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Finished 18 / 02 / 2020
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About this project

Building a shelter to extend the reach of alternative pedagogies

Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Construcción de refugio
Construcción de tarima interior, cambio de vigas interior, cerramiento de fachada con marquetería para cristales y puerta, construcción de una pérgola de sombra de 3 metros alrededor del refugio impermeable en la parte frontal.
€ 2.600
Armario + Litera + colchones
Para el refugio
€ 600
Arreglar techo y puerta del baño
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 400
Baño seco
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 350
Vallado de la alberca
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 400
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Circuito de equilibrio
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 120
2 estufas catalíticas
Materiales varios
€ 180
Pizarra grande
Materiales varios
€ 60
Material pedagógico
Materiales varios
€ 120
Mesas redonda + banquetas
Parte del refugio
€ 40
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 120
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 310
Montaña de neumáticos
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 20
Instalación de escalada
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 60
Mobiliario exterior
Materiales varios
€ 400
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Secretaria Escolar
6 meses de trabajo en la secretaría escolar, con 8h de decicación semanal
€ 1.500
2 meses de trabajo de mantenimiento, con dedicación semanal de 8h.
€ 500
2 debroces anuales
Adecuación de la Cabaña y entorno
€ 120
Secretaría escolar - completando el año
Adicional los demás 5 meses de trabajo en la secretaría escolar, con 8h de decicación semanal
€ 1.250
Mantenimiento - completando el año
Adicional otros 9 meses de trabajo de mantenimiento, con dedicación semanal de 8h.
€ 2.250
Total € 5.080 € 11.400

General information

We have gone through almost two years of work since our entrance in La Cabaña until finally completing an entire school year (2018-2019). The little ones have grown up and we would like to expand our capacity to involve families. If education is not compulsory until the age of 6, why not try, at least, one more year, and what if the space would welcome not only our little ones, but also new ones and their families?
Our idea is now to renovate a small hut already built on the land, with the same principles of bio-construction as our hut, so that it can serve as a refuge and shelter for children from 2 to 5 years old in a project inspired by the School Wood methodology. This entails exploring as much as possible of outer space and letting the children learn in the field/nature. This project will be led by our educator Maria Alarcon, who has invested in her training in the area, with the resources of her work at La Cabaña. With this training, she has already shown her confidence in the growth of this project, as well as in continuing with the dream of an education that always works in the recognition of the humanity of others and their needs, without ceasing to learn and identify the tools and codes available in the world.

Our Cabañita will serve the children from 10 to 24 months, where the Shared Parenting project will be followed and with the hiring of the educator Julieta di Pace - a psychologist, trained in the Pikler approach and specialized in the Montessori method, as well as the mother of one of the children in the final year's group - to accompany the new group. There will be two distinct pedagogical organizations, for children in different stages of development, sharing a common ground and the desire to continue to be active as a respectful alternative to accompany education and upbringing.

At the same time, we are keen to make concrete the plan - which we have already timidly fulfilled - to open up the space in the evenings and weekends for cultural and educational activities, not only for our own, but also for other families in Granada. In 2019/2020, we will offer workshops and shows for children from 2 months to 10 years of age, as well as courses for parents and education professionals, radically expanding our community potential.

In this new format, we see the need to include two new hires, for the tasks described below: the maintenance of the space and the school secretary. Both will be 8 hours per week (32 hours per month), and will be very necessary to provide basic services that ensure the coherence of having the most appropriate environment possible for the full development of pedagogical and cultural activities.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The territory chosen to carry out this project is in the Vega de Granada, an area of the countryside very close to the city. We understand the use of this space as an exceptional opportunity to grow in direct contact with nature.
To achieve this, we are pursuing five objectives, described below:

1) Construction of the refuge

Inspired by the School Wood, our effort is to generate an outdoor children's education center, based on the principle of nature as the classroom. The minimum condition for its realization is to have a lot of outdoor space and not much more than a minimum built space, which is what we would like to prepare.

