Baños Más Saludables

Asunción, Paraguay
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€ 6.120
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Photo of a Family Supported by Donations

We will send you a photo of a family supported by the campaign with their new bathroom by email.

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Photos of two Families Supported by Donations

We will send you photos of two families supported by the campaign with their new bathroom by email.

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Photos of three Families Supported by Donations

We will send you photos of three families supported by the campaign with their new bathroom by email.

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Introducing video on Habitat for Humanity Paraguay

We will send you an introductory video of Habitat by email, showing our team and explaining the way we work.

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Video sobre nuestro trabajo en Hábitat más fotos de las familias apoyadas

Te mandamos un video introductorio de Hábitat por correo electronico, mostrando nuesto equipo y explicando nuestra manera de trabajar, más fotos de 3 familias que serán beneficiadas con tu aporte.

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Report on the Construction of the Bathroom (before and after) of a Family

We will send you a report on the development of the construction of a bathroom for a family from the beginning until its completion. The report will contain photos of the bathroom before and after construction. It is sent it by email.

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Video of a Supported Family

We will send you a video of a family that, thanks to donations, will receive a modern bathroom, including the construction process and their feelings. It will be sent by email.

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About this project

Build a Bathroom - Build a Future: Help supply the homes of 100 families in Paraguay with a healthier bathroom.
Material Minimum Optimum
Necessary Material Costs for the Construction of 10 Bathrooms.
The necessary materials for building 10 bathrooms and their individual price are the following: Toilet (US$ 28,26), Tank (US$4,54), Pedestal Sink (US$ 29,00), Tap (US$ 15,27), Shower (UD$ 11,91), Arm (US$ 1,31), Shower Tray (US$ 11,18), Accessories (US$ 9,15), Floor (US$ 100,90), Floor Pads (US$ 3,92), Klaukol Adhesive (US$ 31,31)
€ 2.467
Task Minimum Optimum
Labour Costs for Building 10 Bathrooms
To build modern bathrooms, we rely on professionals and masons that need to be paid.
€ 653
The Donations we still need in order to reach our Goal of Building 100 Bathrooms
Our goal is to raise enough funds to build 10 bathrooms through crowdfunding in order to help 10 families. Therefore, if we exeeed the goal of funds for 10 bathrooms on this platform, we can help even more families to having access to basic sanitary services, which permits us to achive an even greater impact in the Central Department of Paraguay.
€ 3.000
Total € 3.120 € 6.120

General information

We, who work for Habitat for Humanity Paraguay, are convinced that every family needs access to an adequate bathroom at their home and the reasons for that are many:

Having an adequate bathroom improves:

  • a persons health condition,

  • tranquility,

  • and well-being.

Having access to an adequate bathroom is a right of every person since it promotes their developmet, both physically and mentally.

The sixth campaign for "Baños más Saludables" ("Healthier Bathrooms") seeks to provide support to 100 families in the Central Department of Paraguay, where the state of risk of ground contamination ist the highest. During this stage, from October to December 2019, we seek to raise funds that will be allocated to the subsidy for the construction of modern bathrooms .

Every contribution of PYG 2 000 000 (US$ 312) will be allocated to the subsidy of one family, specifically in the provision of tiles, floors, ceramic equipment, taps and electricity.

We launched our campaign here in Paraguay in October and we are receiving donations from both companies and privat people.

Through crowdfunding, we hope to raise at least enough funds to finance 10 bathrooms out of the 100 we are aiming for.

To learn more, visit (Spanish)

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

Our objective is to achieve that 100 families can be provided with a modern bathroom that will promote their well-being as the central base of their life.

In order to achieve that, we need to collect US$ 31200 through donations in total.

For every contribution of US$ will benefit one family, providing them with an adequate bathroom.

Why this is important

The families we provide with material and experience for a healthier bathroom live up to this day in homes without adequate sanitary conditions due to bathrooms that are missing the necessary basic connections, floors, doors, windows, equipment, and devices.

We want to give these families the opportunity to raise their children in a healthy environment, without the danger of infections and diseases due to an unhealthy bathroom.

Team and experience

Habitat for Humanity Paraguay is an organization that has been workin with families for over 21 years, giving them the opportunity to have access to adequate housing. International in scope, due to its presence in about 70 countries, it is mobilized with an inspiring vision: make the world a home for all .

Specifically with the previous five editions of the campaign for "Healthier Bathrooms", we achieved to support 452 families.

Social commitment