Escuela libre de Soria

Finished 01 / 02 / 2013
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About this project

Puesta en marcha de un proyecto de educación basado en respetar el ritmo de desarrollo de cada niñ@ en un ambiente que favorezca su aprendizaje
Material Minimum Optimum
Adquisición de material educativo
Se necesita dotar a la escuela de un completo material educativo para favorecer y potenciar el desarrollo de l@s niñ@s en un sentido lo más amplio posible: artístico, creativo, intelectual, técnico... L@s niñ@s accederán a él libremente, y experimentarán sobre aquello que les interese. Por eso, la gran amplitud de estos materiales es imprescindible. En este coste sólo estarían incluidos aquellos generados por la compra directa de material educativo.
€ 450
Creación de material educativo
Se intentará crear parte del material educativo gracias a la colaboración de carpinteros, consiguiendo de esta forma disminuir el coste unicamente al material.
€ 365
Compra mobiliario
Es necesario la adquisición de mobiliario adecuado a un entorno infantil que albergue todo el material educativo necesario de forma accesible.
€ 420
Compra complementos
Además de mobiliario, es necesario comprar otros materiales complementarios, como puede ser: perchas, alfombras, papeleras, etc.
€ 160
Además del coste de la compra de mobiliario básico, sería conveniente la renovación de parte del mobiliario existente al encontrarse en mal estado
€ 400
El material básico educativo se podría complementar con la adquisición de más material que permitiese a los niños utilizarlo simultaneamente
€ 455
Task Minimum Optimum
Jornadas de educación libre
Se realizarán unas jornadas sobre educación libre, que sean continuación de las celebradas en Mayo de 2012, Los costes de esta actividad se refieren principalmente a los de los ponentes y sus dietas, a los que habría que añadir pequeños gastos de organización.
€ 450
Talleres de formación
Se celebrarán dos talleres de formación uno de un día de duración y el otro de dos, enfocados a aquellos padres, educadores, etc que estén interesadas en formarse en educación libre
€ 950
Las recompensas tendrán un coste en cuanto a materiales educativos, materiales de merchandising, dietas para jornadas de formación, maquetación del manual de creación de escuela libre
€ 699
Difusión mediante creación de página web
Creación de una página web con el objetivo de difundir el proyecto y hacer llegar al mayor número de personas lo que significa la escuela libre.
€ 433
Creación de imagen corporativa y merchandising
Se creará una imagen de la escuela que le proporcione una identidad y sirva para hacer más atractivo el proyecto.
€ 400
Total € 3.494 € 5.182

General information

Our dream
….Is to participate in the birth of a new model of education which is rooted in respect : respecting the uniqueness of each child, fostering self-respect, respect for each other and respect for the environment.
….Is to create a school which enables children to unfold as individuals, to think for themselves, a school that embraces diversity as much as it fosters equality and co-operation.
…..Is to provide a happy, stimulating and well-prepared environment where young people can unfold at their rhythm and walk confidently on their path to becoming resourceful, responsible, compassionate adults who are capable of meeting the challenges of the future.

Here in Soria, Spain, we, a concerned group of parents, have started making our dream a reality! We have established an ‘escuela libre’, as a response to our concerns that mainstream schooling, far from respecting the authentic needs of children, appears above all to value children’s ability to temporarily memorize data. This system does not lend itself to the development of critical and creative faculties, but rather, tends to produce passive citizens conditioned to accepting the status quo.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

So, what is an escuela libre (free school)?
It is a school where children:

  • Have the freedom to direct their own learning, in accordance with their own developmental rhythm
  • Actively interact with an environment that provides for their intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs.
  • are loved and accepted as they are and not evaluated according to adults’ expectations or an educational agenda
    How do we know it works?
    This system of education is underpinned by various fields of scientific research into how human beings develop and thrive. For example:
    The biologists Maturana and Varela showed how children have an innate capacity and need
    to learn.
    The child psychologists, Piaget and Vygotsky showed how the child’s intellect develops
    in response to active interaction with its physical and social environment.
    Psychologists Lapierre and Acoutrier showed how the world of the emotions has a direct impact on higher learning faculties in children.
    A host of educationalists such as Montessori , Dewey, Freinet, Ausubel and Bruner have attested to the fact that spontaneous play is the child’s principal vehicle for learning.
    Well-established schools, such as Sudbury in the U.S, Summerhill in England, El Pesta in Equador, and Ojo de Agua in Spain, have been demonstrating for decades how such theories can convert into educational systems in concordance with the optimal development of the child.

