No se mata la verdad matando periodistas

Finished 25 / 09 / 2012
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About this project

For all the journalists and media workers who were killed or disappeared in Mexico since the first democratic elections were held in July 2, 2000
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Preparación contenidos
Recopilación, edición, revisión. Trabajo editorial y de investigación.
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Impresión de 500 ejemplares (impresos directamente en México).
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General information

Help us to publish a book where 126 journalists adopt and wrote about their dead or disappeared colleagues. We want to distribute it for free and spread the word at the International Book Fair in Guadalajara that will take place on November. The book will be available also for the ones who support this project.

Nuestra Aparente Rendición (NAR, was born in August 2012 after the killing of 72 migrants in San Fernando, Tamaulipas (the northeastern part of Mexico). As a response to the horrible event, we made an urgent call to raise awareness, create thought and make the most of it in order to help victims, orphans, journalists, etc. Two years after San Fernando, we have become a recognized and prestigious website that is widely known nationally and internationally. We have become an ethical reference and a necessary citizen initiative in which a lot of people can work together.

Nuestra Aparente Rendición is legally constituted as civil association outside Mexico (in Catalonia) that works thanks to the daily efforts of more than 20 volunteers from Mexico, Spain and the United States and the constant help of volunteers for specific projects such as Menos Días Aquí, the only civil death toll count in Mexico, in which we have counted and named 26320 violent killings (from September 12, 2010 to June 24, 2012). We also work with groups and associations of victims, disappeared, orphans of violence, students, indigenous communities, activist, human rights defenders, journalists, shelters for migrants, houses for abused women, people who have rebelled for dignity and peace in Mexico and people that need desperately our help.

Among all our projects we have had more than one million of individual hits and we have collaborated with prestigious associations like Amnesty International, institutions like UNESCO, universities like Columbia University and cultural spaces like Centro Rojas in Buenos Aires.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

July 2, 2000 was a great day for several Mexicans because for the first time in more than 70 years, the presidency would not be occupied by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) that ruled Mexico in an hegemonic party system. A lot of people believed that the country would be a lot better after the PRI defeat, but unfortunately after 12 years of "democratic rule" by National Action PArty (PAN) Mexico is plunged into an unprecedented violence that has shown little mercy especially on the media workers (with special attention to those wih write and investigate on politics and criminal issues). So far, in the "democratic Mexico" 126 media workers have been killed or disappeared. Unfortunately, just a small fraction of those cases have been solved. In Nuestra Aparente Rendición we think it is necessary to save from oblivion the stories of 126 men and women who exercised, within their possibilities, a vital profession for the consolidation of a democratic society, like the one Mexico longs to become. That is why we have invited 126 journalists to adopt their dead and disappeared colleagues and write about their cases. The project will contain 126 resumes of reporters, photographers, editors, engineers, twitters, announcers and even newspaper vendors, who lost their life either in the exercise of their profession or because of the state of violence. We will publish the book but all the stories will be available at our website both in english and in spanish because we want them to reach every possible corner. That is why we want to publish them, present them as a book and distribute them at one of most important book fairs in the world, the International Book Fair of Guadalajara.

Why this is important

We believe it is necessary to spread the word that since 2000, several mexican journalists and media workers have been threatened, censored and have suffered kidnappings, disappearances and murders. Unfortunately this is a reality that does not hit the international media because Mexico is still surrounded by an aura of respectability, exoticism and kindness.

That is why we want the project to reach all possible hands and get read by all possible eyes. We want to transcend frontiers to tell story of the fateful and dangerous job that several mexican journalists and media workers are performing. Only in this way we can raise awareness on the issue and prevent further threats for them.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Even though the project will be posted in our website, we want to transcend the virtual world and for it to reach people as book that could be used as gift, research material or a reading.

We plan to deliver the book for free at the International Book Fair in Guadalajara (FIL) section dedicated to the work of the journalists. The end of this campaign is to gather enough funding to edit and publish an in-edit and necessary investigation that has not been made by any media.

Outside the realm of FIL, the book "No se mata la verdad matando periodistas" will only be available through this site by collaborating via crowdfunding with the project. The book will be a reward for helping us with the project and we will send it to you wherever you are.


This crowdfunding website is absolutely safe and anonymous, it is also friend and accomplice of NAR. So, don't worry, if you collaborate with us, you can do it with your real name, with an avatar or anonymously. No one can or will access your private data. If we do not get our minimum funding the system will return automatically your money. It is an safe and special infraestructure, that is why we are working with the friends of Goteo. Thanks!


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Team and experience

NAR is formed by an interdisciplinary group of professionals that voluntarily manage and participate in several projects. With the effort and hard job of everyone of them we have achieved projects like:

These are projects and initiatives have been mentioned all around the world because of their originality and importance within the Mexican context.

This same group of professionals that worked in these projects have been planning the "You don't kill the truth by killing journalists" (No se mata la verdad matando periodistas) for months, getting the best of the teachings and learning from mistakes from other projects in order to finish and present it on November. We want the project to press the newly elected government to protect the journalists.

Social commitment