Laboratorio Ambulante para el Buen Vivir

Finished 07 / 01 / 2015
€ 13.423
€ 10.174
€ 14.938
111 Backers
Contributing € 10
Digital Thank You Postcard

All donations of 10€ and up will receive a digital "thank you" postcard with images donated by artists and photographers in solidarity with the project.

> 22 Backers
Contributing € 20
Collectives in Action Kit

Stickers and postcards from Collectives in Action, sent to your home.

> 18 Backers
Contributing € 40

Double-sided, folding poster illustrating stories of resistance, resilience, and solidarity from Mexico to Colombia. A graphic more than 9 years in the making produced by the Beehive Design Collective. + Collectives in Action, sent to your home.

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Contributing € 50
Mobile Laboratory T-shirt

A t-shirt designed by the Collectives in Action + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

> 29 Backers
Contributing € 150
GRAVADO "Una pinta por Mesoamerica"

Por cada donación hay una recompensa de un gravado único donado por artistas y colectivos que se indentifican con el proyecto.

> 05 Backers
Contributing € 250
Your name in the Mobile Laboratory

We'll put your name or the logo of your organization or collective in a designated space on our website, as well as in a space dedicated to collaborators in the mobile laboratory. + Poster + T-shirt + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

> 04 Backers
Contributing € 500
Visit the Autonomous Center

Come visit the Autonomous Center for the Intercultural Creation of Appropriate Technologies (CACITA) in Oaxaca, Mexico for 3 - 4 days, with room and board. We'll share our 10+ years of experience cultivating grassroots alternatives, as well as practical knowledge of eco-technologies. + Recognition by CACITA + Graphic poster + T-shirt + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

> 04 Backers
Contributing € 800
Join the Mobile Laboratory

Come and form part of the Caravana for the well-being of Mesoamerican peoples in resistance for one week. We will share the experiences and alternatives that we build from Mexico to Panama.

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Bicimaquinas en acción por la autonomía de los pueblos

30 | 10 | 2014

Aquí compartimos un video de las bicimaquinas de CACITA en acción por la autonomía de los pueblos. Gracias por cada una de las manos que nos brindan, incluyendo nuestros nuevos cofinanciadores.

We're sharing a little video of CACITA's pedal-powered machines in action for the autonomy of peoples in resistance. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the project, including our new backers:

Acuarian0, Alegre Rebeldia, Amanda, Ana Martinez, Bixen, Casey Lange, Gloria Demby, Jazz36, Jrochkind, K.K., Mak LLP, Maristephanemil, MSantam, Ned23, Nobody77, Rafel, Schmidt, Smichelakou, Tobi, y a nuestra patrocinador especial, el Informationsbüro Nicaragua (


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