Filtros purificadores contra la Crisis del Agua

Málaga, Spain
Finished 14 / 01 / 2021
€ 7.600
€ 5.030
€ 17.245
156 Backers
Contributing € 10

Thank you very much for contributing to the project. Your name will appear in the “Water Heros” section of our website, as well as in the thank you video that we will make after the campaign.

> 28 Backers
Contributing € 15
Postcard + Acknowledgment

In addition to showing your name in the water hero section on our website, we will send you a digital postcard with photos of the places where we have distributed filters so far.

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Contributing € 20
Postcard + T-shirt Giveaway with exclusive illustration

In addition to showing your name in the water hero section on our website, and sending you the digital postcard, you will enter the draw for a “Water Hero” t-shirt

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Contributing € 30
Exclusive illustration poster + Postcard

In addition to showing your name in the water hero section on our website and sending you the digital postcard, we will send you a digital drawing, in which your name will appear.

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Contributing € 40
Tote bag + Exclusive illustration + Postcard

In addition of showing your name in water hero section on our website, and sending you the digital postcard, we will send you a personalized tote bag, with which you can avoid the use of plastic bags while contributing your drop against the water crisis.

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Contributing € 45
Filtro multiusos

Además de mostrar tu nombre en los agradecimientos, serás de los primeros en recibir una de nuestros filtros multiusos, que elimina el 99.999% de todas las bacterias, impurezas y microplásticos.

Este es el mismo filtro al que tendrán acceso las familias de Latinoamérica. Lo llamamos multiusos, porque puede usarse en diversidad de situaciones. Por ejemplo, puedes adaptarle una bolsa plegable (incluida) o conectarla a una botella con tapon de rosca de 26mm, o usar una pajita reutilizable (incluida) para beber directamente de un río o fuente de agua natural. Además contiene un sistema de retrolabado simple, que alarga considerablemente la vida útil del filtro.

Son ideales para situaciones en las que tengas que compartir el agua filtrada, salgas con la bici o vayas de camping.

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Contributing € 50
Bottle with purifying filter

You will be among the first to receive one of our filter bottles, which removes 99.999% of all bacteria, impurities, and microplastics. We will also show your name on our water hero section on the website.

They are ideal for use on a day-to-day basis and improve the quality of the water you consume (without having to buy single-use water bottles).

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Contributing € 80
Filter Bottle + Tote bag with illustration

Be the first to receive one of our filter bottles, we will also send you a tote bag so you can take it with you everywhere. We will also show your name on our water hero section on the website.

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Contributing € 100
Workshop "How to organize a social project on your vacation" + Filter bottle + Tote bag

You will have virtual access to an exclusive Workshop, lasting 2 hours, in which we will teach you how you can organize a social project during your vacation, based on the experience of ESI, the 8-meter plastic whale that we build in Costa Rica. In addition, be the first to receive one of our filter bottles and also get a beautiful tote bag with an exclusive illustration.

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Contributing € 250
Meet the team experience + Filter bottle + Tote bag

You will have access to a virtual meeting in which we will present the project to you and you will be able to ask whatever you want.

In addition, be one of the first to receive our filter bottles and also get a beautiful tote bag with an exclusive illustration.

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Contributing € 500
Filter bottle + tote bag + filter distribution Live!

We will share the excitement of the filter deliveries through a video call so that you can see our fieldwork live. It will be a call that you will surely remember forever.

With this generous contribution, you will be also the first to receive one of our filter bottles, we will also send you a tote bag and help you to reduce the single-use of plastic.

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Contributing € 1.000
Take part in the filter distribution in Latin America + filter bottle + tote bag

With this important donation, we will be able to help many families and we will give you the opportunity to join us during the next distribution of filters in Latin America.

You will be also one of the first to receive our filter bottles, we will also send you a tote bag and help you to reduce the single-use of plastic and your name will appear on the water hero section on our website

Note: You would travel with us, and we will support you in everything related to logistics and organizing your trip, however, expenses related to the trip itself are not included.

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Contributing € 1.000
For companies: Giveaway water and sustainability

We will send you a pack with 22 filter bottles, which you can giveaway to your employees, collaborators, acquaintances ... as a social gift, helping them to improve their water consumption by reducing the use of single-use plastic.

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Contributing € 1.500
For companies: Water Angel

Thanks to your contribution we will be able to help many families, so we will record a personalized thank you video for you.

In addition, we will put your logo in the Water Angels section of our website, in which all the companies that make this project possible will appear.

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Contributing € 2.000
For companies: Water Angel for one year

In addition to recognizing you as Water Angel on our website, we will put your logo on our shirts for a year and we will mention you regularly in our publications as a real Water Angel.

