Arcoiris - Nonviolent Communication in Education...a bike journey

Barcelona, España
Finished 17 / 02 / 2020
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You Come with Me

I will stitch your name on the bunting flags I take with me as I can not do this you accompany me on this trip when I hang the bunting out inviting people to come closer, ask, be curious, connect...

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Greetings from the Road

Acknowledgement & Simple Postcard:

I will stitch your name on the bunting flags I take with me & you receive a bought postcard that will be sent to an address of your choice from underway, any time, ....another real way to connect on paper. This pack includes the price of the postcard and the postage expenses within Europe.

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Special Greetings from the Road

Acknowledgement & 1 Hand Made Postcard:

I will stitch your name on the bunting flags I take with me & you receive a hand made postcard that will be sent to an address of your choice from underway. This pack includes the postcard and postage expenses within Europe.

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Special Greetings - Updated

Acknowledgement & 3 Hand Made Postcards:

Your name will be stitched on the bunting I take with me & you receive 3 hand made postcards, one each month that will be sent to an address of your choice from underway. This pack includes the price of the postage expenses within Europe.

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Needs Cards in 4 European Languages

Acknowledgement & PDF print outs for Need Cards:

Your name will be stitched on the bunting I take with me & you receive the PDF print outs for 82 need cards in English & Spanish on one side and German & French on the other side. These cards make it easier to define what human need underlies a certain feeling in any given situation, for example "safety" when "feeling afraid".
You can cut them out and laminate them for daily use.

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Empathic Listening - Giraffe's Ears

Acknowledgement & 2 sessions of Empathic Listening:

Your name will be stitched on the bunting I take with me & 2 hours of empathic listening on different occasions in person (when possible) or over skype. You choose what is alive and I accompany you by reflecting and rewording, thus getting closer to what is at stake and bring more clarity about the topic or situation.
I can accompany you in English, Spanish, French or German.

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"ABC of NVC" Workshop

Acknowledgement & Introductory Workshop:

Your name will be stitched on the bunting I take with me & 2,5 hours of introductory workshop for 6-15 people close to Barcelona.
In what consists the paradigm change NVC offers? What are the tools? What is the attitude? A workshop that compares "natural" vs "habitual", need awareness vs dualistic judgements.
You can choose the workshop being held in English, Spanish or German.

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NVC and Self Empathy

Acknowledgement & Monographic Workshop:

Your name will be stitched on the bunting I take with me & 4 hours of NVC workshop for 6-15 people. The importance of connection as social being and how to protect it. Self empathy and discovering who is talking. Being an observer in your inner world.
You can choose the workshop being held in English, Spanish or German.

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About this project

Cycling through Europe connecting initiatives and sharing a new narrative through Nonviolent Communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg)
Material Minimum Optimum
Carbohydrates transformed into energy during 6 months
€ 900
Bought and Handmade Postcards and their Shipment
Local postcards type "souvenir", stamps, glue, cardboard, ...and other upcycled material
€ 100
Bike maintenance
To Repair and exchange what might brake on the way; solar panel, battery
€ 100
Internet access & Work place
Work of journaling and preparation in public spaces (bars, restaurants , libraries,..) with access to internet.
€ 324
Copies, posters and other didactic material for workshops
€ 150
Bike trousers
One pair of bike shorts to make long cycling comfortable
€ 150
Task Minimum Optimum
Transport by Train
One way train ticket from Barcelona to Geneva via Lyon for one person with bike
€ 70
Bike maintenance
To pay for the repairing service for the bike or caravan
€ 150
Field Work
Bike route of approximately 4000 km (through Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Bosnia–Herzegovina, Italy, France and Spain); contacting and visiting the initiatives; doing interviews; listening to the stories
€ 1.800
Presentation & Documentation
Making the experience, the knowledge and best practices accessible by writing articles for the website and texts on social media
€ 600
LEE Lab (Life Enriching Education Laboratory) Sarajevo
Participation in a 6 day workshop on education and NVC where I will present my experiences and contribute to connection and learn from other participants; knowledge and inspiration that I will bring back and share.
€ 700
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Bank fees & & Transactions
To cover the bank fees, costs for every transaction and 4% of the infrastructure costs for
€ 230
Plastic water bottles type Nalgene
2 Water bottles of 1 l that don't break easily and can be reused again & again & again....
€ 20
Total € 4.274 € 5.294

