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Finished 27 / 04 / 2019
€ 2.650
€ 2.029
€ 3.207
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Thank you messages via the web

We will mention your name and other contributors on our facebook page.

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Contributing € 15

Thank you messages on the web + personalized drawing made by a student (scanned and sent via email)

We will thank you for your contribution on our facebook page and include your name in a contributors list for our school. Also, we'll send you (via email) a cute drawing made by one of our students, thinking of you and expressing gratitude!!!

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Get a fancy hand-made pen-holder for your desk!

Our students will make a penholder, beautifully crafted with love, and we will send it to your home. This way you'll have a nice memory of CREANDO and its children. (This reward available for friends in the U.S. and Europe only, due to mailing restrictions)

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Thank you message + personalized drawing + handmade penholder

Get the combo! We will mention you in our list of contributors and post it in our webpages. Also, you will get a personalized drawing (a student will make one for you!) - sent via email, and you will get a real and beautiful penholder crafted by our children. (Penholder available for friends in the U.S. and Europe only, due to mailing restrictions)

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Notifications of progress of our project + hand-made notebook

With this contribution you will really help us grow! And you will be able to see it because we will send you pictures and videos monthly throughout the year! Plus, we will send you a hand-made notebook, made by our kids with a heart full of love. (Notebook available for friends in the U.S. and Europe only, due to mailing restrictions)

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Contributing € 150

Get a free tour to the most beautiful places around Samaipata.

Come visit us! Get to know our school and our children! Also, we will guide you the most beautiful natural areas around Samaipata, for which people come from all parts of the world to discover and enjoy: Cuevas waterfalls, Amboro National Park, Refugio Volcanes and El Fuerte Ruins are some places you will never forget.

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Come to Samaipata! We offer lodging, food and free tours (one week)

Come and visit us! We will give you a comfortable place to stay, 3 meals a day and tours to the most beautiful natural sceneries: Cuevas waterfalls, Amboro National Park, Refugio Volcanes and El Fuerte Ruins.

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About this project

Help us equip and transform our school into a magical place to learn and grow
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Repairs of to the historic building that houses the school
Repairs for leaking roof and rewiring of electrical installations.
€ 100
Classroom furniture and installations
We need to buy 6 round tables, 24 chairs, 2 big chalkboards, furniture to organize the children's material, lockers, and modify a window in one classroom to let more natural light in.
€ 1.281
This is the cost of setting grass in the garden (grass, good soil), buying basic gardening tools and planting flowers.
€ 272
We would like to buy a slide and a see-saw. Also, we will add two benches in the garden/playground area.
€ 600
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Basic and decorative painting for the entire school, which creates the necessary environment: cleanliness and light-filled spaces that are also decorated in a colorful and inspiring way.
€ 111
Equipment for the kitchen
Baking molds for the oven, sifter, cutting boards, cutlery, cups, plates and others
€ 95
Making a gym/dancing salon
Install wall mirrors, gym pads and mats, materials to absorb the sound (reduce echo) and a curtain to create distinct spaces.
€ 464
Didactic material for physical education
Hoola hoops, sport balls, jumping ropes, etc
€ 114
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Additional expenses related to the use of as our fundraising platform + bank comissions
€ 170
Total € 2.029 € 3.207

General information

CREANDO is an inspiring school for children from 3 to 6 years old located in the beautiful town of Samaipata, Bolivia - right where the Andes meet the Amazon.

The school is inclusive and currently supports two children with special needs.

Based on the philosophy of Pedagooogy 3000, it promotes the development of children in their 7 dimensions (petals) of development in a complete, harmonious and articulated way.

  • During the mornings there are moments to run, move, get to know the body and release energy (BLUE PETAL),

  • well as moments to learn about our world through fun and dynamic projects (YELLOW PETAL).

  • In drawing, art, body language, dance and ceramics, we let our creativity, imagination and creative potential go wild (WHITE PETAL).

  • We cook, we build, we produce (RED PETAL)

  • ...and in the garden we learn and care about the plants, the bugs, the earth and the water while we produce food and natural medicine (GREEN PETAL).

