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Filed on 13 / 12 / 2011
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Thanks environmentalist!

You have our gratitude, the appearance in the annual donors list, and the acknowledgement of your environmentalism, as we won't send you the stickers you deserve for not harming the environment.

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Thanks for not being consumerist!

All of the above + gratitude for not being consumerist, as we won't send you neither the stickers nor the CDs for not filling your house with marketing merchandise that you would forget in a few days.

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Customized assistance in order to satisfy the Move Commons categories

All of the above + Acknowledging your social involvement, we'll provide you with remote personalized assistance, so your social/cultural/political/creative/software project/collective/organization fully satisfies the four categories of Move Commons.

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Assistance to improve the running of your collective

All of the above + As we know that building alternatives is not easy, we'll help you with face-to-face personal assistance to improve how does your collective/project/organization works (or will work). We'll advise you in topics such as: internal organization, social media, fundraising, community management, use of free software and horizontality.

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First supporters & special consultancy

All of the above + Because of your great support, your organization will become one of the first ones to use, defend and appear in the Move Commons platform. Besides, through meetings we'll advice you on the best ways to include Move Commons in each of your initiatives/projects, making sure they are easily found. Finally, we'll support you in a personalized strategy of diffusion.

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Presentation from the Spanish lawyer Javier de la Cueva

21 | 11 | 2011

Hi everybody!

A while ago we included a second video in the webpage of the campaign. It's a piece of 1 min of a presentation of Move Commons made in the Medialab-Prado (Madrid) done by the popular Spanish lawyer Javier de la Cueva ( @jdelacueva ). The presentation is just in Spanish, but if you can help subtitling it to English it would be certainly helpful! (just the 1min presentation)

Here we attach the complete 50min video of the presentation, which includes an explanation of the basics, the implications (recommended) and the replies to the questions asked by the public.


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