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Reevo - Red de Educación Viva

A collaborative plattform to map, document and connect people, experiences, organizations and knowledges related to free learning and non-conventional education models from all over the world.

Economic needs



€ 8.000
€ 5.400
€ 7.801
20 / 06 / 2013

What is offered in exchange

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Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Producción de Contenidos

    Help gathering information, creating or editing articles of the Reevo Centre of Contents.

  • Field Research

    We invite you to visit schools and innovative experiences with very little or even no information available, to document it and make them known.

  • Bibliographic material donation

    Cooperate bringing publications, books or documents about non-conventional education with low availability.

  • Web development and software

    Reevo will be Free Software. If you have knowledge on MediaWiki, Elgg, Lorea and/or PHP+HXTML+JavaScript programming, you can join the developers community.

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Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 10

    Acknowledgment: Acknowledgments

    Your name and avatar will be part of the acknowledgments list and Project founders.

  • Contributing € 30

    Acknowledgment: Founder User

    Your Reevo user profile will be permanent distinguished as a Founder User. As one of us, you will have future benefits + your name and avatar on the acknowledgements.

  • Contributing € 70

    Services: Super-User

    Pre-view access to the preliminary version of the platform, being able to participate on its development and collaborate actively to upgrade it. Your opinions and assets will be very valued! + Distinguished profile as “Founder User” with future benefits + Your name and avatar on the acknowledgments

    Limited reward
    80 units left
  • Contributing € 100

    Product: Diploma

    A unique limited edition diploma on HQ paper acknowledging you as Founder User, exclusive Reevo material + Preview Access + Distinguished profile as “Founder User” with future benefits + Your name and avatar on the acknowledgements

    Limited reward
    22 units left
  • Contributing € 300

    Services: Experts Consulting

    You will be able to choose one of the referents who help Reevo to ask him/her everything you want during 2 hs. And learn everything you need to form or transform your educative project or family. We count with the support from free schools teachers, democratic schools, Montessori, Waldorf, experimental, holistic, collage professors, early education specialists, inclusion and homeschooling teachers + T-shirt + Preview Access + Distinguished profile as “Founder User” with future benefits + Your name and avatar on the acknowledgements

    Limited reward
    8 units left
  • Contributing € 600

    Direct Participation: Patron

    Your name or your organization’s will have a special acknowledgment, we will mention your website and you will be welcomed on the work team meetings in Buenos Aires or online. Your opinion counts for us and you will be on direct contact with the network coordinator + Experts consulting + T-shirt + Diploma + Preview Access + Distinguished profile as “Founder User” with future benefits + Your name and avatar on the acknowledgements

    Limited reward
    4 units left
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Asociación Civil Redes de Pares

Asociación Civil Redes de Pares
Red de Pares is a non-profit NGO in process of development located in Argentina which purpose is to strength and promote communities or groups of people which organize themselves in a collective way, self-determined to carry on initiatives to resolve within the community problems linked to sustainability in areas such as production, communication, education, government and technology. Speech will be encouraged and also the exchange between communities, promoting the creation of collaborative networks founded on ideas about free access to knowledge, supportive practices, equality between members, communitarian defense and construction of their common goods.
My location
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Reevo - Red de Educación Viva

Reevo is a project to build a website to promote educative initiatives characterized by the respect
to life, human beings and the environment:

- It’s a collaborative map and a database of non-conventional education knowledge, experiences,
institutions, resources and referents that outline the transformation of the actual schooling paradigm into a free learning paradigm.

- It’s an open source social network where users can share their experiences, find and meet with each other, creating and participating on thematic groups.

- It’s a crowdsourcing platform to promote the emerge of new unconventional educative projects.

Main features

The project consists on the design, development, launch and maintenance of an online web platform determined by 3 basic elements: [1] a social network, [2] a map and [3] a center of contents.

[1] The social network will setup as a node of Lorea, an free open source distributed social network technology increasingly user around the globe. This social network functionality is primarily thought for user to be able to sign in, discuss and group together. The platform also allows to create calendars, tools for collaborative work and also communication capabilities such as mailing, chats, blogs, etc..

[2] The map will allow to find people, experiences, organizations and resources. The mapping will be done collaboratively by the users and all the collected data will be available under an open database copyleft license.

[3] The so called “Center of Contents” is a wiki, where you could find a diversity of articles with explicative and objective content about the different topics, researches, referents and educative experiences as there exist. As any wiki, it will be editable by it's users. All the contents will be under a "Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike 3.0"

In the future we plan to include a crowdsourcing platform for educative projects, which we’ll call “Projects Incubator”.

Why this is important

There are tons of non-conventional educative experiences all around the globe that are invisivilized on education discussions and expelled from public opinion.

There are many organizations that promote and do research about non-conventional education, but there’s no place that collects all that different experiences in an organized way.

The research done for the movie “The Forbidden Education” allowed us to
understand the need of parents and teachers to get more information about non-conventional educative experiences. They need to know and find initiatives and referents on non-conventional education, but they don’t have where to do it.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

- Collect and provide acces to all the knowledges within the concept we’ve denominated as “live education”, non-conventional educative experiences that pursuits to promote the development of each individual and the construction of different ways of self-driven and truly democratic organizations.

- Expand that knowledge base by enabling anyone to update or provide new contents.

- Generate a place to engage communication to allow exchanges, meetings and discussions about education and learning.

- Promote the generation of new initiatives in this field.
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