Filed on 25 / 04 / 2012
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€ 4.500
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Tarifa plana para todos los lanzamientos en Groove Democracy durante el año 2012
Acceso digital en primicia a todo el catálogo publicado en el sello Groove Democracy durante el año 2012 (incluyendo, por supuesto, el nuevo LP con todas sus remezclas).
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CD Deconstructed EP + Sticker + Acceso digital nuevo LP
Envió de CD y pegatina del logo Nelue, y acceso en primicia a los temas del nuevo LP en formato digital.
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Doble CD Nelue Lost Works & Exclusive Reworks + CD Deconstructed EP + Sticker + Acceso digital nuevo LP
Envió de ambos CDs y pegatina del logo Nelue, además del acceso en primicia a los temas del nuevo LP en formato digital.
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Contributing € 25
CD del nuevo LP + Doble CD Nelue Lost Works & Exclusive Reworks + CD Deconstructed EP + Sticker + Acceso digital nuevo LP
Recibirás en formato CD el nuevo LP, además de los otros dos CDs y la pegatina del logo Nelue. También acceso en primicia a los temas del nuevo LP en formato digital.
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2 entradas concierto + CD del nuevo LP + Doble CD Nelue Lost Works & Exclusive Reworks + CD Deconstructed EP + Sticker + Acceso digital nuevo LP
2 entradas para cualquiera de los conciertos de Nelue durante el verano de 2012 (lugares a definir) además de los CDs anteriores y el del nuevo disco, el sticker con logo Nelue y acceso digital en primicia en formato digital a los temas del nuevo LP.
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Vinilo y CD del nuevo LP + 2 entradas concierto + Doble CD Nelue Lost Works & Exclusive Reworks + CD Deconstructed EP + Sticker + Acceso digital catálogo Groove Democracy
Recibirás el vinilo con sus remezclas y disfrutarás de acceso digital de por vida a todo el catálogo de lanzamientos del sello Groove Democracy, además de los anteriores CDs y el sticker Nelue.
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About this project

Help to change the business model in music: support the artist from the beginning and collaborate with him
Task Minimum Optimum
Recording, Mix and Postproduction
Fashion Beat Team Studio (Madrid)
€ 2.000
CD and Vinyl Mastering
Andreas Schoenrock (Germany)
€ 1.000
Material Minimum Optimum
CD´s Edition and Vinyl pressing
Recruitment of companies for preparation and subsequent distribution (both national and international)
€ 1.500
Total € 2.000 € 4.500

General information

It is said that music (and everything, really) is in crisis but I think it's the model itself. It was precisely from the first musical model I that noticed the consequences. For that reason, and because we´ve been here longer than anyone, we have been thinking about ways to improve alternatives to the real needs of contemporary society and culture.

It still seems that some institutions and companies, of this and other fields, find giving direct access of the product to the users, flat rates for the access to this content, fair prices to both the author and the recipient, and many other ideas very hard to achieve or adopt.
To do this, without loosing the control over their work and deciding how best to reach their audience, the artist must "tend" to desktop publishing. On the other hand, the artist must also support these new initiatives. Only from the community, and not from the individual, can the model of music be nurtured and developed. The new cultural paradigms show us this. All who are dedicated to and love music, trying to support and advise emerging talents, should collaborate with them and nourish each other in a symbiosis.
In response to these ideas I created my own record label (Groove Democracy) about 6 months ago where, to date, I have digitally released productions by emerging artists from different countries (Brazil, Mexico, USA) in conjunction with Spanish producers. In the same way as singers Russian Red and Anni B Sweet collaborated with me to help settle my own project on the national scene, or labels like Eskimo and Lovemonk trusted in me on the international level, I now propose this recording project to support, not only my work, but also the work of new talents from different disciplines.

The success of this project does not just seek to put a record on the streets (this could be done, with more limitations obviously, without your help) but also to explore new opportunities for all though collaboration. The more bands or artists that contribute their our bit to change this outdated model the better.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

As ways of supporting new talents we will offer 2 different contests for collaboration on this project:

Contest of new voices: a singer (male or female) will be selected to work on a track of the new LP. Participants should send a sample of their work (or any record that he or she deems worthy) to email address: Obviously, 50% of royalties will be for the chosen one.

Remix contest of one of the tracks on the album: Everybody will have free access to the stems of one of the tracks of the LP and the winner will be selected to be included in the released. The general public will be able to vote for their favorite through a free account on and express their opinions. Again, 50% of revenues generated from the production will be for the producer chosen.

All the tracks of the album will be registered under Creative Commons with recognition of authorship and available for commercial use just after artistic modification.

We´re also looking for designers and photographers to collaborate in the design of covers, posters for events and photo and video reports. Depending on the type, impact, and workload, they will be rewarded financially, apart from promoting their work.

Also, we´re looking for national and international platforms, or individuals, who by any ways of communication known or unknown, established or innovative (whether professional or fully skilled amateurs) can work together to spread the album and give maximum visibility and impact to the project.

Everyone can participate actively in the project and can monitor it continuously. You can follow the progression of all of the works at any stage on our Facebook page ( There you will be able to listen and preview the tracks, pictures, videos, etc. and follow every stage on the development and selection process. You may even participate in them!

Once the recording stage is complete we also want to celebrate the launch with our partners by sending them invitations to concerts and festivals to promote the record and all kinds of events in which they participate for broadcast.

Why this is important

In this project there are three levels of collaboration:

  • Performers, music producers, graphic designers and / or media artists: they have a direct participation in the project and a professional reward.

  • Diffusers of the project: journalists, bloggers, photographers or anyone with an idea or an innovative environment, which in return will have access to premium content and a personal relationship with the project partners.

  • General public: In return for supporting the artist directly, the public will have access to exclusive content, premiere content and preferential treatment in all events.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Se busca modificar el modelo de negocio de la música a través de proyectos de autogestión, autoproducción y participación colectiva mediante iniciativas que sienten nuevas líneas de creación musical.

Estos proyectos participativos deben crear redes de colaboración, no solo a nivel de financiación sino también musicales, para potenciar nuevos talentos de la escena nacional.

Por lo tanto músicos, productores, artistas, y público debemos participar de estos nuevos cauces para crear una nueva escena independiente musical más justa para el artista, y de mayor calidad y con más oportunidades para los nuevos talentos.

Team and experience

After a lifetime linked to music and involvement in multiple musical projects, a couple of years ago I started my solo career under the pseudonym Nelue. It began with a release of a track on Eskimo (label in which bands as Aeroplane or Hercules &Love Affair made their first steps too among others) and an EP on Lovemonk with the invaulable collaboration of Russian Red to really make a name for myself . Then I wrote a track for Anni B Sweet´s first album with Subterfuge and a few remixes for labels such as Hed Kandi, Solardisco, Mister Mystery...

This last year I have been busy writing and producing Sara Da Pin Up´s new album for Warner and starting my own label (Groove Democracy). Since September I've released several re-edits & re-works by myself and some of the best international producers in my genre.

With my DJ gigs, both nationally and internationally, and other work as composer for several audiovisual projects I've been quite busy.

For the next couple of months I will be working on my first LP, this time with a band. This is where you enter in the battlefield - if you feel up to it. ;)

Social commitment