Tenis invisible: compite usando tu móvil como raqueta

Filed on 25 / 11 / 2013
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Your name will stay in our app and website forever

Names of people and institutions that contribute to this project will be in a credits screen forever.

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PLUS. Your name + your email + your website

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + You will be in the first positions in the credits screen and you will have the chance to write your contact details, for example an email address, and promote your website. This is also good for boosting up the Page Rank of your website.

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Constant update of the state of the project and possibility to make suggestions

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + You have the chance to be added to the mailing list in order to be informed about developement processes. You will be able to make suggestions, which we will take into account for sure.

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Contributing € 25
Access to secret game

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + We will design an exclusive secret game inside the app only for you.

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Contributing € 50
Possibility to be a programmer or a tester

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + You have the chance to develop parts of the app or make research. You will be credited in the developers section with your email and website. You will be able to add this project to your CV and we will always confirm that you worked with us.

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Contributing € 150
Play with our app for testing purposes and free guided visit to the Centro de Supercomputación MareNostrum of Barcelona

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + Come and play face-to-face or through internet for testing purposes and add this experience to your CV. Moreover, you will be invited for a free visit of Centro de Supercomputación MareNostrum of Barcelona.

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Contributing € 290
Your webpage will be integrated with our website as well as your back links

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + We will integrate your page with the provided title, text and backlinks in order to promote you and increase your Page Rank.

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Contributing € 500
Your photo and name will be shown in 'automatic players' column

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + When a user plays a 1-player game the photo and the name of the person that you choose will be among the automatic players. Each player will have his own properties.

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Your photo on the cover of the app

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + Your photo (or the photo of the person that you choose) will appear on the cover of the app (splash screen) like a professional sportman. Thousands of people will be able to see you forever.

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Contributing € 5.000
Sponsor logo or big banner in our app and website forever

ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS + Promote your company with your logo or banner. Our aim is that app will be downloaded and used by millions of people. We can negotiate how to do it.
Additionally we can include or adjust the name of this app taking your company's name into consideration, but this is not included in that reward. For more information contact us!

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Hace 7 years
Difusión en las redes sociales y asociaciones culturales, deportivas y de personas con discapacidad: Necesitamos tu ayuda en la difusión de nuestro proyecto en redes sociales y para que organizaciones o bien culturales o bien para gente discapacitada nos presten su ayuda y difundan este proyecto. Si conoces asociaciones cerca de ti hazles saber que este proyecto necesita su colaboración.
Hace 7 years
Programadores de Android, IOS (Iphone Apple) y Windows Phone: Necesitamos que nos pongáis en contacto con programadores de Android, IOS (Iphone Apple) y Windows Phone.
Hace 7 years
Partners, inversores o empresas de aplicaciones: Tenemos más proyectos relacionados con el mundo de las apps y estamos buscando partners o empresas para desarrollarlos. Uno de estos proyectos es www.lingua2.net, pero también tenemos otros proyectos más tecnológicos (aplicaciones, webs y electrónica). ¡Contactad con nosotros!