agradecimiento en la web

    Sumamos la camiseta clásica de Juventud Sin Futuro: SIN CASA, SIN CURRO, SIN PENSIÓN, SIN MIEDO

  • Contributing € 100

    Product: PACK JSF: Todo lo anterior + Libro de JSF firmado + Agradecimiento personalizado en redes sociales

    Te enviaremos el libro de Juventud Sin Futuro dedicado por los autores y miembros de la plataforma + Agradecimiento personalizado en redes sociales (excepto donaciones anónimas) + Camiseta clásica de Juventud Sin Futuro + Camiseta de la campaña #nonosvamosnosechan + Camiseta JSF + Surtido de pegatinas, el cartel y el periódico de la campaña + Agradecimiento en la web

  • Contributing € 500

    Product: Agradecimiento en la web de la campaña + 7 camisetas de la campaña + 7 camisetas de JSF + material impreso + Libro de JSF dedicado + agradecimiento personalizado en redes sociales

    DESTINADO A COLECTIVOS, ASOCIACIONES Y ENTIDADES: Agradecimiento a vuestra entidad en la web de la campaña y en redes sociales. Os rogamos que nos escribáis a juventudsinfuturo@gmail.com antes de realizar este tipo donación indicando el nombre y el ámbito de actuacion de la entidad para que confirmemos su aceptación.

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Juventud SIN Futuro

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No nos vamos, nos echan

Spanish youth is forced to choose between unemployment, job insecurity, or employed exile as a consequence of the crisis management policy against social rights of citizenship. Due to this situation, we have decided to create this campaign to transform this reality, through their visibility and denouncement, so as to enable suffers organize to build alternatives.

"No nos vamos, nos echan" (“We don't leave, they kick us out!” - www.nonosvamosnosechan.net) is an initiative launched from “Juventud Sin Futuro” (“Youth without Future”) which is working to develop communication channels among young people who have been forced to migrate and who suffer job insecurity in our country. Worldwide coordinated demonstrations, April 7th, represents one of the campaign goals, as well as establish a long-term association that enables us to propose solutions for the current situation.

Main features

The initiative comes from the concern of change the job insecurity for Spanish young people in their own country and abroad. To achieve this transformation we work on the following aspects:

1. Visibility, awareness and politicization of emigration from who have lived so far as a particular phenomenon and not as the result of policies that have robbed the future of a whole generation. For this purpose, it has been collected data related to working terms and making contact with more than 7,000 young people in over 50 countries, meanwhile an analysis of forced exile reasons was exposed, showing how individual trajectories of thousands of young people are linked to these factors.

2. Social criticism of policies that force us to leave the country. Through the development of our campaign in several formats (social networks, printed artwork, videos, a newspaper office, a sociological study presentation, press interviews ...) we have pointed out the reasons and the situation responsible ones, showing them alternative policies. Furthermore, we would respond in street protests and rallies being organized in many cities in different countries on April 7th, 2013.

3. Organization of youth in many cities around the world to change our working terms. All along, we said that job insecurity affects young people in many countries, and the only way to combat it is to be organized from everywhere. So that, we have enabled multiple communication channels among young people in dozens of cities, where right now they are being organized.

4. Creation of collective projects to improve the economic situation of young people. As young people that are still at home as such who have left, need tools and places to help each other to create alternatives for the current instability. On April 7, will be the first step towards to build these projects.

Why this is important

Motivation project stems from the insecure JOB situation of young aggravated by the crisis and its management: 55% of youth unemployment, 85% of job insecure contracts, each week hundreds of young people is forced to leave the country, thousands of young people with no chance to leave, no housing access, etc.

We intend to point the responsible people of this phenomenon through this campaign, from here and every place abroad.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Financial campaign goals are: (i) covering launch campaign costs (web, videos, artwork, newspaper, sociological data, etc.); (ii) encouraging organized youth groups that have emerged as a result of contacts collected through the web; (iii) driving a collected data study on the website; and (iv) covering logistical costs and material associated with demonstrations and protest meetings.

Additional incomes will be directed to develop new projects, as April 7th demonstration, and help address the unfair economic sanctions against members of “Youth Without Future” for participating in peaceful demonstrations since the crisis onset.
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