We have researched the most environmentally friendly and also economical ways to obtain a shelter that serves as a base for the group in nature. It will be the place to meet, eat, store material and take shelter when the weather is more severe. The land where the hut is located has a house made of adobe, wood and straw and we have planned to reform and condition it to our needs. This includes decking the central space, closing the now open front with window and door, reinforcing beams and building a pergola of shade around the refuge.

2) Adaptation of La Cabaña and its surroundings

When opening the classroom to the natural environment, it is necessary to prepare the space so that it is safe and habitable, as well as to adapt the infrastructure to the expansion of the activity.

In this section we include fixing the roof and the bathroom door, building the dry toilet, a sandbox, some swings, a mountain of tyres, a climbing facility made with pallets, and a balance circuit made with logs, the fencing of the irrigation pool in the centre of the land and the periodic clearing of the outside of the cabin.

3) Working positions

We also consider the possibility that our project may pay for other services that may be useful to

1) reduce the time/dedication burden demanded of the families participating in the project,
2) ensure quality care of our space and
3) protect the health of its dynamics.

These would be:

a) Maintenance work
Minimum dedication of 8 hours per week/32h per month (£8/h).

  • All the necessary care to maintain the internal and external space of La Cabaña;
  • Coordination of workshops dedicated to the construction of improvements planned during the course: Sandbox, swings, outdoor furniture, etc.
  • Provide water to the cabin and the shelter on a weekly basis.

b) School Secretariat
Minimum dedication of 8 hours per week/32h per month (£8/h).

  • Possible absences of the educator/accompanying persons:
    a) Manage them in advance (except for sudden issues, such as health);
    b) serve as a "wild card" to cover them (with a maximum of once a week);
  • Be available as an extra companion for excursions;
  • Be a bridge of communication between the families and the educators, when they prefer not to;
  • Collaborate with the management of the space (allowing good coexistence between morning and afternoon activities);
  • Purchase of basic cleaning materials, or others for internal use (authorized by the treasury/assembly).
  • Participate in calls for alternative funds for La Cabaña.
    Ideally, in this campaign we would like to finance these works for a whole school year or, at least, the first 6 months of the school year.

4) Purchase of materials

Some materials are also needed, such as a large blackboard, outdoor children's furniture for meeting times, a cupboard for the shelter, a bunk bed, two catalytic heaters and educational materials such as a Waldorf calendar and a set of numbers in wooden letters.

6f7512fc-f33e-4084-a8ef-d5d39e717d60.jpg 942e2337-fe8b-42f9-b7ef-aaf7bf306200.jpg

Why this is important

Our active participation as mothers and fathers in education, apart from allowing us daily professional advice on education, leads to a freedom of decision on the type of pedagogy and its ideal environment. Because we can share this moment with other families, and because we are empowered with a sense of community, we can value respect, love and freedom.

We invite enthusiasts of the alternative paths of education, mothers and fathers who believe that the school does not have to be a deposit of children, to contribute to the germination of this seed that will be one more bridge between other educational centers that are born in Andalusia, Spain or even abroad, in search of a natural and humane education.

070ceaf6-def4-40d2-8f38-bfccae5c4cd-4.jpg ericmochila.jpg

Team and experience

We have started as a foster group, 4 to 8 babies, between 10 and 20 months who were accompanied by our educator Maria, every morning from Monday to Friday. On a rotating basis, and according to the availability of each family, the parents took turns in supporting the work of the companion. We tried to attend but also to participate in the activities proposed by the educator, respecting her professional work at all times.

The little ones who have started the project are now between 2 and 3 years old, which, in dialogue with Mary, has made us understand the possibility of opening a group up to the age of 5 and having the support of students of education for accompaniment.
The funding will allow us to expand the space and re-home babies, extending our cycles and encouraging the involvement of more families.

Maria Alarcon: educator
Marc Torres: president of the association hij@s de la Vega; responsible for maintenance
Cláudia Guedes: School Secretary


  • University students (accompanying the educator, two students working twice a week each);
  • Members of the Sons of the Vega association (treasury, general support for the activities of La Cabaña, preparation of food, cleaning of the space, organization of events, etc.).

Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Gender Equality

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

  • Life On Land

    Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss

  • Partnerships for the Goals

    Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development