Al Mukhayam: Caminando hacia la autogestión

Finished 22 / 07 / 2017
€ 5.902
€ 4.500
€ 10.500
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Gratitude and recognition on the web page of Gaza Land and Freedom where we will also keep you updated about the development of the project.
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Recognition + detail
Gratitude and recognition on the web page of Gaza Land and Freedom plus 2 stickers of the association.
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Bag of the association
Handbag 100% cotton with the logo of Gaza: Tierra y Libertad + 2 stickers of the association, one in black and one in white (due to transportation costs shipments are limited to countries inside the EU)
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Bag + T-shirt of the association
Handbag with the logo of the association Gaza: Tierra y Libertad + t-shirt of the association + 2 stickers of the association, one in black and one in white (due to transportation costs shipments are limited to countries inside the EU)
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One night in Al Mukhayam
One night for 2 people with traditional Palestinian breakfast included in Al Mukhayam (To be consumed once opened the centre and in a term not exceeding one year from that date)
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Kufiyah + T-shirt
Kufiyah (Made in Palestine) + t-shirt of the association + 2 stickers, one in black and one in white (due to transportation costs shipments are limited to countries inside the EU)
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One night + traditional palestinian dinner
One night for 2 people with traditional Palestinian breakfast and dinner included (To be consumed once opened the center and in a term not exceeding one year from that date)
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Full weekend in Al Mukhayam
Two nights for 2 people, with traditional Palestinian breakfast and dinner included + guided tour through the Sierra Grande de Hornachos with visit to the Moorish fortress, the ruins of the baths and the rock paintings (To be consumed once opened the center and in a term not exceeding one year from that date)
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Personalized talk
Two members of the association will move to the space that you indicate in order to discuss in person the work of the association in the Gaza Strip and the project Al Mukhayam (Offer limited to Spain, Catalonia, Vasque Country, Galicia, Portugal, Andalusia and Andorra)
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Special sponsor
Your logo will appear in the section for sponsors of Al Mukhayam's website as well as in maps and brochures that will be available to the visitors of the centre (as long as your principles are not antagonistic to those of the association)
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About this project

Al Mukhayam is a solidarity project that seeks to promote mutual understanding and support among peoples while ensuring the economic independence of the Association Gaza: Land and Freedom thanks to its exploitation as rural accommodation.
Material Minimum Optimum
Equipment for the main building of the center
Material for the kitchen and furniture and equipment for the main building, where will be located the restaurant, the Palestinian handicraft shop and the multipurpose room.
€ 4.000
Projector and screen for the screening of documentaries and films that promote values and principles related to those of our association as well as the cultural, natural and historical heritage of Tierra de Barros and Extremadura as a whole.
€ 850
Palestinian handicrafts
First batch of handicrafts made in Gaza by Palestinian women in at-risk groups; such as widows, divorced, former prisoners; for its sale to the visitors of the centre. To the fair price paid for the handicrafts we must add the high cost of its transportation until Extremadura, as due to the blockade imposed to the Gaza Strip, the transportation of goods to and from Gaza is a job extremely complex and with a lot of added costs.
€ 3.000
Task Minimum Optimum
Bank fees, PayPal, plus Goteo costs
€ 500
Permanent exhibition
Printing of photographs and adaptation of the space for the installation in the center of a permanent exhibition of photographs of Gaza and paintings of young Palestinian artists from the Gaza Strip.
€ 700
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Stone oven
Traditional stone oven to make bread and other products, both for consumption in the restaurant and for educational purposes.
€ 850
Traditional vegetable garden
Rental of machinery and purchase of materials to condition a space in the center in order to establish an orchard for the cultivation of organic products and medicinal plants using traditional methods. The orchard will be used both to supply the restaurant and for educational purposes.
€ 600
Total € 4.500 € 10.500

General information

To this day, the Association Gaza: Land and Freedom has operated with the own resources of the people that take part in it; however, in order to continue growing and getting involved in new projects, we agreed that we should find a more stable source of income that should guarantee our independence.

Then the possibility arose of managing in the village of Hornachos, Badajoz province, a set of 8 rural apartments and a restaurant-bar. To embark on this project also implied the availability of a space to organize all kinds of activities in accordance with the principles that underpin the association: solidarity, mutual support, assembly and active and conscious participation.

It happens that Hornachos was one of the last Moorish strongholds of the peninsula. We are therefore in a context with a rich historical-cultural heritage that includes traces of the Islamic presence in the region, which makes it the ideal location for the establishment of a center from which to promote the Moorish culture, as well as the understanding between peoples and the solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The center will consist primarily of a restaurant-bar serving typically mediterranean dishes and drinks, both Arab and Hispanic. The restaurant-bar will prioritize the use of local and seasonal products as well as those coming from organic farming. At the same time, it will promote the boycott of Israeli products and of those companies that collaborate with the zionist regime and / or have branches in the occupied Palestinian territories. The center also has a space dedicated to the spread of information where documentary projections will be carried out and talks will be organized.

