Capturing Fashion in the 20th Century with Frieda Dauphin-Verhees' Study Collection

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Out of sympathy!

Thank you very much for your contribution! Besides our endless gratitude, your name will be mentioned in the credits of the educational film using Frieda's collection, and in a dedicated webpage in our online archive of the study collection.

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Visit the study collection

Experience fashion history! Visit the study collection at the MoMu library, including a talk from Frieda Sorber, the conservator of the museums historical collection. Get to know all the stories behind the historical pieces of the study collection.

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Workshop - Make your own millstone collar!

Let’s bring fashion history even closer! Make your own millstone collar during this workshop with Mariëlla Devos, the coordinator of the Design Faculty of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. During this workshop you will learn how to design and execute your own contemporary millstone collar. The workshop will take place on the 14th and the 19th of October 2017 at MoMu in Antwerp.

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Adopt a piece in the study collection

What is more original than actually adopting an object from Frieda’s study collection? Your name will be mentioned on the label and sewed in to the piece. Your name will also be connected to the object in the online archive and as an added bonus, adopted pieces will be photographed by a professional photographer and send to you by email.

In addition to this you can also enjoy our MoMu exhibitions, with a free entry ticket.

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Become a Patron for the Study Collection!

Become a patron for the Study Collection! You will of course receive the rewards mentioned above, and we will mention you (as a person or company) as a sponsor of our initiative on our website, flyers and link your name to a specific artifact in our collection!

For Belgian patrons, we can also offer you a tax certificate via the King Baudouin Foundation (please contact for more information!). Moreover, you get our eternal gratitude and make a difference!

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Nieuwe rewards!

16 | 06 | 2017

English version below

De tweede ronde van ons crowdfunding project loopt, en we hebben nieuwe rewards!

Zo kunt u nu kiezen voor een workshop in het maken van een molensteenkraag, met Mariella Devos, coördinator van de opleiding Toegepaste Kunst en docent Kostuumvormgeving aan de Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten. Tijdens deze workshop gaat u zelf aan de slag met textiel, en ontwerpt en maakt u uw eigen molensteenkraag.

Ook kunt u, mocht u de lessen met Frieda tijdens de benefietavond gemist hebben, deelnemen aan een lezing over en met de studiecollectie. De lezing wordt gegeven door Frieda Sorber, de conservator van de historische collectie van het MoMu.

Kies een leuke reward, en schenk aan ons project. Heeft u al geschonken? U kunt ons nog steeds helpen! Deel het verhaal van Frieda en de collectie met uw omgeving en uw netwerk! Verspreid het project door het te vertellen of te delen via social media of mail.

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Beeld: MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho 

We are in the midst of our second round of the crowdfunding campaign, and we are offering new rewards!

For example, we offer an exclusive workshop where you can learn to make and design your own millstone collar. The workshop will be taught by Mariella Devos, the coordinator of the Design Faculty and Costume Design teacher at the Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp.

And if you missed the class on the study collection during our fundraising event, you can still participate in another class about and with the collection. Frieda Sorber, conserver of the historical collection at MoMu, will give a lecture in the MoMu library.

So, pick a reward, and support our project. If you’ve already contributed you can still help us! Share the story of Frieda and the study collection with your friends and family. Spread the word by sharing our project on social media or via email.

Link to the project page:

Image: MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho 


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