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About this project

Introducing the Rock & Water method in primary schools in Catalonia and Spain.
Material Minimum Optimum
Translation of training material like brochures, posters and text for the web page
Translation of training material from dutch to spanish and catalan.
€ 500
Recording a promotional video in spanish and catalan
€ 2.000
Task Minimum Optimum
Setting up a webpage
Setting up a webpage with additional information and a video
€ 1.000
TRavel costs when visiting schools
Costs involved visiting schools as a reward for their donation
€ 50
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Goteo related costs
Costs related to using the Goteo platform
€ 140
Banc costs
Costs related to receiving donations
€ 45
Rent of a large room for workshop
Rent of a large room where the workshops for professionals and for parents and children can take place.
€ 50
Training in Holland in order to be able to train future trainers in Spain
Costs for a training that will make it possible to train professionals (teachers, physical education teachers, psicologists, social workers, etc.) in Spain in the future to become certified Rock & Water trainers themselves.
€ 925
Total € 3.785 € 4.710

General information

This project aims at introducing the Rock & Water training program in primary schools in Catalonia and Spain. The Rock & Water method is a psycho-physical training program which consists of workshops or classes working with the whole class and their teacher in which the children practice activities related to the dynamics at work in bullying and reflect on their own behavior. Movement activities, games and role play are alternated with moments of reflection and debate.

The Rock & Water approach is a positive and constructive one centered in helping children feel strong and assertive (rock qualities) but also flexible and able to cooperate with others respecting boundaries (water qualities). The method offers teachers and children valuable experiences accompanying the basic concepts of bullying prevention and gives them a language to talk about different ways of behaving which can be used at other moments in school.

Apart form the workshops information is offered to put up on the walls of the school and parents are invited to participate in a workshop in order to think together about how to create a safe school environment.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

In this project we work on bringing the Rock&Water training to Catalonia and Spain.

During the 1st phase of the project we will need to:

set up a webpage
translate available material: brochures, folders and text for the webpage
start to run a pilot in a primary school in Catalonia
record a promotional video.

The 2nd phase of the project consists of implementing the training in other primary schools, starting to build a network of Rock & Water schools in Catalonia and Spain. In this phase we can start including people who can research the outcomes of the program in the different schools.

In the 3rd phase of the project we will start to train other profesionals like (physical education) teachers to become certified Rock&Water trainers who can work with the method in their own schools.

The strength of this project is that it involves a training that has been developed, researched and proved effective in Holland and has since then been used in more than 30 countries. It is a manual-based traing that is easy to replicate with the right training also in other context in the future like secondary schools, youth detention and mental health care.

The training being a psycho-physical training working towards preventing bullying is a novelty where most anti bullying approaces are verbal ones, the Rock&Water program helps children feel in their bodies how it connect t your own strength, how to use your breathing to keep calm and how to rough house with other children respecting their boundaries. Children learn about their bodies, their accions and emotions and themselves in relationship to others.

The method works on the groups cohesion and offers teachers ideas how to deal with potential bullying situations. The method offers an easy language and visuals (like posters which can ne put up in the class or the hallways) to remind students of what they have learned about assertiveness, respect, feeling safe and colaboration. The activities offered in the training vary from concentration exercises to role play of specific bullying situations.

With the following link you can read more about the Rock& Water program in the UK:

Why this is important

This project is directed at the children and teaching staff of primary schools. Schools with problems or elevated risk of bullying might be specifically interested. The project is also directed at parents with children in primary school and the Parent Teacher Associations of the primary schools. We believe in a systemic approach of bullying prevention in which children, teachers, staff and parents are included to be able to influence the whole school environment to become a safe one.

In the following link you can see a dutch documentary about Rock&Water with english subtitles:

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The first goal of the campaign is to finance the translation of the material available into catalan and spanish in order to be able to start with the training in a primary school pilot project and to start promoting the program to different schools.

The project is still in the firts phase and the money raised with the crowdfunding will be used to start Rock&Water training in Catalonia, translate available material, set up a webpage and to record a promotional video.

Team and experience

Annebijn Jansen (coordinator and certified Rock & Water trainer):

"I have been working a a therapist with children and adults who have suffered bullying recently or longer ago. I have come to believe that prevention is the best sollution of bullying. My training as a family therapist and my work with families in an educational setting have directed a specific interest in how my way of working as a dance movement therapist can help children and teachers prevent bullying and create a safer school environment. I have been connected for a long time to the Rock& Water community in Holland and now have also become a certified Rock & Water trainer."

Sonia Hernano (co-coordinator):

"I am licensed in arts and in dance movement therapy and have worked in communication. Using creative approaches like the Rock & Water training working on prevention in a social or educational environment have my special interest."

Social commitment