What is the role of the adult in the school?
It has been shown that children, given a ‘prepared environment’ and the right level of sensitive adult support, are able to ‘self-teach’. Therefore we do not believe in ‘’teaching’’ the child, unless the child specifically requests instruction.
Companions are what we call the adults that accompany the children during the school day.
Their role is to support the child in his /her process of discovery, providing a friendly and informative point of reference, as well as giving the necessary tools to accomplish the task the child wishes to undertake.
Companions do not direct the child in his/her choice of activity.
Companions are responsible for maintaining the physical space, equipping it so that it provides rich learning possibilities (materials and experiences) that change and develop in accordance with the developmental stages of the children. Companions also endeavour to maintain a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in the school, helping to resolve conflicts and emotional difficulties as they arise.
Companions facilitate school assemblies for the children (to the extent to which the children are ready to participate in decision-making). In fact it has been shown that assemblies serve as a very important vehicle in the development of inner qualities such as empathy, fairness, respect and self-evaluation.
Companions aim to serve as models of self-discipline, tolerance, optimism and humanity. They also endeavour to protect the natural qualities of the children; their spontaneity, freshness, imagination, intrinsic goodwill and generosity.
The ratio of companions to children is of necessity much higher than in a traditional school. Currently we have 2 companions to 6 children.

Why this is important

Esa es nuestra mayor MOTIVACION: el futuro de una nueva generación de personas sin prejuicios, sin miedo de aprender cosas nuevas, cooperantes , que disfruten y sean felices con lo que hacen. Porque siempre decimos que todo trabajo es importante, pero "no lo pensamos" e infravaloramos aquello que no es académico. Por todo este cambio de mentalidad y para dejarles desarrollarse en aquello que les llena, hoy estamos aquí defendiendo una escuela libre.

Entonces ¿a quién va dirigido el proyecto? A la comunidad entera. Como decimos, aunque l@s niñ@s son l@s auténtic@s protagonistas de nuestro proyecto, cada persona tiene cabida en él, con sus pecularidades y experiencias, porque la diversidad nos hace crecer.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

We are very lucky to have been given a suitable space to use – the community centre in the village of Fuentelfresno, near Soria. But at the moment, we operate on a shoe-string. To enable us to develop this project, we need:

  • Suitable equipment and furniture – shelves, tables, chairs, cupboards, etc.
  • A wide range of educational material, to satisfy the creative, intellectual, social and emotional needs of the children
  • A fully informative web page
  • Resources for hosting conferences and workshops on the theme of child-raising and education, and for small publishing projects.

Team and experience

We are a group of parents and educators united by our belief that a paradigm change in education is needed if the dysfunction and disillusionment of young people, and by extension, society, is to be healed.
We are committed to researching and implementing what we consider an optimal education for our children. To help us achieve this we are in a constant process of re-educating ourselves, by reading the works of seminal researchers in the field, by visiting established free schools, by participating in courses and workshops around Spain and by meeting weekly to share what we learn and maintain a coherent vision for our school.
We all agree on the necessity of keeping costs to a minimum, not only to keep the school economically accessible to as many parents as possible, but also because we are opposed to a consumerist approach. We value mutual exchange, solidarity and simplicity and will endeavour to be flexible in our ways of financing the project.
We believe in the three ‘R’s: ‘reduce, re-use, recyle’!
We try to put into practice our desire to work co-operatively, and at our meetings we all have an equal say in the running of the school.

We have been captivated by the emergence of the democratic education movement in Europe and beyond, and feel privileged to be able to participate in it, here in Northern Spain. Despite the considerable challenges we face in developing our free school, we believe that the need for change in society is a wave that will carry us forward and help us grow in strength and in numbers.

Our children invite us to grow with them.

Social commitment