Zapatos para ensamblar

Finished 28 / 08 / 2012
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€ 1.740
€ 3.210
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Public thanks

Your name will appear on a special part of the website

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Contributing € 10

Advance download of designs and instructions

You'll be among the first to have access to definitive version of the 3D model and the assembly files. + Public recognition

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Visit to the see the shoes manufactured in FabLab Barcelona

If you are interested in the process of manufacturing from 3D models, we offer a guided tour to see at first hand both the production process for these open source shoes as well as other projects at FabLab Barcelona + Public recognition + Digital files

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Model Nº1 raw version for assembly

Model Nº1 raw version for hand finishing & assembly, made to measure + Public recognition

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Model Nº1 ready for assembly & use

Model Nº1 finished and made to measure ready for assembly & use + Public recognition

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Model Nº2 ready for assembly & use

Model Nº2 finished and made to measure ready for assembly & use + Public recognition

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Model Nº2 ready for assembly & use

Model Nº2 finished and made to measure ready for assembly & use + Public recognition

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Technical presentation about the production of this and other projects

A session for entities and organisations interested in getting to know the details of the Fabproducts project and the modelling, prototyping and production processes which take place in the FabLab led by the project coordinator. Via videoconference or in person (transport and accommodation costs not included) + Digital files + Public recognition

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Pack of both models ready for assembly & use

Get both models of finished shoes in your size + FabLab visit + Public recognition

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Taller de espionaje industrial abierto

Montamos una sesión junto a otros profesionales y empresas que trabajen en el sector del diseño o producción de calzado (en Barcelona o Mallorca), para compartir el proceso innovador de producción de los zapatos ensablables y su contexto de diseño abierto + Pack ambos modelos listos para ensamblar y usar

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About this project

Assemblable Shoes
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
corrección de forma y patrones prot_1, prot_2
Corrección de forma y patrones para prototipo 1 (modelo 3D) y propuesta para manejo de cintas para prototipo 2
€ 380
Capa antideslizante para ambos modelos
Diseño de capa antideslizante en goma para ambos modelos, pruebas de materiales y creación de modelo digital de estas piezas
€ 120
Tallaje, escalado de los zapatos a todas las tallas
Búsqueda de formula para escalado de ambos modelos. Tallaje a sistema estándar y tallaje personalizado a partir de scanner de la planta.
€ 220
2da. fase de Prototipado
Fabricación de prototipos de ambos modelos, aplicando orrecciones y las nuevas adiciones, prueba de materiales definitivos, Toma de datos (tiempo de fabricación, resistencia del material, etc.) pulido final. Corte de piezas en piel, confección y ensamble.
€ 450
Diseño de empaque
Diseño pruebas y producción de empaque para ambos modelos.
€ 280
Manual de instrucciones (dibujos e infografías)
Diseño de manuales de instrucciones (dibujos e infografías) para ambos modelos
€ 180
Sistema paramédico para adaptar los zapatos a cada persona y conservar las proporciones del diseño
Software, Sistema paramétrico basado en el modelo 3D para tallaje automático y a medida. El objetivo es adaptar los zapatos a cada persona a partir de una toma básica de medidas del pie, al igual que conservar las proporciones propias del diseño.
€ 800
Pruebas de resistencia, funcionalidad, ergonomía, desgaste en prototipos. Toma fotográfica y video.
€ 100
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Búsqueda y prueba de materiales definitivos y alternativos
Búsqueda y propuesta de materiales definitivos como madera, piel, gomas y otros materiales que se podrán recomendar para quien decida fabricar sus propios zapatos.
€ 110
Productos impresos
Impresión de manuales, pegatinas para el empaque, postal letterpress como certificado de adquisición de edición especial de los zapatos a través de Goteo.
€ 110
Costes adicionales de producción
Costes adicionales de producción.
€ 460
Total € 1.740 € 3.210

General information

Two prototypes designed and produced by the Fab-Products project at FabLab Barcelona ( whose design and production instructions can be released as open code with your support.

The two shoe models with their easy to assemble structure have been developed by Diego Bustamante, Sanjay Fernandes and Marcela Rozo, have been conceptualised as a process of open design and self-construction.

"Assemblable Shoes" is a project chosen from the Fab-Products 2011 call to develop products in FabLab Barcelona with the support of the (IAAC) Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Cataluña and ICUB, Barcelona.

After a research and prototyping phase we want to finish development, produce a limited run and open up the final design through this campaign in Goteo.

You can support the project and get a pair of the first models manufactured in FabLab Barcelona.

At the same time, the initiative has international projection as once the design is opened anybody in the international network of FabLabs ( will be able to make their own open source shoes.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

Model #1: ready to assemble shoe of 5-6 pieces.

Model #2: Shoe based on a block of milled wood, with leather.

Both models will have their corresponding model in 3D (3dm format) and pattern in PDF.

For those that want to acquire either of the pairs, they will be produced to measure in the FabLab Barcelona if you send us a scan of your sole (or by providing an exact size)

Why this is important

The main object of the project is to initiate the production of assemblable shoes, using the resources of the FabLab and assuring sustainable and responsible production. The development of the product meets with the following characteristics:

  • Starts from the concept of open design, use and modification can be freely shared.

  • Achieve a design which is efficient in terms of materials, production time and use of FabLab resources.

  • Use durable, easily acquired and environmentally sustainable materials.

  • Innovation in the concept of the assemblable shoe through the development of product with quality design, with modular possibilities and which is easily modifiable.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The main aim of the project after the ideation, design and prototyping phase (see is to initiate a small scale production phase with a limited edition of 50 units.

It also permits the making of the shoes by people interested in DIY, depending on access to machines or by acquiring the assemblable version.

At the same time this open source shoes campaign represents support for and an opportunity to inform more people about the area of self manufacturing and open design, from where it is possible through networks of production and personal manufacturing like the FabLab it is possible to research and progress in the creation of common goods and resources on a local, sustainable and open level.

Team and experience

"Assemblable Shoes" is a project by

Diego Bustamante (Visual designer)
PhD student in "Comunicación visual en Arquitectura y Diseño" UPC, Barcelona

Sanjay Fernandes (Economist)
PhD in Diseño de la Interacción IAACC, Barcelona

Marcelona Rozo (anthropologist)
PhD in Diseño de la Interacción IAACC, Barcelona
Patronista de alta costura, Escuela de Diseño Felicidad Duce, Barcelona

Social commitment