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About this project

Water. For you and for everyone.
Material Minimum Optimum
Purchase of filters
These first bottle units will be used to send the rewards, as well as to have some stock in the webshop, where they will be sold afterward.
€ 2.500
Second purchase of filters
If we reach the minimum, we could buy more filters to increase the quantity available in our warehouse.
€ 5.000
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Filters shipped from the factory to the logistics distribution center.
€ 770
Expenses derived from importing the filters in Spain.
€ 670
Shipping rewards
Estimated cost for sending rewards needed to reach the minimum
€ 600
Second international shipping
For buying additional filters, we need to pay the shipping.
€ 1.500
Web (server, plugins, domains, etc)
Once we reach the minimum objective, we have to develop a web page to sell the filters.
€ 500
Second import
Buying additional filters, we need to pay the import charges.
€ 1.340
If we reach the minimum, we will have to pay an agency that is responsible for the fiscal and accounting management of the project.
€ 875
Task Minimum Optimum
Bank commissions and crowfunding platform cost from GOTEO
Goteo is a platform that facilitates crowdfunding campaigns and takes a commission for the work it does. That is why part of the money we get will be to pay these costs and bank commissions (approximately 6%).
€ 290
Legal advice
Cost related to the advice for the legal and fiscal review of the project
€ 200
Opening of the first Water Bank in Colombia
If we reach the optimum, we can use this amount to pay the distribution costs necessary to open our first water bank in the colombia.
€ 3.000
Total € 5.030 € 17.245

General information

Between 2018 and 2019, we facilitated access to drinking water for more than 2,500 people, thanks to the distribution of 397 purifying water filters that we distributed among families and schools in rural areas of Ecuador.

We have proven in the field how this practical solution that fits in our hand can change lives.
Because clean water is the source of all progress.

Our goal is to help more people with difficult access to drinking water, starting with Latin America. And... how?

We have created our own brand of filters and a new scalable distribution system. So we can start the sale of our filters in Europe (for your daily activities), and 100% of the profits go to families and schools in areas most affected by the Water Crisis, so that they can have filters at very low prices. reduced, even free.

We are The Social Water, a team of professionals who work on a voluntary basis to make access to clean water a reality around the world.

We launched this campaign to start this clear and transparent filter distribution system (like water). And it will be possible thanks to you.

Can you support us with your drop to fill the glass of the Water Crisis?

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

"Water is life", but it is also progress. It is a natural and vital resource for health and development. However, clean water is a luxury in countries suffering from the Water Crisis. Especially for women and children who spend a large part of their day obtaining this resource.

At The Social Water, we have found a simple, effective solution that can be taken to all corners of the planet: purifying water filters, capable of instantly removing 99.999% of all bacteria, impurities and microplastics that water may have.

So that everyone has access to our filters in a social, transparent and fair way, we have created a scalable distribution system. And on our scale the protagonists are 3:

  1. Communities suffering from the Water Crisis, and can get these filters at production price with The Social Water.

  2. People who want to help (like you). And they will also enjoy the advantages of our filters, such as reducing the consumption of plastic bottles.

  3. And our online store where different types of filters will go on sale. This tool serves as a link, so that those who want to help can buy the filter that best suits their needs; 100% of the profits are used in the distribution costs (transport, taxes and personnel) of more filters; so that they are also available to the communities that suffer the most from the Water Crisis. Starting with Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador in Latin America.

In addition to collaborating with families and schools to improve their health, well-being and progress, our commitment is also to invest in new systems that are even more respectful with the environment, and that improve even more the day-to-day lives of people who suffer from the water crisis.

Why this is important

Whether you are concerned about your own microplastic consumption (present even in 90% of bottled water), you want to avoid the use of single-use plastic and improve the quality of the water you drink daily or simply, you want to be a Water Hero with a donation that will be used 100% to facilitate access to clean water.

With your support, we can make it possible for our filters to reach communities, schools and families, where they are suffering from the water crisis, through our scalable and social distribution system of purifying water filters.

Or as we say in The Social Water:

A filter for you, an opportunity for the world.

In addition, the acquisition of rewards through this platform are considered as donations. Therefore, if you reside in Spain or in other EU countries you can deduct de donations.


Team and experience

All this will be possible thanks to 35 professionals in different fields, belonging to 9 nationalities, who are volunteering to make this proyect happen.

We are all different, but we all have one thing in common: we believe in a better world, and we want to be part of the change.

We are using our time, knowledge and skills with the aim that very soon, many people in many parts of the world will have access to drinking water that, in addition to their health, also has a positive impact on their life chances. And you, you can be part of this initiative

Social commitment