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About this project

mpetición universitaria internacional Solar Decathlon Europe
Material Minimum Optimum
Transporte de los módulos y materiales de construcción a Versalles
La necesidad de dos vehículos para transportar los módulos de la vivienda a Versalles. Cada transporte tiene un cose de 4.000€ en total son 8.000€
€ 8.000
Transporte de personal para la fase de construcción
Transporte del equipo a Versalles Estancia
€ 4.000
Total € 8.000 € 12.000

General information

éBRICKhouse is the development and construction of a home that meets urban and renewable features in concept. Through this concept should be increased public awareness about the design of future houses as it is fully operated by solar energy and is equipped with various interior systems such as heating and cooling which makes it suitable for different climates.
Our team has been selected as second team substitute for the prestigious international university competition Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE), which will next be held in Versailles, France in 2014. For this issue there have been a total of 44 nominations from all the world, among which the French organizing committee has selected the 20 teams competing teams along with 7 substitutes. "VIA-UJI équipe" has been invited to continue in the competition for the French committee, giving us a first tranche of co financing, like the rest of the 20 selected teams. There are great chances of getting into competition because in the 2012 edition, 4 teams left.
Solar Decathlon is a competition between universities worldwide that aims to design and build sustainable and energy self-sufficient houses from solar energy. We also want to promote sustainable development through innovation and research, which is how to face the challenges of the future of the construction and increasing public awareness of environmental problems.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

éBRICKhouse is the development and construction of a home that meets urban and renewable features in concept.
The needs that can be covered are:
Developing urban areas abandoned.
Reduce construction time to about 30 days.
Reduce electricity consumption and costs.

Why this is important

Los motivos para idear el proyecto es a través de la universidad Jaume I y en la inscripción de la competición internacional Solar Decathlon Europe.

Por otro lado, la oportunidad de desarrollar las competencias adquiridas en la universidad en los campos de la arquitectura, ingeniería, comunicación y diseño.

Además de creer en un proyecto que supone un cambio de tendencia y de negocio en un sector tan importante como es la construcción, desarrollando la tecnología para salvaguardar el medio ambiente a través de las energías renovables.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

After two years of work on the project, the end is near France, Versailles with great potential to enter the contest. We have done all types of activities within the University for All Building Materials because it is necessary to construct the project at actual size. After this effort and housing under construction we can not meet the cost of travel to France for the whole team.
We have therefore resorted to this type of financing to enjoy all of the great group experience, to defend our project in the competition and why not? Compete to be the victors.

Team and experience

The team spent two years working on developing and building a sustainable and self-sufficient home through solar power, to compete in the prestigious international university competition Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE).

Social commitment