Desarrollando el Mercado de Economía Solidaria

Finished 25 / 01 / 2013
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€ 6.200
€ 12.390
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  • Contributing € 10

    Social Market documentation and map

    You should have private access to Social Market site and we send you a file with all social market docs and a map with all the entities that are members of the Social Market.

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    5 € voucher

    5 € voucher that you can spent in any product or service offered by a Social Market's member + private access to the site + docs and map of member entities + web appreciation

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    10 € Voucher

    10 € voucher that you can spent in any product or service offered by a Social Market's member + private access to the site + docs and map of member entities + web appreciation

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    20 € voucher that you can spent in any product or service offered by a Social Market's member + private access to the site + docs and map of member entities + web appreciation

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    Councelling // Talk // Workshop

    Only for organizations: councelling, a talk or a workshop about solidarity economy + private access to the site + docs and map of member entities + web appreciation

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About this project

Cooperation for change, building tools to promote the Social Market

Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Web Development
Development of the database in Drupal to make possible the inclusion, clasification, show and search of products of goods and services included in the Social Market.
€ 4.000
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Comunication Manadgement of web
Our main communication tool will be A web thought as a place to share information and tools for the community arround sustainable and responsable consumption, in order to increase awareness and give tools to change people life styles. To do that we need to have resources to coordinate, look for alliances, and manadge the contents upload to the website.
€ 2.200
Create and edit a database of the criterium guide for the Social Market (Social Balance Sheet/Evaluation)
To Evaluate, auditit and follow the good, services and companies that offer their products in the Social Market is one of its more important characteristics (do what we talk). To do that we are sharing, disscusing and organizing different tool and criterium in order to develop a common tool and a battery of criterium, that we'll be called "collective manadgement of criteriums for a Social Market: The Social Balance Sheet" This tool we'll be embed on the web to be fulfill by the entities in order to evaluate every year the work of the companies of the Social Market, in order to be transparent and to give information to the consumers and the society about our practices.
€ 5.000
Widespread and reception
Although the project is mainly manadge through voluntary work, some of the tasks and works needs of people that can be employed to coordinate and dinamize the working teams. Some of the task that need economical support are those ones related with the overregional communication and spread and the welcome process to new consumers and entities.
€ 1.190
Total € 6.200 € 12.390

General information

By Social Market we understand a production, distribution and consumption network, developed by consumers and solidarity economy compañies, that retails goods and services produced with ethical, democratic, ecological and solidarity values, by locally based companies.

We aim to develop instruments and tools that will help us to inter-cooperate and to promote mutual support among consumers, dealers and companies seeking for global responses, from our role as economic agents. Some of this tools, in which we are already working, are a web to provide information and awareness to consumers, the building of participatory certification tools, the introduction of complementary currencies in local markets and the promotion of faires and meeting places between consumers, distributors and producers.

The products that are distributed in this social market meet three characteristics. They are socially useful, environmentally sustainable and have been produced in a fairly and democratic way. Moreover, we understand the social market as a tool that generates collective learning, social relationships and innovative projects.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The goal of the project is to develop intercooperation tools diferentes between responsable producers, distributors and consumers involved in the Social Market. The most important characteristics of this projects are:

  1. To promote local structures of consumption and distribution of goods and services produced with social and environmental criterion, compose by producers and consumers, helping direct comunication and selling.

  2. Developing a distribution network that links the local social markets, ofering products and services common to each of them as financial and insurance services, or fair trade, cultural or free software products. For that, the main tool it's the website, a site to give information and awareness about responsible and sustainable consumption and a on-line shop to shell the products offered by the social companies involved in the social market.

  3. Empower the creation and developing of solidarity and social economy enterprises, that promotes the holistic development of the people, access to employ for people with fewer opportunities, cooperation, enviromental issues include in the production processes and focus on local sustainable development.

  4. Developing innovative tools that allow us to explore new economic ways, alternative to the actual economic system, that will benefit social development. Some exemples in which we are already working are: complementary currencies development, participative certification, new chanels for comunication and awareness for responsible prodeucers and consumers, that helps to sustainable and local consumption.

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Why this is important

To everyone that thinks we have to strenth a space for exchage of good and services under Social and Solidarity Economy Principles.

There are lots of us that have been working already to arose this idea and we think is now time to make it operative and accesible to everyone in order to give it all its potential.


Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

    • To collet money in order to develop tools that helps us to advance in the development of the Social Market.
    • To raise the knowledge of Social Market and its entities between different people.
    • To build synergies between people and entities that are involved the Social Market.

Team and experience

The Alternative and Solidarity Network ( birth in 1995 from a group of entities with a long history in the promotion of economic iniciatives that aims to give answers to social inclusion and local sustainable development, because of the necesity to work togather in order to achieve better results and to face barriers. REAS actually is a non-profit organization that links more than 230 companies that work with solidarity economy values (employment, equity, cooperation, non-profit, sustainability and linked with their communities), in 11 local and sectorial networks.

The Social Market is one of our main strategic lines since more than five year, in coooperation with other entities, networks and social movements. In the developing of the social markets there are actually more than 80 companies involved, that are spending some of their economic and human resources, and people that make voluntary work in order to achieve our goals.

Social commitment