Building Communities of Commons in Greece

Finished 06 / 01 / 2016
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Building Communities of Commons in Greece, the documentary is now online.

We cordially thank you all for your support that helped enormously the realization of the documentary.   Watch the documentary -english and greek subs available- here:  Or , alternatively watch... [Read more]

Pick your colour and size! T-shirts must be packed ;)

Hola a tod@s / Hello all, just a short update on where we are... After a few beta-screenings, we're microtuning and finalizing the editing of the documentary, so very soon we will be able to launche it online! Stay tuned for that! In... [Read more]

Screenings of the documentary in Porto and Sarantaporo

      Friday 6th May, a documentary preview  into the framecontext of the Wireless Battle of the Mesh V9 in Porto, Portugal.        Saturday 7th May, preview of the documentary... [Read more]

Building communities of commons in Sarantaporo (Greece)

In Greece a documentary on a mesh network at the service of local communities. Michela Piraino    The intuition of a group of citizens, living in the greek village of Sarantaporo, to create a website to promote their city... [Read more]

Transmediale 2016: Necessary Conversations Off-the-Cloud

An article By Marc Garrett - 28/02/2016 on Transmediale 2016 at  Introduction. I arrived at the Transmediale festival late Friday afternoon, which was hosted as usual at Das Haus der Kulturen... [Read more]

Costruire comunità di beni comuni a Sarantaporo (Grecia)

For those who speak Italian an article about the Sarantaporo Mesh Network project by Michela Piraino  at (Soon in English) È del 2010 l’intuizione di un gruppo di cittadini, residenti nel villaggio greco... [Read more]

Presentation of Sarantaporo network and previews of the documentary at transmediale 2016

Το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά The Community Network of participated this year at transmediale festival. Transmediale is an annual festival for... [Read more]

MAZI-Together in Sarantaporo, two days workshop

In January 15th -17th, a two days visit and workshop took place in the area of Sarantaporo. More precisely, about twenty members of the MAZI project -which is a new EU Horizon2020 project- artists, researchers and activists together with... [Read more]

a story "worth telling and sharing"...

Holla a tod@s! ¡Feliz Navidad y deseos de muchos años de Buen Vivir! ------------- In a few hours, the crowdfunding campaign for the documentary "Building Communities of Commons", for the Networks in Sarantaporo... [Read more]

... and it's lift off!! / ... απογείωση!

Do you want to have a better view (from above) of the area of Sarantaporo and Elassona? In the video you can watch footage from the drone shootings we did on our last trip, as well as from some activities on the fields (olive harvest and seeding... [Read more]

Update: Important notice for Greek supporters / Σημαντική ανακοίνωση για Έλληνες υποστηρικτές

(photo collage, by our friend Stewart)   This update on the implications that have arisen from the implementation of capital controls in Greece, is addressed to those Greek citizens that have contacted us during the campaign expressing... [Read more]

entering the homestretch! final week of the first round / μπαίνουμε στην τελική ευθεία για την ολοκλήρωση του πρώτου γύρου!

(photo by Stewart) As we are coming close to the first and defining "deadline" of the conclusion of the first round, each small step becomes amplified. For those who believe in the realization of this project (and have already... [Read more]

back from Sarantaporo! / Επιστροφή από Σαραντάπορο!

Good morning everyone!      back to Athens after a short trip for extra shootings in the area of Sarantaporo. The weather was great and allowed for beautiful field shootings and smooth flight for the drone!   ... [Read more]

halfway through! 15 more days to achieve minimum goal / στα μισά της διαδρομής! 15 ημέρες ακόμη

So, there we are: just past midpoint of the first round of the campaign (both in terms of time and achieving the minimum funding goal)! Once again we invite you to come on board in our collective journey into giving voice and visibility... [Read more]

participation and presentation in MET workshop

On Monday, Ilias participated in a very interesting multinational workshop! One of a series of workshops focusing on "metropolitan commons, governance and participatory design and peer to peer urbanism". As the organizers point out, when... [Read more]

10 days / 10 ημέρες / 10 días!

Hello!    - Hola a tod@s! - It's time of kazanemata in Sarantaporo! So, it's been already 10 days since we launched this campaign! And, already, so many people have responded to our call; in all the ways we had... [Read more]

active nodes - the network / ενεργοί κόμβοι - το δίκτυο

      A screenshot from the webpage of the community, depicting the nodes of the mesh network spanning across the villages of the area. As the wireless community network is built upon commons' and... [Read more]

Important notice! / Σημαντική ανακοίνωση! / Aviso importante!

Banks back to business online in Greece, but not yet for solidarity between people :( Important notice! Monetary contributions into the campaign from Greece can (for the moment) be done only from people that have or can create a Paypal... [Read more]

Embezamos! / Ξεκινάμε! / Let's go!

Γειά σε όλες και όλους,      η καμπάνι&alpha... [Read more]