Within the framework of the Interreg Med project "Blue Crowdfunding, capacity building of BLUE economy stakeholders to effectively use CROWDFUNDING", this call seeks to promote economic initiatives related to the blue economy sector, that is, related to the use of marine resources and coastal areas of the Mediterranean regions, through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is an innovative tool for the promotion of initiatives through small contributions of collective and collaborative digital financing whose use could be significantly increased, since it is an effective and versatile tool to share concepts, test and validate projects with the crowd. The Blue Crowdfunding InterregMED project aims to increase the capacity of the blue economy sector and its stakeholders to use this powerful and innovative tool to develop their initiatives.

In this context, the Chamber of Commerce of Seville launches an open call for the selection of initiatives from SMEs, cooperatives, social entrepreneurs, civic society organizations and NGOs from the Mediterranean regions of Spain that wish to embark on the world of crowdfunding, offering them the advice of expert professionals on how to carry out successful crowdfunding campaigns and thus reinforce the use of this tool in the blue economy sector within the Mediterranean area.

The objective of this call is to support initiatives of SMEs, cooperatives, social entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and NGOs in the Spanish Mediterranean Regions that wish to develop projects with social impact in the blue economy sector using crowdfunding.

To achieve this, the selected initiatives will be offered, in addition to a series of resources in terms of training in crowdfunding and communication of campaigns, tutorials and personalized follow-up throughout the ideation, launch and monitoring phase of their campaigns.

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville, with the help of Goteo's crowdfunding experts, will select 3/6 projects according to the following selection criteria:

  • Quality and viability of the project and its potential for adaptation to crowdfunding

    1. The project presents a coherent budget and a plan for the effective development of the initiative that takes into account its future sustainability (1 point)
    2. The project is original and innovative in offering products and services necessary for the target territory and its citizens (1 point)
    3. The project promotes a culture of transparency, both in its internal structure and in its results (1 point)
    4. The project is implemented by a team or individuals who have experience and capacity to communicate and disseminate results in an attractive way, who can count on a supportive community and who are committed to carrying out a communication plan to increase the chances of success of their campaign (1 point)
  • Blue economy components

    1. The project provides social and economic benefits to current and future generations (1 point)
    2. The project seeks to restore, protect, maintain diversity, productivity, basic resilience functions and the intrinsic value of marine ecosystems (1 point)
    3. The project is based on clean technologies, renewable energies and circular material flows that will reduce waste and promote the recycling of materials (1 point)

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