  • In the day-to-day we talk, share and accept that we are all different and that those differences are enriching and part of our greater perfection. Values are strengthened through workshops, puppets shows, stories and reflection, and especially of concrete experiences of living together harmoniously (PINK PETAL).

  • We also connect with our hearts, gratitude and self-knowledge in very special moments during the day (VIOLET PETAL).

2018 was a year of success! And this is why in 2019 we are already welcoming more children into our school, for which we need to be prepared (with more tables, chairs, material, better equipped indoor and outdoor places). We need funds to make it possible, and so we ask for your help.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The spirit of our school is:

  1. LOVE AND PATIENCE as a strong foundation for all we do, to empower the kids and also to set limits when necessary. Actions and teaching based in love and patience ensure that the children feel genuinally LOVED.

  2. Education is active and FUN. The teachers, activities and materials offer a way to get there.

  3. By paying equal attention to all 7 dimensions of human development (7 PETALS), our children expand their intelligence and their knowldedge while also learning to be sensitive, creative, dynamic, productive, respectful, peaceful and ecologically conscious.

  4. VALUES are streghten every day: solidarity, honesty, respect, peace, love, punctuality, and generosity, among others. We analyze the importance of these values through puppets, stories, examples, and mostly by SETTING AN EXAMPLE. This is why teachers and parents also attend workshops and reflect on our behavior and interactions.

  5. We value difference. Everyone is different, and that is where the great potential lies in each child. Teachers and students discover those differences and specialities and enhance them! Education is customized.

We help our kids be creative, sensitive, respectful and conscious about others. Simultanously, they develop their intelligence, gifts and talents so they can live in today's world, positively contributing to society while feeling comfortable in facing challenges.

The results these past two years: Our children's development is mind-blowing!

Even though our school is small, we intend to make it grow so that more children in Samaipata can benefit. You can contribute to make it possible!

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Why this is important

In Samaipata, there exist local (state-run) schools, but mostly they use a very traditional teaching model where students don't have the chance to explore their potential or foster their creativity. Conventional classrooms are often crowded with 30 to 40 students per teacher and so teaching is more focused on ensuring obedience than inspiring students to learn. Our goal is to offer another model of teaching and learning, so local Bolivian families can see another way of doing education.

CREANDO is open to all families, parents and children who want an education that will let them be empowered in life, based on strong values, knowledge and developing individual strengths.

And all this, no matter the socio-economic, physical or cognitive circumstances of children:

  • We offer half-scholarships for children who come from low-income families.
  • We accept and integrate children with special needs, offering extra professional assitance to help them adapt, learn and feel happy just like the other children.
  • Education is customized, and in weekly meetings, teachers find the way to help children in their difficulties and enhance their potentials.
Everyone is different, and we love it!

Team and experience

CREANDO was founded - and is led - by three mothers of small children (two of those are mothers of kids with special needs). Our training is in the educational model of PEDAGOOOGIA 3000.

Our wonderful team includes...
  • Carolina Torrez, Legal representative.
  • Mae Pardo, Director, english teacher - teacher 3000
  • Mayer Chavez, Main teacher - expert in pedagogy and primary school
  • Daniela Villaseca, Main teacher - facilitator in Pedagogy 3000
  • Lis Moro - Art teacher, ceramist.
  • Giulia Pasquali - Psychologist, yoga teacher

All of our teachers have training and experience in education. And the most important thing: they have a genuine interest in working to provide the type of education we dream of. Their modeling of inspiration, love and creativity is what sets the standard for our school.

Also, the parents show a strong commitment with the school, because they can see the benefits for their children. Our team, directors, teachers and parents are a strong basis for this project to continue, evolve and become self-sustainable.

At the moment we are renting a large casona, or traditional house, near the central plaza in Samaipata. While the space celebrates local and historic patrimony, it is also big enough in terms of indoor space for teaching, outdoor learning and physical movement. While we have the basics in terms of space, our limited resources to date have meant we could not create the type of decoration, or provide the type of materials that create the inspiring environment that align with our core objectives. Also, with the increased number of children signed up for 2019, we need more tables, chairs and materials to welcome them!

Help us transform our school!


Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • No poverty

    Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality.

  • Good Health and Well-Being

    Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.

  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

    Investments in infrastructure are crucial to achieving sustainable development.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.