V Festival Cinemística “2018 La Abolición del Tiempo”

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Finished 31 / 10 / 2018
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About this project

A refuge for auteur, art, anthropological and spiritual cinema.

Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Assistant director, production and subtitling
This amount is to remunerate for two months the person responsible for the subtitling of films, assistant director and production.
€ 1.770
Graphic and web designer
This amount is to remunerate for one month the person responsible for the graphic design and to keep the festival website updated.
€ 885
Person in charge of information technology, projection, quality control and telecommunications
This amount is to remunerate for one month the person responsible for everything related to information technology, quality control of screenings and film archives and telecommunications of the festival.
€ 885
Invitations, secretariat, and stay in Granada of the members of the Jury
This amount is to cover the expenses of invitations and the stay of the members of the Jury in the city of Granada.
€ 590
Printing, stationery, decoration, spaces, manufacture of awards and sending them.
This amount is to cover the costs of printing materials, decorating projection spaces, manufacturing awards and shipping the winners.
€ 1.180
Assistant projectionist and "making off" producer
This amount is to remunerate for one month the person in charge of helping in all the projections and the person responsible for "making off".
€ 1.180
Head of press and promotion
This amount is to remunerate for one month the person in charge of promoting the festival in the media, social networks and press.
€ 590
Production assistant
This amount is to remunerate for one month to a person to help with the transport of materials, organization of spaces, reception of guests, etc..
€ 590
Accommodation for filmmakers attending the event
This amount is to cover expenses related to the accommodation of filmmakers who present their films in the competition.
€ 1.180
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Logistics and consumables
This amount is to cover the costs of work space, machinery, telephony, web servers, insurance, social security and taxes, agency, electricity supply, urban travel, maintenance of equipment, cameras and projectors and consumables.
€ 2.360
Guests at discussions
This amount is to cover the expenses of a gift that will be given to the people invited to the discussions.
€ 590
Total € 5.900 € 11.800

General information

From November 8 to December 5, 2018 in Granada (Spain), Marseille (France), Rabat (Morocco) and Iquitos (Peru), will take place the fifth edition of Cinemística Film Festival, organized by Guadalcine Association and Arte7Cinemateca. A full month of screenings, discussions and meetings aimed at showing the most innovative, risky and committed auteur cinema, often invisible and rejected in other festivals and screens. To date, 71 films from 23 countries have been selected.

What is Cinemística?

Since 2014, our festival has been growing internationally as an event specialized exclusively in poetic, philosophical, spiritual, anthropological, avant-garde and transcendental cinema. In addition and also since its foundation, Cinemística has, in each edition, a different and transversal topic, which presides over the different discussions, cine-forums and cinematographic meetings. This year the chosen topic is Time, "2018: The Abolition of Time".

In fact, in our digital 21st century, chronological time is still as close and day-to-day element as it is controversial and mysterious for existence, science and art. The duration of phenomena is an essential key to life and to the cinematograph that reflects it: It is about "Sculpting in time" as the Russian master Andrei Tarkovsky said, to whom we will pay homage. We will also pay tribute to Ingmar Bergman for his centenary, and to Peter Watkings for his social commitment and critical discourse about "duration in cinema".

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

What are the characteristics that differentiate us from other events?

Cinemística Film Festival is worldwide one of the few contests dedicated exclusively to art, anthropological and research cinema. We show those films made only for the "love of art", without economic discrimination, gender, countries, cultures, ethnicities or religions. The selection of films is extremely rigorous and all the films presented are viewed with great respect. There is no intervention or censorship by institutions, distributors or sponsors. The films are always shown in the original version subtitled in Spanish, in public spaces, without profit motive, and with discussions opened to the intervention of the spectators.

What are our goals?

The directors and artists who come to present their films are welcomed with great hospitality, establishing an atmosphere of companionship, respect and closeness far removed from the "star system" usual in many other festivals. The idea is that between all of us, authors and spectators, we assume a critical commitment to the decisive influence of audiovisual media in our time. Beauty, experimentation and transgressor feelings, without psychological or geographical frontiers: this year's screenings will take place in Rabat (Morocco), Marseille (France) and Iquitos (Peru), as well as in Granada.

Let's recover together the critical dimension and the spirituality dimension in the seventh art: Let's be festival!