General information

The journey is about inspiring and getting inspired, about reminding each other of what we find important as human beings. By visiting initiatives in education based on an attitude of NonViolent Communication and sharing my experiences I want to create connection and mutual support. I will witness how NVC supports people in bringing forth what is authenically theirs supporting their creativity and resilience. I want to contribute to a sense of interwovenness through a thread of shared stories. Where we meet I invite people into dialogue and wanting to know more about NVC. The journey is about travelling open to the unknown and leaning more into trust in human nature than relying on safety.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

I want to bring NVC on the streets through what I have learned until now.
I want to find out how a journey by bike can be when I put the focus on listening, listening beyond the words and actions.

  • How will the encounters be with people I meet when my inner attitude is curiosity and interest especially for feelings and needs, those of the people I meet and my own?
  • How does that change or influence our being together, our sharing stories?
  • How does that influence my journey and my feeling safe on the way?
  • How does that influence my ability of asking for help, opening up, making myself vulnerable and trusting the other person.
  • How will that attitude influence the person I meet in that way?

The journey has two parts: the first one could be called Busker NVC. Instead of connecting with people through singing, clown shows or circus acts I want to start conversations about common values, what connects us and what prevents genuine connection among us. I will offer open workshops about NVC, either spontaneously or announced some days ahead when travelling from town to town. I happily receive invitations to do so in schools or other institutions.

The second part consists in visiting initiatives in education that integrate NVC as an important pillar of their project. I have contacted several beforehand in person on two distinct LEE Labs and by mail. They influence the route on the map.
I want to hear first-hand how different people in different places bring NVC to education and what motivates them doing so. What will I see?

  • How does it influence children in their trust in life, in their self-esteem, in their ability to listen to and express themselves? I would like to talk to them and experience their presence.
  • How does NVC contribute to take the projects forward and to achieve the values they highlight?
  • How does NVC influence the relationships among the teachers and with the parents?

I want to get inspired and share those stories. I will write about my experiences and publish them on my blog, on Instagram and on the website I want to create connection among the people I meet through that thread of shared stories and contribute to mutual support and inspiration. I want to add threads to a sense of interwovenness.

The journey is about inspiring and reminding each other of what we find important as human beings. Will I be able to bring curiosity to where I go and not hide behind prejudices and self-fulfilling prophecies?

I introduce people to NVC. I invite people to join me on the journey, perhaps for a day, for a week, for the time they want to dedicate to it. I’m open to co-create with others events that serve connection and understanding. It’s about travelling and that means being open for the unknown, for the unplanned, for what pops up, something I associate with leaning into trust, different to safety.

Why this is important


  • Feel alive and empowered
  • Create experiences that I might enjoy
  • Savour a part of this precious planet in a sustainable way
  • Be in contact with and connect with the people on the way
  • Appreciate our common humanness
  • Learn and acknowledge and sustain when I am in a place of not knowing
  • Start dialogue about values
  • Share my experiences
  • Create spaces to develop more trust and less fear
  • Inspire people and motivate them to listen to what they want to bring forth

I'm convinced that our idea of human nature can be redefined as a social being enjoying to contribute to the well being of others and that deconstructing of enemy images can lead to compassion to even more people beyond any cultural or religious definitions. I'm convinced that when there is trust that everybody's needs matter more people will participate in caring for a common good. I feel impatient to offer that conversation given our planetary crisis and urgency to respond to it in a new and creative way.

I want to move on from a habitual place of comparison, competition and fight for survival towards being more and more at ease in a place of interdependence instead. The idea of ecosystem represents not only outer biological spheres that I studied at school and university but represents the relationships I have with other people. My perception of net is more present, and more the belief that we can all contribute to this interwoven-ness with our uniqueness, the gifts of our presence. My experience in relation to this has transformed over time from a mental knowing to a more physical feeling.

