Becas para que dos jóvenes sin recursos puedan participar en el programa ActionxChange.

Finished 24 / 08 / 2018
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€ 3.400
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About this project

Scholarships for program ActionxChange - July 2018
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Coste de participación de 2 jóvenes en el programa de verano ActionxChange
El precio por participante es de 1.500€ e incluye todo el contenido del programa, incluido el alojamiento y manutención. en las instalaciones del Casar de la Inesa, en Nambroca (Toledo).
€ 3.000
Task Minimum Optimum
comisiones de prestación de servicios de Goteo y de transacción
€ 200
Material Minimum Optimum
Material para dos participantes en el programa ActionxChange, de 15 días de duración.
Material para dos participantes en el programa ActionxChange 2018
€ 200
Total € 3.200 € 3.400

General information

Action x Change (AxC) is part of the Short Programs Area, whose objective is to spread UWC's values ​​and mission through enriching and transformative experiences of short duration.

AxC is a bilingual (English / Spanish) and residential program lasting 15 days, organized by the United World Colleges Foundation.

With YOUTH SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP as the central theme of the program, 50 young people between 15 and 17 years old and diverse nationalities will meet for two weeks to learn how to develop their social projects.

Through their own methodology, they will acquire and put into practice techniques and tools for teamwork, leadership, conflict transformation, budgeting, public speaking, debates, design of projects and campaigns, etc. All this in order to encourage participants to design their own projects and promote change in their communities. They will also enjoy a more complete experience thanks to specific workshops on environmental awareness, social awareness, promotion of creativity, global affairs and numerous sports activities.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The objective of the short programs is to spread UWC's values and mission through enriching and transformative experiences of short duration.
Through the experience of living together and participating in workshops, discussions, community service activities and personal projects, many young people have the opportunity to enjoy a UWC experience and are empowered and motivated to be actors and drivers of change in their communities.

The objective of the campaign is to get scholarships to two young people with limited economic resources so that they can participate in the summer program ActionxChange 2018, which will take place in the first half of July.

In this program they will be given the tools so that they can start a social project in their cities and countries of origin.

Why this is important

It is aimed at young people and families with limited resources or difficulties in accessing this type of educational programs and tools.

Team and experience

This will be the seventh consecutive year that the ActionxChange program takes place.

The international team of trainers and facilitators, all of them UWC alumni, are also social entrepreneurs and have experience in coordinating summer camps and leisure and free time activities.

They will also be able to meet other social entrepreneurs who stand out in their respective professions, and guest speakers, experts of recognized prestige in their areas of work.

Social commitment