Europa del Norte en Bici

Finished 01 / 10 / 2016
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Heartful thanks!

You are supporting a good cause.
Unless you specify other, I will upload your name on, within Section 5: "¡Thanks, sponsors!".

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Get me a meal!

A warm, nice meal with a refreshing drink! Cool! I will record myself before the dish, thanking you! :)

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Postcards from the route!

You will be featured (unless otherwise specify) on Section 4: "Thanks to the Postcard Sponsors" at
i will send you one postcard from one of the cities I'm passing through, thanking you, personally.

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¡Apadrina un Kilómetro!

I have 2000 of these ahead! :)
I will send you a postcard and you will be featured in Section 3: Sponsors of Km! at
Each Km will have a name. Let's name all the way up!

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Sponsor a whole STAGE!

I'm counting on 40 stages.
Most of them cycling. Some, taking part of activities, talks and/or events.
I will send you two (2) postcards, I will mention you on a blog or vlog report.
You will be featured on Section 2: "Thanks to the Stage Sponsors!" at the Sponsor page at

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A talk at school, events, groups...

I will offer myself to talk at any event related to cycling safety or urban planning.
Taking part at any of these, along the route, or once this campaing ends, in Madrid, Spain.

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Let me carry your Logo!

I will be passing through the most bike-friendly cities in Europe. I will take part in events, talks, activities and I will be featured in media.
Do you want your logo on me or my bike?
The perfect option for cycling or tech brands to enhance visibility!

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The bike. Yes.

The big prize.
Please note: this is a "terminator" bike, made out of different parts, assembled by me, kindly donated by Cyke Köket, a Swedish NGO for social bikes.
The real value here is the emotional link every Km we cycle together.
I will also:

  • send you 3 postcards from different cities along the route.
  • a very unique and special feature on Section 1: "My most sinceres thanks to the new owner of the bike and Sponsor of the final Stage!" at the sponsors page at
  • Exclusive thanking video.
  • Sponsorship of the final Stage! The arrival!!!
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Our 2nd round in Goteo will be over soon. Click here and follow the last details.
We made it! Campaign successfully funded in Goteo thanks to lots of people ;)
It hasn't been easy, but hey, mission accomplished with the funding! Thank you
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¡Ecuador de la campaña!

Queridos todos. 

Hemos llegado al ecuador de la campaña en muchos sentidos. 
Os escribo desde Hamburgo, el punto intermedio entre Estocolmo y Bruselas donde descansaré unos días antes de continuar...
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More than half of the way walked. Our goal is getting closer!
After 20 days campaigning in Goteo, it is time to remind you what we're looking for.
It's been week now we launched our campaign. Find our reasons here (click).
After setting sail, we look for boaters! Clic here and learn about our campaign goals.
Do you know about our project? Find more info. here about who we are
Tramo inicial de recaudación de campaña logrado. ¡Seguimos!
First few donations, thanks! :)
This campaign kicks off!