That’s why inspiration is so important to me. I need light towers that remind me of what is important and dear to me. I need examples that encourage me not to fall asleep. I need people whose speech and behaviour I find inspiring and invite me to stay committed. Knowing the important role inspiration has for me I want to inspire others in that sense.

We all have values, concepts that are important to us. We don’t have to invent them yet. But we have to remember. We forget easily and society’s reality, the cultures we live in, the speed we move in are not helping us to stop and be aware, less act according to them. Being aware of that I want to help remind us.

I find Mikhi Kashtan’s commitments to herself inspiring because they remind me of asking for help if I can’t find the inner resources. I want to ask for help and I want to support the other person.

That’s why I want to do this journey by bike and visible. To show my human vulnerability in an act of faith: “Here I am, I want to share what has contributed so much meaning to my life, I want to challenge the fears and inspire others to go look for their sacred places inside.”

I intend to live of a gift economy on my way by offering NVC workshops in schools, town halls, private projects and I would love to contact other NVC committed people in each country to share experiences.

People that might be interested:

  • Schools
  • Kindergardens
  • Other educational iniciatives
  • Social active groups
  • ...and anyone who wants to be more resilient in relationships, more connected with oneself and less defensive, less fearful regarding conflicts

Team and experience

Since 2014 I'm participating in European NVC trainings and offering NVC workshops myself. A part from offering a year round course on NVC and education Ana Garcillán and I have accompanied teachers and parents of a kindergarden in Valladolid/Spain and a public school in Matarraña/Spain with regular NVC trainings during the last two years. I participated in two LEE Labs (Life Enriching Education Laboratory) held in Belgium in 2018 and in Germany in 2019. I'm in the process for certification.
Additionally I've been trained as an IFS therapist (Richard Schwartz) for the last two years, offering individual sessions to clients.

This journey is the result of two parts of me acknowledging each other and recognizing each other as supportive and important. Let me explain:

I have this adventurous, independent part in me who values authenticity, freedom, choice, and integrity. He is easily a “loner” and I call him my “Lonely Wolf”-part. He made me travel alone. He brought me to Spain and live off the grid for 13 years, bringing up my children in the countryside with a simple life style committed to finding out how little we need to be happy. He kept me from being overstimulated and from consuming what I didn’t need. He helped me trying out new things and learn how to reconstruct a house in ruins. He kept me in distance from human behaviour that felt painful to me when being too close.

And I have this social part in me who yearns to belong. She made me learn various languages that permit me getting closer to people beyond the first appearance. It’s a part who socializes smilingly, who is curious to know more about the other person and values what is shared, a part who cares and wants to connect. It’s a part who wants to contribute to well-being, understanding and peace. It likes to communicate. It’s a part that experiences separation as painful.

A long time they thought their needs were contradictory, that it was either him or her. And only recently they understood that they can work together, doing this journey. They need each other to make it work and enjoy it. They are a good team!

And on a different level, me too, I see myself as part of the project, that is only possible and colourful as the result of collaboration among many people, preparing the journey and during the time on the bike.

People directly involved in the project:

  • So the team consists in the people that shared their experience about caravans at the very beginning (Rudi Zwier, Benjy and his Foldavan) and helped me define the vehicle.
  • The NVC community in Spain (Asociación de Comunicación No Violenta, certified trainers from Spain, from Germany, from Switzerland, from Sweden, from Austria, from Norway, the US, the United Kingdom and Italy and the organizers of LEE Lab with their inspiration and support
  • The iniciatives in education I'm going to visit in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Eslovenia, Romania and Italy
  • The people that donated the bike and the caravan
  • My children that helped painting and organizing
  • My befriended bike tecnicians supporting me from a distance
  • Friends that offered their place to stay or accompanied me, friends who listened, those who translated and discussed the idea with me
  • All my empathy buddies offering me empathy and active listening

Social commitment