Stockholm, Sverige
Finished 20 / 08 / 2017
€ 8.247
€ 7.900
€ 12.400
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Glittrande varma tankar + horisont
Vi ser ut över en horisont och skänker dig en glittrande varm tanke - Det blir magiskt!
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Contributing € 10
Sparat skrik på resa
Vi skriker ditt namn i en burk och tar med burken på resan. Med en fin tejpbit som markerar vems namn vi skrikit i den. Låt ditt namn eka i Europa!
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Contributing € 20
Vi får en bild av dig vi skriver ut och hänger i ett snöre från innerbackspegeln. Å va fint det blir där framme i bussen!
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Contributing € 25
Turistens klassiska bild når dig när vi skapar nya. Vi skickar ett vykort till dig från resan och hälsar så gott.
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Contributing € 30
En mycket exklusiv RättBuss-tygkasse blir din!
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Contributing € 35
Vi skickar en flaskpost från en väl vald strandremsa - i flaskposten skriver vi ditt namn och dina kontaktuppgifter. Nya vänner till dig vips!
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Contributing € 50
Digitalt hej!
Tack! För 50 euro får du allt ovan plus ditt namn i ett väl ackompanjerad Facebook-inlägg där vi inför hela världen tackar dig!
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Contributing € 100
Personlig videohälsning
Tack för detta generösa bidrag! För 100 euro skickar vi dig en personlig video-hälsning från en av destinationerna i Europa-resan.
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Contributing € 250
Kör veteranbuss
Kör veteranbuss i en timme på en inhägnad yta (I Stockholm) tillsammans med vår expert-busschaffis Peter som coach! OBS - ingen tidigare erfarenhet av busskörning behövs.
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Contributing € 500
Biljett/paxa plats på resan!
Var en av de första att haffa plats till Europaresan och bli en VIP (Väldigt Intressant Person!). För 500 euro får du en plats i bussen under vår Europaresa sommaren 2018. Var redo på en unik upplevelse du sent kommer glömma! Endast tre platser i kampanjen, så passa på att boka!
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Contributing € 1.000
Vi hämtar er (Stockholmsområdet) med vår veteranbuss och kör en runda (eller till en plats) och ger er en underbart glittrig kväll! Vi fixar stämning, fiesta-spellista och bar! Perfekt för en AW med jobbet, eller med kompisgänget. Vi agerar eventbyrå - ni får en unik upplevelse!
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About this project

After a tragic malfunction we are left without a bus – we need a new one, so we can once again fill it with music, art, activism, party and a new way to look at travel.
Task Minimum Optimum
Buying bus
Actually buying the bus
€ 6.300
Renovating "pimp" the bus
Making it everybodys bus! Bar, library, fabrics, flowers, colour, speakers ect.
€ 1.600
A better bus
The more money we have to spend on a bus, the better it will be and the longer it will run.
€ 4.500
Total € 7.900 € 12.400

General information

RättBuss has since 2010 been a mobile room for culture, alternative travel, collectivism, party, activism and karaoke – and that place you didn’t think existed. Through the years we’ve hosted bus performances, protests, and cinemas. We’ve travelled to festivals and on board we’ve had a library and a bar.

The ”Upper class safari” was one of our first projects where we together with the political organization “allt åt alla” took a closer, critical look at the upper class.
During a city tour at Umeå Littfest 2016, while examining what culture got to take place at the ”Culture capital of the year”, we were suddenly halted. The engine cut and the wheel bars had already been attacked by rust. Our ”RättBuss” was now declared dead.

Now we want to explore new horizons with a new set of wheels and new content based on everything we’ve learned and the people we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and collaborate with during the years. With a new bus and a new ”Alternative charter” we’re building a new movement forward.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

During the summer of 2018 we want to organize an epic Euro trip! With a new bus that will be as awesome as the previous one – at least! We’ll buy the bus at the beginning of 2018, then decorate and fix it so it will be a wonderful dream, ready for a new adventure in the summer. We want to go on a chartered trip – but not at all! We want to explore a new way of travelling together – an alternative charter. Together with local actors, cultural events on board, workshops, conversations and meticulous hunt for hidden gems the journey makes the world more connected.
We’ll craft the trip like a festival programme based on our passions, collaborations and with an alternative perspective on the tourist’s gaze.
Can’t join us on the trip? Fear not! We will document our journey and save a time capsule of fresh thinking, revolt, collaboration and pure bliss.

Why this is important

Destinations are today a product, a polished surface that’s being sold to the tourist. We’re getting further away from seeing ourselves in relation to the people, culture and nature that exists in the places we visit. We’re only there to consume the image that being presented to us in the brochure. SHOP! EAT! LIVE! SEE! A varnish, that we know not to be true, is created - municipalities as brands – to attract the ”right” citizens.
We want to do something else. We believe we need to visit places for real when we travel, to put ourselves in relation to the location and the people we meet. To experience the issues, but also see the beauty that exist outside of the glossy brochures. An alternative look at the small and big things, because our world is not a smorgasbord free to consume for most of us. To prove that another way to travel is possible – that’s why we need an Alternative charter.

Rättbuss has been active in fair city planning, LGBT-activism, spreading knowledge, promoting the right to a place to live, all while promoting a varied and inclusive cultural life – things we are passionate about, believe in, and will continue to imprint on in the programme for the trip.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

We want funds to buy a new bus that, during spring 2018, will get a RättBuss-makeover! The goal is also to use the bus in 2018 to go on a Europe tour to continue to spread culture, joy and bridges between communities and people. In the long run, the goal is to continue to work with the bus and use it to more activities and tours.

Team and experience

Our team consists of Sara Bredberg, Peter Oijens, Ebba Kulneff och Valentina Bender.
In 2017, we are running a combined miniature culture house/bar at Skå Festplats in our old RättBuss, as well as conducting rental traffic in the Mälardalen area with our wonderful golden veteran bus.

Social commitment