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€ 2.630
€ 3.680
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We will recognize your help through a mention on our Facebook page and our website :)

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Postcards of the event

Digital Postcards with professional photographs from the event, the region, the people and activities + an acknowledgment by email and your name as a sponsor on our website.

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Donate a plant with your name or your friends name

You will be part of the reforestation of the farm. With your support we will grow a plant, which will have a plate with your name or your friends name as a gift. We will take care so you or your friend will always be with us. You will receive a picture with the plant and name + an email with greetings and your name as a sponsor on our website.

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Donate a tree with your name or your friends name

You will be part of the reforestation of the farm. With your support we will grow a native tree, which will have a plate with your name or your friends name as a gift. We will take care so you or your friend will always be with us. You will receive a picture with the tree and name + an email with greetings and your name as a sponsor on our website.

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The best Colombian coffee

Since the event is in the coffee region of Colombia, you will receive 250gr in grain of the best coffees in the world, bio-produced by local farmers + an email with greetings for your contribution and your name as a sponsor on our website.

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Poncho and Colombian coffee

Risaralda is famous for its coffee and its beautiful embroidered ponchos. Ponchos are a typical garment of farmers in the region, they show it proudly and it is very comfortable to stay at home or for garden work :) Receive a Poncho + 250g grain, one of the best bio-coffees in the world produced by local farmers + an acknowledgment by email and your name as a sponsor on our website.

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Video with a dedication to you

We will make a video just for you !!! All participants will thank you virtually for your great support in a beautiful video with a dedication to your name. So, get this beautiful video + 250g grain of one of the best coffees in the world, bio-produced by local farmers in the region + an acknowledgment by email and your name as a sponsor on our website.

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About this project

Intercultural meeting between indigenous people, farmers and young innovative people in Colombia.
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Transporte rural
Transporte 3 días, un bus que lleve y traiga a las personas que no se puedan quedar a dormir.
€ 150
Internet 3 días
Esperamos compartir, transmitir y archivar todas las actividades.
€ 60
Alquiler carpas de actividades
Para las charlas, mesas redondas, reuniones diarias y diferentes actividades necesitamos un espacio cubierto de la lluvia.
€ 200
Botiquín extinguidor
€ 50
Alquiler equipos técnicos
Tanto para las charlas, como para las actividades culturales, conciertos y performance necesitan equipos técnicos como sistema de sonido, proyector, micrófono, sistemas eléctricos, entre otros equipos que necesiten los participantes.
€ 250
Tiendas de dormir, colchones y acomodación
Alquiler de carpas para los participantes. La granja cuenta con cuartos pero no suficientes colchones.
€ 300
Comisiones Goteo y Paypal
La comisión de Goteo por la campaña de financiación es del 8%, así como el 3% para Paypal por el servicio de pago, para un total de 11% sobre el precio mínimo que necesitamos para iniciar el proyecto.
€ 300
Construccion espacio central de reunion
Aunque es adicional quisiéramos construir un espacio central de reunión con materiales orgánicos bajo un diseño ancestral guiado por los grupos indígenas. En este lugar tendremos las reuniones centrales cada día, así como servirá como espacio alternativo para talleres, charlas...
€ 450
Duchas naturales
Tenemos 3 baños pero no es suficiente para las 40 personas. Además la construcción de estas duchas naturales es uno de los talleres donde aprenderemos como construirlas.
€ 150
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Herramientas de cocina
Menaje para la preparación y comida de 40 personas.
€ 120
Víveres 40 personas 3 días.
Víveres para la alimentación de 40 personas durante 3 días. 3 Comidas al día.
€ 800
Materiales talleres
Durante los 3 días se ofrecerán talleres y para ellos necesitamos un presupuesto para los materiales y equipos que sean necesarios.
€ 200
Extras e imprevistos
Imprevistos, y apoyo a los participantes en caso de daño a terceros o accidente.
€ 300
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
2 Jefes de cocina
Son las dos únicas personas que se les pagaría por el trabajo que es estar pendiente de la compra, preparación y limpieza de la alimentación diaria.
€ 200
Transporte de materiales
Durante la semana de preparación del evento necesitamos transportar materiales, insumos desde el pueblo Santa Rosa De Cabal hasta la granja.
€ 150
Total € 2.630 € 3.680

General information

The lack of autonomy and a decent living in the countryside, the loss of biodiversity, the cultural and social isolation in rural areas in Colombia, has encourage us to propose an annual meeting without entrance fee (16-18 January), to find dialogue and solutions for these and other problems of the region.

This meeting will be held on a farm in the coffee region of Risaralda-Colombia, with the purpose to link the knowledge of various local communities such as: farmers, indigenous, technicians, artists, and others, that will enable us to generate networks and synergies for mutual development and support for solutions to local issues.

