Boodaville Fundraising 2017

Matarraña/Matarranya, Teruel, Spain
Finished 21 / 03 / 2017
€ 3.390
€ 3.000
€ 4.500
62 Backers
Contributing € 5
Advance newsletter

A thank you mention on the Boodaville blog, plus a subscription to the advance newsletter list to receive special offers and volunteer opportunities before regular subscribers.

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Contributing € 15
Personal thank you and chance to win an A3 high quality print of your choice.

For any donation of 15€ or more we offer you a personal thank you and mention on our supporters page. We also enter your name into a draw and you have a chance to win a high-quality A3 print of your choice by photographer and Boodaville supporter Bernat Rueda. (For every 20 people who choose this reward we will give away 1 print)

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Boodaville day trip - tour and lunch

A day trip to Boodaville for one or two people including a full guided tour, question and answer session and a delicious and healthy organic lunch cooked in our outdoor kitchen. Choose your date, depending on availability. The site is 2.5 hours from Barcelona, near the town of Calaceite in the Matarranya region.

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About this project

Boodaville is a developing rural permaculture centre in Spain. Visitors learn about effective & sustainable design techniques.
Task Minimum Optimum
Keep site running
Providing water, basic facilities, and food for volunteers
€ 1.500
Keep site maintained
Costs related to maintenance, keeping site clean and organised
€ 250
We have to be covered to run activities
€ 250
Volunteers, participants and materials need to be transported from our rural location to the nearest village and public transport.
€ 200
Consultation costs to make sure our designs are effective, realistic, and in line with permaculture ethics.
€ 200
Admin and marketing
Basic accounting, communication, marketing and social media.
€ 200
A successful design is a huge part of the project, and the full design costs are higher than 200!
€ 500
ORGANISATION / MANAGEMENT / travel between bcn and boodaville
Payment to cover transport costs related to managing the site from Barcelona and for work done on running the association and all its activities including organising, promoting and teaching by owners of the project.
€ 500
The long term plan is to create an eco-village with 4 co-owners. When set up the co-owners and the project will be self-sustaining financially, but the costs associated with setting up the eco-village and finding co-owners include preparing reports, communication and raising awareness about the project, networking, attending meetings, consultation, legal advice and much more.
€ 500
Material Minimum Optimum
like seeds, straw, new plants and trees to grow a healthy ecosystem
€ 400
Total € 3.000 € 4.500

General information

The Boodaville project in Calaceite, Spain is a non-profit association with a mission to educate and inspire about environmental and social issues. We share knowledge about permaculture - a set of tools and principles which can help anyone and everyone design their lives to be not just sustainable.. but regenerative. Boodaville started as an individual project by Anna Gurney in 2010 then in 2016 the association was constituted.

At the Boodaville site, among many other things, we are improving soil quality, designing ways to make the most of the rainwater available, and learning how to live in community with the earth and each other. All the work that volunteers and participants do is towards leaving the planet better than we find it and encouraging a change in attitudes and values to encourage living within ecological limits.

2016 was the first year we had long-term volunteers on site 7 months straight and we achieved an incredible amount, we had hundreds of volunteers and visitors to the site, we built the kitchen roof for rainwater collection - the 10 000l tank we set up is filling up over winter, and with the help of EU funding and our friend Jordi we built the beautiful geodesic dome which will be an outdoor classroom and dining area.

We want to keep the site running for 7 months again in 2017 but we need to raise funds to make this happen!

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The Boodaville land site is a Permaculture education centre and demonstration site in the Matarranya region, 2.5 hours from Barcelona. The land is 1.5 hectares of pine forest and olive groves which has been developed since 2010, following permaculture principles, and now has: two stone buildings, one outdoor kitchen, a geodesic dome, three outdoor toilets, two outdoor showers, camping space, tool shed and a rainwater collection system.

Permaculture is an ethical design system, with tools and principles that can help anyone move towards a sustainable lifestyle. The basic ethics are earth care, people care and using fair share of resources and produce. Permaculture covers all aspects of life, from economy, to energy, to food production, education and community with a basis in ecology and systems thinking.

We run courses, events and retreats between April and October each year and work with volunteers as we continue to develop the site. In 2016 we became a not-for-profit education association and we use the funds available from donations to run courses with excellent facilitators, offer opportunities for volunteers and build up a Boodaville network with people who are integrating permaculture into their lives. As well as donations we apply for public funding where possible, and take on loans for building work and materials which add capital value to the site.

We are almost ready to be economically sustainable, thanks to the amazing efforts of dozens of people over the years, but we need support to start the 2017 season - to host people on site, keep everything maintained and ensure that courses can happen.

Why this is important

The motivation behind Boodaville is to spread the ideas of Permaculture by offering inspiring courses and leading by example with an on-going land project. We promote the integration of ethical and sustainable ideas into everyday life and offer the chance for anyone who is interested in environmental and social issues to learn more as a volunteer, a participant in a course or by joining our online community for resources. We are working increasingly with young people to promote Permaculture within, and as an alternative to, the current education system, and the long-term goal of the project is to create a small eco-community at Boodaville; living sustainably, regenerating the land, and having a positive impact in the Matarranya region and beyond.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding is to cover the costs we will incur to get the project to the next stage. We have resources, and ideas, and a very clear plan on how to be financially sustainable in the future, but, as a not-for-profit association we are asking for donations to enable us to achieve our goals for the next 7 months.

Team and experience

The people who work closest to the project are:

Anna Gurney - founder of the project, manages the site, organises plans and promotes the activities, works as a secondary school teacher as well!

Alessandro Ardovini - Permaculture teacher and designer who is expected to get his Diploma in Permaculture in 2017. He collaborates with permaculture teaching and design of the site and is a member of the association.

Ondrej Sofr - Lives on site from April to October managing the budget, the site and the volunteers.

Carlos Buj - founder of the association Viaje a la Sostenibilidad and member of the Boodaville association. He supports with facilitation on training courses and advice on running the association.

Bernat Rueda - Videomaker, project supporter since 2010.

Social commitment