Emigra o degenera (I): Bienvenidos a Suecia

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Filed on 03 / 05 / 2014
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About this project

First installment of a documentary series on migration and xenophobia in Europe

Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Production, logistics and mobility
Gas, tolls, lodging, subsistence, telephone, Internet and all costs associated with the process of production. Return to Spain. The team travels by private car, through all the hot spots of Scandinavia.
€ 2.300
Producción, logística y movilidad
Costes adicionales relativos a gasolina, peajes, alojamientos, dietas, teléfono, Internet y cuantos gastos conlleva el proceso de producción.
€ 1.900
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Locations, documentation, search for hot spots and characters, plus additional costs involved to develop this work in Sweden.
€ 1.000
Organization of events and press conferences.
€ 1.200
Soundtrack, subtitles, post-production and graphics
Subtitling, hiring the soundtrack and graphics associated with the production and promotional tools.
€ 1.400
Soundtrack mastering
€ 500
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Materials and technical equipment
Video-tapes, hard drives, batteries, memory cards ... We also need to replace some of the stolen equipment. Specifically, a tripod. Finally, we need to fix a couple of cameras damaged by low temperatures and use in extreme conditions.
€ 1.200
Posters, DVD and promotional advertising.
€ 1.100
Total € 5.600 € 10.600

General information

Last December, a Spanish waiter was taken from his home by the Swedish police at ten in the morning. The officers got into his home without a warrant and detained him for hours. This is not an isolated case. Swedish security forces are conducting a real manhunt (the so-called "racial profiling" ) with the support of the institutions of a country whose third parliamentary force is a Nazi party.

Even the team investigating the story has been subjected to a systematic harassment by the security forces of that country. None of the complaints against the police has progressed far. The only thing that has prospered is our desire to document the pain of Mediterranean people and other Southern migrants who have been forced to leave their countries because of the crisis. Also we want to raise awareness of the xenophobia climate that permeates large parts of the Northern European societies.

In the idealized Sweden, poverty and immigration are criminalized behind a curtain of humanitarian smoke fueled by Mass media and biased statistics. This DOCUMENTARY is the first installment of a journalistic investigation dedicated to highlight the miseries of the European flows of migration. It is planned to complete this documentary series on the new European flows of migration with other works about Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The Ragged Army moved to Scandinavia a few months ago to work on the first installment of a video-production series dedicated to documenting the situation faced by the Mediterranean "exiles". Our intention is to use the testimonies of expatriates to put a face to the pain of migration. We are also trying to clarify misunderstandings about some supposed European "paradises".

The reality of "Scandinavian exile" has little to do with the idealized postcards outlined by the Media. The issue is important because many European migrants have decided to leave their countries confused by stereotypes.

The team has established a headquarter in Northern Scandinavia. Working under hard conditions that the documentary also portrays, we have been carrying on our project thanks to contributions made by individuals sympathetic to our cause. Now we turn to you to obtain the logistical and financial support needed to complete the rest of our work.

We are collecting evidences of the ominous and inhuman treatment to which migrants and minorities are subjected in the Nordic countries. We would have never embarked on such an adventure if we were not convinced that this work can help change things .


Why this is important

All the information about the Mediterranean crisis that is reaching the Western countries are mostly fragmentary stories about evictions, suicide, poverty, insecurity and corruption. This faint echoes arrive frequently out of context, without going into the real causes that have unleashed the Apocalypse of the Recession. Central and Northern europeans perceive the suffering of Mediterranean people as the distant sound of a humanitarian tsunami.

These are the goals that aims THE RAGGED ARMY to make this documentary:

-First , we want to export some new points of view, different from the dominant discourse about the austericide" (heavy structural cuts) that is ravaging southern Europe
-Second, each of our actions will generate a awareness campaign dedicated to report any violation of the rights of expatriates, whatever its origin.
-Third, we will clear the true nature of the phenomenon of migration, misrepresented by the mainstream media.


Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

It hadn't been possible to get this project so far without the solidarity of some Swedish and Spanish friends as committed as ourselves in the struggle for social change and universal justice. Thomas, Gustaff, Johannes, Mina, Bruno, Helena and Antonio from Sweden... Nuria and Lourdes from Spain... Santiago from Bremen... All these friends and many more have been there from the beginning, helping us to keep afloat this journalistic project with financial contributions and human breath.

A real storm of fascism and xenophobia is sweeping Europe and we need your help to report what is happening. You can collaborate with us by supporting the crowdfounding. "Enough of tribal solutions to global problems".


Team and experience

We are a team of independent journalists committed to social JOURNALISM. We've worked in more than seventy countries, writing books and producing documentaries. For many years, our interest have been focused preferentially on small projects of social utility and progressive orientation. We concentrate our efforts on the production of information tools that facilitate social transformation and understanding of reality that the mainstream media refuses to describe.


Social commitment