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About this project

App for mobile devices
Task Minimum Optimum
Iphone programming
Development of the application for Iphone, cost to sign up as a developer for apple
€ 304
Development of extra functionality for the application
Development of the functionality to load data without Internet or data use
€ 516
Programming maintenance
They are working hours of the programmer to solve problems and ensure the correct operation of the application. An estimated calculation was made of up to 5 hours per month whithin a year.
€ 598
Management, Advertising and Communication
They are Coordination and Publicity Work for the application, it is a task to be performed bimonthly to ensure continuity whithin a year.
€ 1.546
Commissions and Rewards
Corresponds to the 4% commission for the Goteo.org platform; the commission for bank transactions of 0.08% and the expenses derived from the sending of the rewards.
€ 270
Data processing
It is the work of systematization of the data that is collected in the application, preparation of reports and presentation of the same will be done bimonthly during the period of one year.
€ 1.546
Collection of data for the "Popular Price Control"
To ensure the continuity of the data collection we propose the need to have a budget line for coordination of the mappings, as well as an incentive for the people who will be doing it during the period of one year.
€ 1.380
Commissions and Rewards
Corresponds to the 4% commission for the Goteo.org platform; the commission for bank transactions of 0.08% and the expenses derived from the sending of the rewards.
€ 254
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Data hosting
It is the corresponding cost to host the data of the application on a server for one year
€ 138
Total € 3.372 € 6.552

General information

/////////////// Habitapp.org is a mobile application that realizes mappings in real time.

Habitapp.org is an application that is already operative for Android and can be downloaded in playstore, we take advantage of the possibilities of smartphones to visualize a large variety of problems and conflicts over the habitat in cities and territories; the application use the cell phone gps to georeference a point in the map, also gives the chance of taking a photo in order to show in a concrete way any of those problems, these problems are of various kinds (Environmental, Housing, Legal)

///////// What we want to do

The essential

There is a lot to improve in the application:

1. Increase the availability of use of the habitapp.org application, by developing the application for the operating system Apple (Iphone)
2. Develop the functionality of the application which allows to load data without connection, temporarily storing the data in the cell phone until a Wi-Fi connection is available or the mobile data is activated.

and above all to ensure the continuity of the project for at least one year:

3. All data that is collected in the application are stored on a server, that storage is not free; that's why we need resources to pay for it.
4. Being an application that we hope will have a lot of use in many places at the same time, we consider it necessary for the programmer to take the time to review the proper functioning of the application and the server.
5. Communication and dissemination are essential for a project of these characteristics, so we need all the tasks related to it to be done in the most professional way possible.

The Desirable

6 Given the current situation in Argentina, we decided to carry out a survey called "Popular Price Control", which consists of collecting the values of various products from several supermarkets for a year, this survey is being done voluntarily, we would like to give an incentive to each person who participates in this survey.
7 The data collection is the basis, but there is a whole work to be done with the generated information; for this reason we consider it necessary to take into account an item for the preparation of bimonthly reports during the time the survey lasts.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The project has three basic components:

1. The application that allows the capture of data quickly, easily and massively.

° The basic functionality is to mark a point in the territory, assign it a category (idle real estate, environmental conflicts, etc.) and take a photo; In addition, the application is programmed to incorporate more complex functionalities.
° Currently there is the functionality of assigning a dynamic survey to any category, this allows to see the development of a problem over time (this is the case of the survey called "Popular Price Control", where the values of various products are reviewed regularly)

2- The website where data is displayed

On the web page it is possible to see the surveys that are public, each survey has a "survey file" where the photograph taken appears, the category assigned, as well as a description; It is also possible to make comments on the file.

1. 3- Application Control Panel

The Control Panel is where you create and / or modify the categories to be surveyed, you can modify and / or eliminate malicious surveys, create groups, assign people responsible for surveys and their categories, download the data collected in CVS (Excel) or GeoJSON (GIS), etc. There is the option of creating categories that are only visible to the people involved in the survey.

The code of the application is published under the AGPLv3 license, so it allows more people to improve it and adapt it to their needs or develop their own application with these same principles.


1. Facilitate the visibility of conflicts in our cities and territories through an application that allows generating georeferenced information in real time.

2. Empower social organizations, movements and assemblies through a tool that allows them to collect data in a simple manner and thus generate legal proposals, projects and programs with the information they generate.

3. Promote citizen participation, giving the possibility of an individualized collective action

Why this is important

In 2013 the group Destapiadas.org began a series of surveys of idle buildings in the city of Buenos Aires, in two years we covered two neighborhoods, at that time we realized that we needed to develop a tool that allows massive mapping in real time, when searching for collaborations, we contacted with El Observatorio and with the Movimiento Popular la Dignidad , from this collaboration the tool began to evolve; it stopped focusing only on idle properties and incorporated various categories and conflicts, while other functionalities were developed.

In the process of development and launch for Android, the three organizations exhausted the possibilities of financing; but we want to continue developing the application, it is for this reason that we are starting this campaign in Goteo.org.

Habitapp.org is a tool mainly designed for organizations, movements and / or assemblies that need new ways to make visible the conflicts that occur in cities and territories, at the same time the information serves as a tool for legal struggle or to make proposals for intervention to various state instances.

The tool is open to citizens in general, but we believe that the participation of organizations or assemblies that promote the surveys in a systematic and organized manner is desirable.

Team and experience

Although the project has the support of 3 organizations, this campaign and the project has been articulated by:

Tomás Rodríguez:

Member of Destapiadas.org since 2013. The group has carried out the following activities

// 2013

Mapping the neighborhood "la Boca"
Collaboration with " Contested Cities " in the 1st Contested Cities International Seminar held from May 20 to 23 in Buenos Aires
° Photographic exhibition and map of La Boca;
° Participation in the " Workshop on experiences in visual methodologies in the city " Organized by Pablo Vitale, with the presentation:
" Mapping the La Boca neighborhood: gentrification and displacement ". June 27 at the Argentine Institute for Economic Development (IADE)

// 2014

Mapping of "Parque Patricios" together with: "Geoide en Revolución" and "Espacio Chico Mendez"
Collaboration with FM radio LA TRIBU 88.7 [Buenos Aires]:
° Presentation of mappings in the "Charco de Arena" program
° "Evictions Cup" :: Weekly column from Fortaleza, São Paulo, Natal and Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, on gentrification and previous evictions & amp; during the 2014 Soccer World Cup: Charco de Arena: (https://soundcloud.com/charco-de-arena/columna-destapiadas-desde)

Jonatan Baldiviezo:

President of the Observatory of the Right to the City. Founder of the Association for Environmental Justice. Lawyer in Human Rights, Urban and Environmental issues; since 2014, the Observatory has been carrying out the following tasks:

  • Communications (to inform the society about the Observatory's position on certain topics or new facts related to urban policies).
  • Research / Reports (specific analyzes on urban policies).
  • Administrative presentations.
  • Elaboration of proposals of Law Projects.
  • Technical advice.
  • Judicial actions.
  • Workshops.
  • Courses and seminars.
// 2018

Together with a cooperative of programmers we developed the application for Android and we are currently carrying out 2 collective surveys in the City of Buenos Aires:

  • "Popular Price Control"
  • "Idle Real Estate"

Social commitment