Le KET : une scène pour l'art et la politique à Athènes

Athènes, Athènes-Centre, Grèce
Finished 21 / 03 / 2018
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An mp3 recording

From one of the rare musical events that were run at the KET.

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Revue Vacarme

One issue of the Vacarme Journal (in French) will be sent to you, either an issue with a text of Dimitris Alexakis or an issue with a text of Christos Giovanopoulos on Greek solidartity structures

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Free access for 2 people to a performance at the KET.

If you have a free night in Athens you will be able to attend a performance at the KET (as long as it isn't full). Make sure you book ahead just to make sure. This invitation for 2 can be offered as a gift to friends.

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Attend a special night of Rebetiko in Paris in Septembre 2018.

Dimitris Alexakis and Fotini Banou will perform for a few people.

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Dimitris Alexakis presents the activities at KET

22 | 02 | 2018
Dimitris Alexakis presents the activities at KET

KET (Κέντρο Ελέγχου Τηλεοράσεων /TV repair center) is an independent cultural venue located in Kypseli, a neighbourhood of Athens where impoverished middle class, young artists in precarious situations and recent (Nigeria) and older (Albanese) immigrants live – a lively neighbourhood at the heart of economic, social, political and cultural crisis that Greece undergoes since now 8 years.

KET was founded in 2012, by and for artists, at a time where the massive fund cuts for the the arts, and more generally emerging cultural and creative activities. It has become today a key venue for young international artists and theater groups, hosting a range of events going from performance and experimental music to social and theater workshops as well as debates on art, politics and the commons.

Last October saw the beginning of our 6th season, with a programme centered on the links between, social reality and artistic expression, in theater (for instance Penelopes, a play based on testimonies by women immigrants from Georgoa and Syria whio live ad work in Greece), but also sound creation and documentaries.

For the past two years, we installed the space as a key venue for improvised music and the crossing between genres (traditional, electronic, free jazz, noise, industrial music.).

We also work on enabling the interaction between dance and video, music and narratives, artists and the public. The dimensions of the venue and the fact that it is not organized as a traditional theater or concert hall make it a space for exchanges and sharing rather than simple cultural consumption; as a matter of fact the name of the space is the on it had when it was a TV repair shop at the end of the 1970s. If we had to retain only one word to describe KET, it would "workshop".

The video below presents photographs taken during various events at KET.

More details on the activities are coming on the next news post!


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