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Smart Citizen - Sensores ciudadanos

Become a smart sensor of the city, generating and sharing real data on air and noise pollution, and much more!

Economic needs



€ 19.511
€ 8.938
€ 13.748
20 / 09 / 2012

What is offered in exchange

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Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Other citizens sensors

    People who already have open boards and sensors, we encourage you to join to the Smart Citizen platform when it is operational and thereby join the data network that we want to weave, write to us here.

  • 3D printers and designers

    Have a 3D printer or do designs for them? You are also be a potential user of Smart Citizen, counting on you to join the platform and share your future personal fabrications when it is operational.

  • Electronic engineers and programmers

    Want to participate in the development of the platform? We count on you to help us grow the network and make it more powerful when we launch it!

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Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 5

    Acknowledgment: Web recognition

    Your name will appear on the public list of acknowledgments of the Smart Citizen web

  • Contributing € 10

    Product: Smart sticker y a visit to FabLab

    Smart Citizen siicker for your computer or sensor + Visit to FabLab where you can get to know our instalationes and our work in the field of personal fabrication + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 15

    Services: Online support to configure your sensors

    If you already have similar openhardware sensors, we can assist by mail to configure their access to the platform + Smart Citizen sticker for your computer or sensor + A visit to FabLab + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 25

    Product: “QR” T-shirt and a visit to FabLab

    Exclusive Smart Citizen T-shirt, with which you can activate the web access network we are creating + A visit to FabLab where you can get to know our instalationes and our work in the field of personal fabrication + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 50

    Product: Smart Citizen basic Kit

    Simple board with 3 sensors: humidity, light and temperature + Online support for adding your kit on the Smart Citizen platform + T-shirt + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 70

    Product: Full Smart Citizen Kit

    Simple board with 5 sensors: humidity, light, temperature air and noise quality + Online support for adding your kit on the Smart Citizen platform + T-shirt + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 95

    Product: Smart Citizen Kit 'plug & play'

    Simple board with its box, the 5 sensors configured with your WiFi data (to start work just turn it on) + Online support for adding your kit on the Smart Citizen platform + T-shirt + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 149

    Product: Smart Citizen Kit y Workshop

    Board kit and full sensors + A position at Smart Citizen workshop, to learn how to take advantage of the device + T-shirt + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 400

    Product: 3 Smart Citizen Kits y 3 Workshop Positions

    Designed for small organizations, groups and collectives: 3 board kits and full sensors + 3 positions at the Smart Citizen Workshops + 5 T-shirts + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 650

    Product: 5 Smart Citizen Kits y 5 Workshop Positions

    Designed for educators and schools or civic centers: 5 board kits and full sensors + 5 positions at the Smart Citizen Workshops + 5 T-dhirts + Web Recognition

  • Contributing € 2.500

    Product: 10 Smart Citizen Kits y 10 Positions Workshop

    For businesses, universities and research groups: 10 full kits of board and sensors + A dedicated and design workshop for 10 people + 10 T-shirts + Web Recognition

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Fab Lab Barcelona

Fab Lab Barcelona
Fab Lab Barcelona (www.fablabbcn.org) is one of the leading laboratories of worldwide network of Fab Labs (fab.cba.mit.edu), production workshops and small-scale innovation equipped with digital fabrication machines and technologies for the production of objects, tools and electronics. Fab Labs explore the relationship between digital and physical world, that began as an outreach project of the Center for Bits (cba.mit.edu) and Atoms at MIT and has become a global network of people who investigate on the popularization of a new mode of production that will affect all levels of our life: from the professional world of production design, architecture or industrial, to the domestic sphere, with the introduction of personal fabrication in our daily lives. Fab Labs are organized around a global network that connects ~ 100 laboratories, located in more than 30 countries, from South Africa to Norway or Amsterdam center to an ashram in India. Fab Labs are connected through videoconferencing and Internet, and are building one of the largest networks of knowledge and people in the world that is growing exponentially worldwide, is expected to double in the next 2 years.

Fab Lab Barcelona has the overall coordination of the Fab Academy program, a distributed platform of education for Fab Labs in which each site is a classroom and the campus is the world, where students learn about principles, applications and implications of digital fabrication technology. Fab Lab Barcelona has produced projects such as the IAAC Hyperhabitat (www.hyperhabitat.net) (official selection for the XXI Venice Biennial) or the Fab Lab House (www.fablabhouse.com) ( AUDIENCE AWARD at the first edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe in Madrid). It is currently developing projects in different scales, from smart devices to collect data from individuals (Smart Citizen) to the new production models for cities (FabCity).
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Nos vemos el 24 de Abril!

By: Fab Lab Barcelona 12 | 04 | 2013
Hola a todos

El próximo dia 24 haremos el lanzamiento del proyecto Smart Citizen a la comunidad de Barcelona. Queremos convocarlos a todos a la reunión en el Fab Lab Barcelona (www.fablabbcno.org, Pujades 102) para poder entregar los primeros kits a los backers que se acerquen y que les sea posible. Los que no podais venir no hay problema: haremos los envíos a partir del 24 a todos y cada uno de vosotros, con kits programados, plataforma funcionando, y alguna sorpresa mas!. Además, aprovecharemos de introducir el proyecto al público en general. Las imágenes que adjuntamos son del último update del diseño de la plataforma.

Por último os invitamos a ver y difundir nuestra nueva landing page: www.smartcitizen.me

un abrazo a todos y gracias por la paciencia


Arnau Cangròs i Alonso

Arnau Cangròs i Alonso

Hace 2 years
que ganas ya !! Teneis mal el link del FabLab. fablabbcn.org/

¿Hay que hacer reserva? ¿se sabe ya la hora?


Hace 2 years
¿Alguna posibilidad de streaming o webinar del evento?