Laboratorio Ambulante para el Buen Vivir

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Finished 07 / 01 / 2015
€ 13.423
€ 10.174
€ 14.938
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Contributing € 10

Digital Thank You Postcard

All donations of 10€ and up will receive a digital "thank you" postcard with images donated by artists and photographers in solidarity with the project.

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Contributing € 20

Collectives in Action Kit

Stickers and postcards from Collectives in Action, sent to your home.

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Contributing € 40


Double-sided, folding poster illustrating stories of resistance, resilience, and solidarity from Mexico to Colombia. A graphic more than 9 years in the making produced by the Beehive Design Collective. + Collectives in Action, sent to your home.

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Contributing € 50

Mobile Laboratory T-shirt

A t-shirt designed by the Collectives in Action + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

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Contributing € 150

GRAVADO "Una pinta por Mesoamerica"

Por cada donación hay una recompensa de un gravado único donado por artistas y colectivos que se indentifican con el proyecto.

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Contributing € 250

Your name in the Mobile Laboratory

We'll put your name or the logo of your organization or collective in a designated space on our website, as well as in a space dedicated to collaborators in the mobile laboratory. + Poster + T-shirt + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

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Contributing € 500

Visit the Autonomous Center

Come visit the Autonomous Center for the Intercultural Creation of Appropriate Technologies (CACITA) in Oaxaca, Mexico for 3 - 4 days, with room and board. We'll share our 10+ years of experience cultivating grassroots alternatives, as well as practical knowledge of eco-technologies. + Recognition by CACITA + Graphic poster + T-shirt + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

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Contributing € 800

Join the Mobile Laboratory

Come and form part of the Caravana for the well-being of Mesoamerican peoples in resistance for one week. We will share the experiences and alternatives that we build from Mexico to Panama.

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Taller de Bicimaquinas

17 | 11 | 2014

Compartiendo el aprendizaje libre y autónomo. Esta bici-molino-licuadora será compartido con comunidades indígenas de la Sierra Sur de Oaxaca.

Sharing a free and autonomous learning process. This pedal-powered corn-mill & blender in-one will be shared with indigenous communities from the Southern Sierra of Oaxaca.


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