Regeneremos la Tierra

Finished 10 / 01 / 2013
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    Your name in the credits of the RegenAG Ibérica website and the documentary

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    Extended sessions of the RegenAG courses

    You will be able to download the complete course sessions (15 extended versions of "Visiones Regeneradoras") + Credits on website and documentary

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    DVD pack with training manuals on Regenerative Agriculture

    You will receive a DVD at home with all the learning materials that RegenAG trainers offer: 15 complete course sessions (extended versions of "Visiones Regeneradoras"), books and detailed information + Acknowledgement in website and documentary

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    1 space on a RegenAG course

    One space on the 4-day intensive "Keyline" course which will take place in the Basque Country from 7th to 10th Nov 2012 + DVD at home with all the learning materials that RegenAG trainers offer: 15 complete course sessions (extended versions of "Visiones Regeneradoras"), books and detailed information + Acknowledgement in website and documentary

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    1 space on a RegenAG course

    One space, of your choice, between the 3-day intensive courses offered in different parts of Spain during 2013 + Pack DVD manuals about Regenerative Agriculture + Acknowledgement in website and documentary

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    1 space on a RegenAG course

    One space on the 6-day intensive "Holistic Management" course which will take place in Spring 2013 + DVD at home with all the learning materials that RegenAG trainers offer: 15 complete course sessions (extended versions of "Visiones Regeneradoras"), books and detailed information + Acknowledgement in website and documentary

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About this project

Support us in filming and editing the courses that the best Regenerative Agriculture teachers in the world are offering in Spain - a bridge into the future in the face of today's interconnected challenges: climate, food, society and economy

Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Technical filming material
- Rental x2 Canon 5D Mark II cameras - Buying 4x SD 32Gb memory cards, 1x Senheisser cordless microphone, 2x 3T hard-disks, Fungibles (batteries, cables…)
€ 4.360
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Transport, accommodation and food for 4 pp
Travel, accommodation and food costs for the technical team to work at each of the RegenAG courses in Spain
€ 5.232
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Filming the 2012-13 RegenAg Ibérica courses and editing them into online capsules: "Visiones Regeneradoras" (short versions and 15 extended versions)
Symbolic honoraries for the Resiliencia Audiovisual filming team, made up of 6 pp (2 producers/cameras/editors, 1 sound technician, 1 photographer/photography director, 1 graphic designer, 1 coordinator/translator/spreader) who will shoot and edit the RegenAg Ibérica tour for one year, from April 2012 to April 2013, offering the public free online capsules ("Visiones Regeneradoras") and downloadable longer sessions.
€ 4.796
Total € 9.592 € 14.388

General information

At this moment, when a transition that can create the foundations of a truly sustainable future is imperative, RegenAG Iberica is bringing some of the top trainers in regenerative agricultural methodologies to Spain, for a series of courses in order to train different local stakeholders, empowering them into designing action plans and applying low-cost, effective tools that may have a highly positive impact on soils and people.

The Resiliencia Audiovisual team is filming, editing and will spread the RegenAG Iberica courses by means of online film capsules ("Visiones Regeneradoras" - "Regenerative Visions") that are nutritious, shareable and downloadable, in order to reach all those interested and contribute to the transition of soils and communities.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

Internationally renowned experts in the different methodologies that Regenerative Agriculture encompasses are visiting various locations in the Basque Country, Navarre, Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia to carry out intensive trainings between April 2012 and April 2013. Places on these courses are limited and not everyone can invest the time or money necessary to attend. However, these informations are essential to whoever works the land, whoever is thinking of doing so, whoever is assessing them and whoever wishes to support the work of farmers, foresters and pastoralists. For this reason, we wish to film all the Regenerative Agriculture courses and edit them into good-quality informative materials, at last in Spanish.

This material will be available to a potentially unlimited amount of people, which we hope will be decisive in spreading such positive and revolutionary practices, a real change from the present paradigm of land use and food production.

The keys points in Regenerative Agriculture:

  • A deep understanding of the biology of the soil and the physiology of plants, working to encourage them, which means, for a start, not turning the soil by tilling (an idea that totally goes against the present agricultural paradigm, both conventional and organic)
  • Appropriate and intensive management of farm animals, imitating the patterns of wild herds in order to recover animal services and close nutrient cycles, increasing the fertility of the soil and thus of all productive systems
  • Reducing production costs and efforts, while freeing farmers from having to depend on agro-industry and subsidies as farms become profitable
  • Increasing the quality of life of those who produce food, recovering food sovereignty and local links, as well as promoting the good health and awareness of consumers in general

Regenerative Agriculture (RegenAG) is a combination of very logical techniques that have proven they work: Keyline Design, Holistic Management and Planned Grazing, Polymarketing, Pasture Cropping, Biofertilizers and Chromatography. RegenAG follows the principles of Permaculture and Transition Towns, with the firm idea that farming is the very core of every food, social, economic, labour and environmental system.

