Pan ecológico de Can Farinetes

Filed on 13 / 02 / 2013
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Muestra de dos productos

A cambio de este apoyo te ofrecemos un producto ecológico de panadería y otro de bollería + Formar parte del mural digital colectivo que publicaremos en nuestra web con todos los que nos apoyéis en este proyecto

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Lotes de producto y visita guiada

Dos lotes de 3 productos ecológicos (de pan o bollería) + Visita guiada por nuestro obrador + Si lo deseáis, podéis participar en el proceso de producción de pan (ojo, normalmente es por la noche :) + Formar parte del mural digital colectivo que publicaremos en nuestra web con todos quienes nos apoyéis en este proyecto

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Curso de pan eco y muestra de productos

Plaza en un encuentro exclusivo para nuestros benefactores, un taller para hacer pan ecológico que realizaremos en nuestro obrador + Por supuesto, un lote del pan eco que elaboramos + Formar parte del mural digital colectivo que publicaremos en nuestra web con todos quienes nos apoyéis en este proyecto

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Cesta de productos a domicilio y taller de pan

Te enviamos a casa una cesta con una muestra completa de pan y bollería + Participar en el taller para hacer pan ecológico que realizaremos en nuestro obrador + Formar parte del mural digital colectivo que publicaremos en nuestra web con todos quienes nos apoyéis en este proyecto

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About this project

Realizing a dream: high quality organic bread at affordable prices

Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
La cortadora
Necesitamos esta máquina sí o sí. La harina y su fermentación necesitan de una cortadora que las respete. Una parte de ella la financiamos con los recursos propios o préstamos, pero aquí ponemos la diferencia que nos hace falta
€ 4.000
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Página web. Imagen externa
Hacer una página web que refleje el espíritu de la empresa con un profesional adecuado.
€ 1.500
Hacer la imagen institucional de la empresa, el logo. Para ello necesitamos un diseñador.
€ 500
Total € 4.000 € 6.000

General information

Can farinetes was a traditional bakery of bread and pastries that we are transforming into an ecological one. We are realizing a dream: creating our own business that strives to be sustainable and responsive to the land and the people. The ideals of the founders and employees are both social and productive. We want to offer a product that benefits both the people involved in the process and the people who will enjoy the bread. We look for a tangible benefit for the quality, and non tangible benefits in the harmony of working together and making each product. These ideals permeate the happiness felt by those working on the project, as well as those who will be nourished by the precious and basic food.

The chance, .. or fate, .. or nature that guides everything,... have determined that both the site and the location of Can Farinetes are part of the inspiration and also in line with the project, reinforcing the original intention of making a quality product affordable for everyone. Here is the explanation of the circumstances which joined to give life to the project:

The name "Can farinetes" comes from the Catalan word "farinetes" which historically comes from the name "farina" (flour). There is evidence that in ancient Greece "farinetes" were made with barley flour. During the Roman Empire they were also made of wheat flour. The buckwheat recipe appears in Catalan medieval books. Its origin is very humble, and in times of war they were eaten as a substitute for bread.

Thus the name of Can farinetes becomes inspiration and guidance for the project, the joy of the name that brings humility, simplicity, tradition and history. It is also a tribute to the huge oven 6 meters in diameter, located in the bakery workshop, where so much bread has been baked for so long for a working class neighborhood of simple, and lively residents ...

The bakery is located in the Poble Sec in Barcelona. The Poble Sec neighborhood has always been a laborer district. It is born in the shadow of the mountain of Montjuïc, where the city ends and the sea begins; between the Mediterranean and the Plaza de España, along the Paralelo avenue. It is influenced by the geographical location: multiculturalism; entertainment and music halls; nineteenth century factories that dried up the neighborhood wells (hence its name Poble Sec ‘dry city’); the proximity of the port of Barcelona with its colorful workers, residents and visitors It is populated with a mix of local people and others that formerly came from beyond the Ebro river, and now come from beyond the sea, speaking different languages and with different customs, making a rich neighborhood that is as inviting and alive as it is active.

The location of Can farinetes is definitely not a coincidence. The social element of the idea materializes when is possible to offer the best price for a quality product for the inhabitants of this part of the city who feel lucky and happy to be part of this project. This is why the project has been born in this place away from the fancy shop windows and tourist tours, or other more upscale neighborhoods.

So all the ingredients have joined to concoct this dream and the idea is taking shape, with the excitement and work involved in starting and seeing the first fruits. We bear in mind our mission: organic production and fair prices that are accessible to everyone. We now need to take the next step - the effort in communication and promotion.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

Can farinetes has three basic processes: production, marketing and distribution to final consumer and communities (restaurants, schools, etc). The production bakery has one traditional oven and an electric oven. A part of the production is hand made and traditional, and the other is mechanical.

The whole process is done by 7 workers.


Why this is important

The motivation of this project is an inner purpose, a desire, a mission, of one of the entrepreneurs: Yoann, which he can start fulfilling with Can Farinetes: to offer organic and sustainable, high quality food, at fair prices ; and Bruno who wants this project to contribute to the health of our planet.

This project is aimed at all those who believe that it is possible to transform the dream, efficiency and local produce into healthy food at affordable prices. And also aimed at all those who consider the above a utopia but are consumers of quality products.

With this project we hope to reach both those who share the dream of promoting organic agriculture in an ethical form of production and those who just want to buy delicious bread at affordable prices.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

    • Get resources for machinery and promotion (logo + web).
    • Financing a long term, ecological, and local project, implementing direct economic relationships.

Team and experience

Yoann Simonte, French, runs since many years the employees of two popular restaurants in Barcelona, the SCP Blue Rita; and has been manager and sales manager in other companies in France.

Bruno Bordessoulles, French, managing partner of La Creperie Bretonne since 2001, and previously varied experience in the hostelry and restaurant industry, and sport.

Benjamin and Pau, eco-expert bakers, Manolo, Oscar, Rosi, Alicia and Nathalie in other production processes, distribution and customer service in the bakery.

Sonia Jimenez Cook, external consultant.


Social commitment