Filed on 07 / 08 / 2012
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Invitación doble a un concierto producido por This is Underground, La Castanya, A Viva Veu, BCore y Boston Pizza Records (un total de 5 conciertos) a tu elección entre los meses de noviembre 2012 y junio 2013 + 10 tickets para consumiciones durante el festival + Acceso Pro + Reconocimiento web

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About this project

new music festival
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Uso espacio Fabra i Coats
Costes relacionados con el uso del espacio de Fabra i Coats, incluyendo; alquiler del espacio, personal responsable del espacio durante el evento
€ 1.200
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Material de Sonido
Alquiler del material de sonido: PA, escenarios, monitoraje, cableado, microfoneado etc,.
€ 2.000
Material de Iluminación
Alquiler de material de iluminación: cañones para iluminar escenario, mesa de luces etc,.
€ 1.050
Alquiler de escenarios
€ 700
Alquiler de 3 proyectores para proyectar visuales en ambos escenarios además del área de "cine underground" con documentales musicales producidos por los colectivos locales participantes.
€ 450
Alquiler de backline para ambos escenarios
€ 700
Mobiliario adicional para crear áreas de descanso.
€ 300
Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Equipo videográfico / fotográfico
Producción de vídeos y material fotográfico del festival que serán para el uso de los artistas, discográficas participantes y todo aquel que quiera descargarse el material tras el evento.
€ 1.000
Total € 4.950 € 7.400

General information

TIU is an all-day festival dedicated to exhibiting the best selection of local and international new music. With a special focus on Barcelona bands, this is a great opportunity to explore the excellent local underground music scene.

TIU has joined forces with those music labels, collectives and artists that best represent the "underground", with the objective of celebrating the maturity of some of their projects. This is the ideal opportunity to see fresh talent alongside new international bands.

Born from zero, TIU is a festival that benefits from the support of an experienced team, and the willingness and energy of many of the top music collectives in the city, who enable this to become a unique and special date in the Barcelona cultural calender.

The renovated former textile factory space of Fabra i Coats (, in Sant Andreu is a spectacular setting in which to showcase new live music projects.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The first artist confirmations for its first edition, to be celebrated on 20th October 2012 in new contemporary arts and culture centre of Fabra i Coats are as follows:

Dulce Pájara de Juventud (BCore) -
Beach Beach (La Castanya) -
Ocellot (Discos La Gàbia) -
l'Hereu Escampa (Famèlic) -
Wind Atlas (Boston Pizza Records) -

New confirmations will be revealed soon.

Why this is important

At TIU, we believe this is the right moment for an event like this. The main objective of TIU is to build a one-day festival, tailor-made to promote local artists and represent the local music scene. To achieve this, we have established partnerships with many of the principle record labels and independent music collectives in the city, to provide them with the perfect platform to exhibit their music.

TIU is an innovative concept in the festival arena, in which the principle stakeholders in the local scene are involved in building the event from the ground up. In this way, these stakeholders have the opportunity to shape the format and contours of the festival. At the same time, TIU benefits from the experience these stakeholders bring to the table.

TIU advocated a new mode of working that is entirely necessary in this challenging time for the cultural industry. A framework that permits the showcasing of new, different and more daring musical projects. And in which local industry stakeholders can participate in networking sessions and seek solutions to problems that affect the local musical scene as a whole. In this sense, TIU is not a typical festival, in that it aims to establish a working relationship with local artists and music collectives that benefits both parties and strives to break the typical vertical structure present in most large events.

The festival is also a great promotion opportunity for new music artists in that they will be assured a large and varied audience, and a fantastic setting in which to play. These new artists, pieces of the Barcelona cultural fabric will then have the opportunity to further emerge from the Underground, playing alongside international artists who help achieve a greater impact in terms of press and publicity around the event.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

  1. Engage the general public with project concept and contribute to the promotion of a community around the local emerging music scene.

  2. Raise funds to be able to cover some of the basic costs of the festival production.

  3. Source collaborators from the local music community.

  4. Provide a minimum financial stability to the project in its first year of existence.

Team and experience

This is Underground ( is a platform dedicated to exhibiting the best selection of new music. We have been organising monthly showcases since November 2010, exhibiting the best new music to an ever-growing public.

Members of the TIU team have extensive experience in project management and music festivals, focused on the local and emerging music scene.

We also boast the collaboration of the following record labels and independent collectives from the local and emerging music scene:

La Castanya ( a record label and independent local promotor that has been publishing the most promising artists from the national music scene since 2010, including Beach Beach, Aliment, Furguson, Biscuit and Me and the Bees.

BCore ( the oldest local independent record label, and a national household name. BCore published its first album in 1990 and continues to offer up the most daring new musical formations from hardcore passing through psychedelia to pop and folk, including Cuzo and Dulce Pájara de Juventud.

Discos la Gàbia ( a local DIY label, active since 2011 publishes psychedelic-noise-experimental groups from the Catalan scene, such as Sun Color and Ocellot.

Famèlic ( a Catalan label and promotor active since 2011 and that has brought groups like Mates Mates and l'Hereu Escampa into the limelight.

Boston Pizza Records ( a label based in the city's punk-hardcore scene, the Boston Pizza family has grown, bringing in artists with ideas in commune, even if distinct in their musical persuasions, such as Zephyr Lake, Nitch and Wind Atlas.

A Viva Veu ( a project dedicated to supporting cultural and musical initiatives born in Catalonia, via a concert series, and video and editorial production. ( a project dedicated to musical videographic and photographic production. Using material filmed at festivals and concerts, strives to explore new forms of editing, fleeing from the traditional format of the live video clip.

Hao ( a radio programme dedicated to discovering new music from the local and international independent music scene. On the airwaves since 2011, Hao has brought some of the most promising names from the underground scene to our attention.

Social commitment