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Finished 07 / 02 / 2014
€ 36.732
€ 21.655
€ 24.000
1072 Backers

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To thank you for your support your name will be added to the page of donors on the new website. Choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.

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GnuPG laptop sticker

New stickers especially for this campaign. They're the first GnuPG stickers ever made, and a slick way to show your support for powerful crypto.

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Limited edition GnuPG tshirt

Crypto is cool. Wear your support with this organic and fair trade high quality cotton tshirt.

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An address

Choose your own address at These email aliases are exclusive and have never been available before.

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Goal reached, thank you backers!

20 | 12 | 2013

It took only 26 hours to breach the optimum goal of 24.000 EUR - a huge thank you goes out to all of our 782 backers for making GnuPG's first ever crowdfunding drive a huge success! Achieving the goal on this particular day, GnuPG's 16th birthday, is especially poignant.

Some t-shirts, email addresses, and quite a few stickers are still available for anyone who would still like to get hold of GnuPG branded swag.

Community support has been overwhelming. Thank you all again! - Sam.


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