Darren Doherty, international promoter of Regenerativa Agriculture, together with the RegenAG Iberica team and other regional teams, have organized a 2012-2013 tour of Spain, bringing in a number os his colleagues who are experts in various techniques in order to spread these powerful yet accessible tools for change in this part of the world, for the benefit of soils and people.

How the programme stands at present:

The first two courses of 2012 ("Holistic Management" with Kirk Gadzia and "Biofertilizers and Chromatography" with Eugenio Gras), have been carried out and filmed in Malaga and the Basque Country, with almost 200 people participating (many of whom work in various agricultural, social and research organizations), and the interest generated is huge.

The next courses that are planned and which will be filmed by the team of Resiliencia Audiovisual are:

• 7-10 Nov 2012: “Keyline” in the Basque Country with Eugenio Gras (www.mashumus) and Jesús Ruiz ( For more info on the course:
• 16-18 Nov 2012: “Biofertilizers and Chromatography” at El Prat de Llobregat, Catalonia, with Eugenio Gras. For more info on this course:
• Marzo 2013: “Bases de la Agricultura Regenerativa” y “Línea Clave”
con Darren Doherty en varios puntos de la Península
• Abril 2013: “Gestión Holística" y "Gestión Holística Avanzada: Planes de Pastoreo y
Planes Financieros” en el País Vasco con Kirk Gadzia
• Primavera 2013: “Granjas Polifacéticas” en Málaga con Joel Salatin

masinfopdf.png caracteri-sticas-ba-sicas.jpg

Why this is important

Anyone interested in healthy soil and quality food should be able to access this information, also in Spanish.

The courses themselves are aimed at farmers, foresters, pastoralists, landscape designers, agents of change, local and regional administrations, technicians (agronomists, topographers, engineers, vets, architects...), trainers, public or private land managers and the general public.

This series called "Regenerative Agriculture 2012-13: Soils and Communities in Transition" is attracting a lot of attention the organizations and locations involved, and the its intention is to embrace and promote local identities, cultures, foods and farming systems in each region. Also, with the emphasis that RegenAG places on business innovation and in young trained people entering the farming world, the possibilities of job creation and economic activity are ample and are already being perceived.

On the other hand, the connections involved at national and international levels are very attractive and could potentially generate many alliances and opportunities.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Financing the filming and editing of "Visiones Regeneradoras", which are video capsules extracted from the RegenAG courses, and compiling materials for a future documentary: "Regeneremos la Tierra" - "Let's Regenerate the Earth".

To date we have ourselves covered the costs of filming the first two courses, with the support of Finca La Donaira and other friends. In order to film and edit the remaining courses we need your help.

With the funds obtained we intend to do the following:

  1. Pay for the travel, accomodation and food costs of the 4 people who film and edit the courses
  2. Pay for the equipment costs required to continue filming the next courses
  3. Symbolically pay for the services of this professional filming and editing team in order to compensate their time and efforts

Once these priorities have been covered, all additional support the project receives will be used to:
a) Finance the making of a full documentary about Regenerative Agriculture, and its promotion: "Regeneremos la Tierra" ("Let's Regenerate the Earth").
b) Create an online platform that allows people who apply what they have learnt on the courses to remain in contact, share experiences and continue to learn together, while promoting their projects - as well as offering the general public the contents of these courses and further learning.


Team and experience

Each of the RegenAG teachers offers decades of hands-on experience, and they are all top names in their fields at international level, with an excellent reputation as trainers and consultants.

The people who are working to put together the series of courses in Spain and spread their contents have been learning and applying Regenerative Agriculture for years, and we share the clear vision that these are realistic and essential tools in the face of the current challenges that involve the environment, the economy, employment, food, our rural communities, etc.

The filming and editing team are all professionals with a good deal of experience behind us, specifically filming contents that contribute to developing a new social and environmental paradigm.

Quality translations into Spanish and English are carried out by a professional interpreter/translator who has specialized in this field for a number of years.

We are all moved by a profound respect for the wisdom of nature and our deep faith in the idea that human beings can change the course of history for the best, if we have the appropriate tools and get together to work with passion.


Coordinator: Ana Digón
Producer: Mar Bastidas
Director of Photography: Julián Picco
Cameras: Mar Bastidas and Simón Moyá
Live Sound: Ana Pau and Marta García
Editing: Mar Bastidas, Danny Law and Simón Moyá
Sound postproduction: Ana Pau
Photography: Julián Picco
Graphic and Web Design: Danny Law
Responsible for Goteo campaign: Ana Digón and Mar Bastidas
Translations (Eng-Sp): Ana Digón
Communication and Promotion: Ana Digón and the whole team

All together we make up an amazing team! Help us spread this valuable information around the Spanish-speaking world.


Social commitment