Calculate your tax savings bearing in mind the tax law improvement in 2020


The Tax Office pays you back*:


Your real expense will be 20

Make your donation through Goteo’s Virtual Wallet: a recently developed feature that allows you to donate immediately and later decide which projects to support. You will instantly obtain a document by our non profit entity Fundación Goteo, that certifies your donation to the Tax Office.

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Clarification about the current law and changes starting from January 1, 2024

Until now, your contributions to charitable entities and similar organizations such as Platoniq Foundation (operator of have been tax-deductible according to the calculator we provide. Article 19 (Deduction of the Personal Income Tax quota) of Law 49/2002, of December 23, on the tax regime of non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage.

Starting from January 1, 2024, contributions made will benefit from the increase of the base amount on which 80% of the income tax donation can be deducted, raised from €150 to €250, and for the remaining amount, there will be a deduction of 40% (instead of the current 35%). In the case of legal entities, deductions in corporate income tax will also increase from 35% to 40%.

And if you repeat with Goteo for at least 3 years...

In both cases, to reward sustained patronage, the deduction increases to 45% for individuals and 50% for legal entities (both now at 40%) if, in the two previous years, a donation has been made to the same entity for at least the same amount.

Thanks to your donation, initiatives like these get funded:

" It has allowed us to earn income, new training opportunities for social jobs and more media coverage "
Didacfb, from the project: INFINIT Loop

" To achieve funding without committing political or business interests we chose Goteo and in a week we got the resources for our documentary "

" Thanks to crowdfunding we could deal with data that was dispersed by various agencies and have a closer look at reality "
Civio, from the project: España en llamas
Our 2020 goal
Our goal for 2020: getting as much of Goteo’s users as posible to exercise their right to tax benefits on their donations .