In addition the center will have a rural accommodation consisting of eight apartments perfectly equipped and decorated with Arabic-inspired details.

Visitors to the center will have at their disposal a small handicraft shop where they can buy objects made in Gaza by Palestinian women in situation of helplessness, mainly former prisoners, widows and other direct victims of the crimes of the Israeli occupation. In this way, visitors will have the possibility of financially supporting these women and their families, as well as the association Gaza: Tierra y Libertad, responsible for the task of collecting the handicrafts and transfeing them to the Iberian peninsula, a very difficult and expensive task due to the blockade impossed to the Gaza Strip by Israel and Egypt.

Finally, given that we are a non-profit association, the project is, regarding its strictly economic aspect, a means of guaranteeing the self-management of the maintenance and development of Gaza: Tierra y Libertad's activities. Thus, all the revenue received, once the management costs associated with the development of the project have been met, to finance the work of the association in Palestine as well as other projects originating in Gaza Strip’s civil society through solidarity donations.

In addition to the activities of the association, the center will offer a series of services in order to promote the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Hornachos and the Tierra de Barros region:

  • Hiking routes, with different degrees of difficulty, in the Sierra Grande de Hornachos through which you can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of a natural site that hosts a multitude of plant and animal species and where you can find as well caves with a singular beauty surrounded by no less singular stories. For the development of this purpose, the association has the predisposition for collaboration of the people who are in charge of the cooperative that currently manages the park NATUREX, who have the necessary training to carry out this kind of activities.

  • Guided visits through the municipality and Sierra Grande de Hornachos, which will emphasize the Moorish past of Hornachos, not forgetting the importance of its cave paintings or the remains that tell us about the mining exploitation practiced by the different populations that have settled here. The project proposes to bring the offer of rural accommodation and the Bar-Cafeteria to other individuals, groups, organizations, associations that already carry out this type of activities, thus promoting the tourist development of the region and also contributing to the promotion of heritage of the Tierra de Barros region.

  • The specific location of Hornachos in the context of the province of Badajoz, and in the whole of Extremadura, would allow to expand the tourist offer with guided visits to Santos de Maimona, Hinojosa del Valle, Zafra, .... , and the cities of Merida and Badajoz.

Why this is important

The main motivations for the creation of this project are to increase the capacity of action of the association as well as to guarantee its economic independence. The project is aimed both at people committed to the Palestinian cause and / or in solidarity with the situation of the inhabitants of the blockaded Gaza Strip, as well as to those who believe in a sustainable tourism development and the promotion of the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the region of Tierra de Barros, and in particular of Hornachos.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

With this campaign of crowdfunding we seek to obtain the economic means that will allow us to open Al Mukhayam, as well as to give the possibility of participating to all those who share the ideals and objectives of this project.

Currently the 8 rural apartments are ready, however the main building of the center lacks all the furniture plus part of the equipment for the kitchen and bar-restaurant.

Moreover, we currently have some handicrafts that two members of the association were able to bring from Gaza on their last trip. However, in order to be able to do something significant, an important investment would be necessary. It would be distributed among several associations and groups of women in risk situation dedicated to the manufacture of traditional Palestinian handicrafts in the Gaza Strip.

Team and experience

In 2014, motivated by the scarce presence of international activists in the Gaza Strip during and, above all, after the Israeli aggression of 2014, we decided to found the Gaza: Tierra y Libertad association. International Association for the Solidarity and Mutual Support among Peoples.

Since then, the association's efforts have been focused on documenting and denouncing the crimes of the zionist occupation against the population of the Gaza Strip as well as the terrible conditions of life to which they are condemned by the blockade .

During the sowing and harvesting seasons we have also carried out accompaniment work of those peasants who have their lands near the fence separating Gaza from the territories occupied in 1948. Sporadically also from the fishermen who suffer daily attacks by the occupying forces.

In addition, Gaza: Tierra y Libertad collaborates with different groups and associations in the Gaza Strip and offers itself as a communication channel to connect the civil society of Gaza and our societies. That’s why, despite the fact that charity is not our usual sphere of action, as we understand that the cause and therefore the solution of the evils suffered by the Palestinian people is political, we decided to participate in campaigns such as "Clean Light" , Organized by the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions - Gaza Section. This collaboration allowed the installation of a set of LED lights and battery in the home of 39 families with 5 children or more and without any income, who previously, due to the electricity cuts of up to 20 hours a day, had to illuminate their home with candles, with the consequent danger of fire.

Finally during these two years we have organized and / or participated in different talks and conferences throughout the territory of the spanish state to promote solidarity between peoples and commitment to the Palestinian cause, as well as to combat the disinformation spread by the mass media at the service of imperialist interests.

Social commitment