Why this is important

Why help us? We offer you 7 reasons:

1. "Invisible" cinema. We show the "other cinema", often discarded by the consumerist mass media. Poetic and spiritual cinema, aimed above all at people and their sensibility, where each spectator has the freedom to recreate his or her own gaze, in complicity with the authors of the film.

2. Cosmopolitanism. Continuing with the main headquarters in the city of Granada, in this V edition we also share our program internationally with Rabat, Marseille, and Iquitos. The benefit of projection is reciprocal for authors and spectators, as the films are shown in different cities of different countries.

3. We work all year round. Screenings during the festival and meetings with authors, spectators and discussions, take place for about a month, from November 8 to December 5, 2018. But the activities will also extend throughout the following year, with monthly screenings in different places in Spain.

4. Sustainability. We fight against audiovisual pollution. We have created a festival committed to the environmental sustainability against audiovisual pollution everywhere. With the old ecological slogan: "Act locally and think universally".

5. Revaluation of anthropological cinema. In the digital era it seems necessary to reflect on the current ways of life, contrasted with the ancestral ones. That is why in Cinemística we dedicate a week of the festival to project ethnographic films, in the so-called "Anthropological Week".

6. East and West. The awards of the festival are of strong symbology: "The magnifying glass and the magnet". These are two elements intimately related to the figure of the famous filmmaker from Granada José Val del Omar (1904-1982), who considered the magnifying glass as a symbol of Western culture (the visible, logic, rational), as opposed to the magnet, an element of Eastern culture (magnetism, intuition, the invisible). We look for that idealized meeting point between both poles.

7. We all are Festival. "To be" festival is to participate in the discussions, actively and/or passively, sharing and listening to the reflections on the film that each one saw individually but accompanied by the rest of the spectators; with the collaboration of specialists invited to each session.

Who is our project for?

Our festival does not have an audience: it has many spectators, individual and different people, sensitive to culture, beauty, art, science, spirituality. People who praise difference, and committed to the humanist and transversal dimension of thought, the sustainability of the planet, the recovery of collective screenings in cinema (currently in danger of extinction), and the fight against audiovisual pollution.


Team and experience

Who are we?

Manuel Polls Pelaz is in charge of the foundation and direction of CInemística FIlm Festival. Manuel describes himself as "til-filmmaker", in the sense of impermanence: a "pilgrim" towards cinematography. Having directed and founded other festivals in Spain and abroad, Manuel assumes since 1994 the renewed commitment towards a minority cinema, nowadays almost invisible due to the lack of distribution, which he also makes. From his perspective, it is essential to have the utmost individual respect for the authors who submit their films to the competition, as well as for the spectators who attend it.

Established in Granada since 2002, he founded and presides over the Guadalcine Association and directs the travelling film club "La Cueva del Ojo" which regularly programmes sessions in various faculties of the University of Granada, Cadiz, Seville, Cordoba, Malaga and Madrid. In the summer of 2013, Manuel Polls Pelaz and Elena Gómez García (art historian and artistic director) founded Arte7 Cinemateca in Granada, which is the organiser of the Film Festival.

The rest of the team is made up of Eva Bellón (Fine Arts and Graphic Design), Miguel Ángel Sáez (IT and telecommunications), Juan Carlos Pulido (assistant director and subtitling), Johanna Van Kersbergen (catalogue), Marie Mourougaya (programming), and Pablo Sánchez (projections and audiovisual). Interns from the University of Granada and volunteers from the Guadalcine Association collaborate in communication.

Where are we?

Cinemística is born in the mythical city of Granada in Spain, border between the oriental and the occidental in the interior representation of the world. A hole in space-time and the memory of civilizations, timeless homeland of poets and alchemists of all arts and beliefs.

The headquarters of the Festival is therefore located in La Corrala de Santiago in Granada, with screenings also in the Sala Val del Omar in the Biblioteca de Andalucía (Filmoteca), Fundación Euroárabe de Altos Estudios and several faculties of the University of Granada.

There are also "Aerial Cities" of the Festival, interested in the philosophy of Cinemística and in each annual topic. In 2018 we will have the invaluable collaboration of the Rabat Author's Film Festival, the Videodrome 2 cinema club in Marseille and the Iquitos "Sacha Cine" Association (Peru). These entities will project an attractive retrospective of the best films of these first five years of the Festival.

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Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production and Consumption