From workshops, lectures, performances, experiments, hikes among many more cultural activities, these 45 people will share knowledge, rescuing the values of collaborative work in harmony with nature.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The event will take place from January 16th to January 18th 2014, on a farm located in Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda-Colombia. This region belongs to the beautiful coffee zone in Colombia.

This first meeting of three intense days with 45 people, seeks to integrate multiple knowledge, ethnic groups and communities, where participants will be able to propose or participate in workshops, activities, talks and a number of cultural activities around the following themes:

  • Archive and oral tradition
  • Territory and autonomy
  • New technologies and ancestral knowledge
  • Sustainable Agriculture

What is the structure of the activities during the three days festival?

Two general meetings per day morning and evening.

3 workshops per day.
2 round tables every day.
2 audio and visual presentations.
2 performances or rituals per day.
Three community meals.

All activity will be properly documented through video, text and audio, available online and for free.

minkalab-03.jpg minkalab-05.jpg

Why this is important

In February 2013 we met with indigenous leaders and farmers in the region of Risaralda with the intention of listening to the problems of the region and shape the Minkalab project together.

The main issues that emerged were:
● The cultural extinction.
● Cultural access and new technological knowledge.
● Lack of autonomy and a decent life in the countryside.
● Loss of biodiversity.

The difficult access to information in rural areas does not enable indigenous and farmers communities to share their problems and ancestral knowledge, creating instability and lack of motivation in their constant struggle to have autonomy, to protect nature and their cultural traditions.

That's why we want to connect the city to the countryside, in a natural space where strong links, relationships and free exchange of knowledge will be created, between ancient and contemporary cultures.


Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The opportunity to achieve this first Minkalab event, will give us the experience to establish a free and annual event where we can work, learn, discuss and generate innovative collaborations and proposals that improve the quality of life in the countryside and the city.

This event hopes to create a network; the production of cultural, technical, and ancestral knowledge, as well as an archive in a virtual and physical library, that will give a free access to all the things that we will learn and build together.

Team and experience

To lay the foundations of the MinkaLAB project , in February 2013 we met at the farm with various individuals and entities. Among them participated the “Municipal Unit of Agricultural Technical Assistance” and the “Regional Indigenous Council of Risaralda”, among young cultural managers and artists.

This successful meeting revealed the importance of a space for dialogue that will generate a network for community support.

The staff consists of:

Gabriel Vanegas is a Colombian researcher. He has worked in the area of art, science and technology for several years, coordinating , participating and collaborating actively in cultural activities. He studied industrial design, an MA in art and new media. He is currently a PhD fellow at the UDK Berlin-Germany and is doing a research in media and technology in the pre-Columbian time. He is the founder of the magazine "El Niuton", specialized in art and science, as well as the founder of " Botaniq," a platform for the archive and documentation of contemporary art.

Katharina Klemm is a German artist graduated in painting and a master's degree in media art.
Her work mixes illustration, painting, creating video-animation, audiovisual installations and workshops with children and young people. Currently she is developing an investigation and artistic work around the sun, its movement, history and cultural relationship.

Laurent Jouvin comes from France, he studied mechanical engineering and made an Erasmus Mundus Masters in Spain, France and Sweden in management and energy engineering. He has great knowledge in clean energy production, energy efficiency and management of commodities
market. He loves to share with different people, cultures and participate in innovative projects.

Maria Elena Guzman is an Agricultural Engineer. She has worked in groups and environmental organizations such as Graeco (Working Group on Organic Agriculture Research), GAI (consulting and research Environmental group) UT-GAP (Temporary Union and Heritage Environmental Management) UT-TR (Temporary Rural Territory Union) promoting and coordinating networks to enhance sustainable production systems with a focus on environment and social justice.

Tatiana Vanegas is from Colombia, she currently works for Fair Trade ( www.fairtrade.net ) in Germany in the management of ​databases. She studied Industrial Engineering , and did a Masters in France in management and supply chain optimization. She has been active in several associations that promote social justice: In Colombia with "Colombia Palante" and in France with "Paris equitable Association" that promotes fair trade. Today she belongs to the group of young urban gardeners in Bonn (Young Organics) that promotes urban farming.

Camilo Cantor is an Industrial Designer with experience in creating and managing online collaborative strategies and management of arts projects. He was part of the group Elniuton.com , where he collaborated with content publishing initiatives dedicated to visualize interaction between design, science, art and technology. His great interest in sound led him to create projects like sound Cartography, Cartography of Chance ( http://cartografiasdelazar.org ) and an active member of the group Sonema ( www.sonema.org ).


Social commitment