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Finished 23 / 07 / 2021
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€ 2.355
€ 3.690
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    Tools for menstrual knowledge

    Name on thanks credits + Resum de Savieses by Artemisa

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    Art and feminist reflection with Proyecto Tetas

    Name on thanks credits + Resum de savieses by Artemisa + 1 Print Proyecto Tetas

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    Art and feminist reflection with Twenty-Eight days

    Name on thanks credits + Resum de savieses by Artemisa + Poster A3 of the documentary short film

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    Feminist art and reflection COMBO

    Name on thanks credits + Resum de savieses by Artemisa + Poster A3 of the documentary short film + Print Proyecto Tetas

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    Feminist art and reflection with ReglaFanzine

    Name on thanks credits + Resum de savieses by Artemisa + Poster A3 of the documentary short film + 1 copy of ReglaFanzine Òvul Nº2

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    Feminist art and reflection with Proyecto Tetas PLUS

    Name on thanks credits + Resum de savieses by Artemisa + 1 Proyecto Tetas print + 1 Proyecto Tetas Totebag

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    Free menstruation (of pressure and plastics) with Jostun Kuttun. Pack 1

    Name on thanks credits +Resum de savieses by Artemisa + Poster A3 of the documentary short film + 1 panty liner and 1 normal pad by Jostun Kuttun

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    Free menstruation (of pressure and plastics) with Cocoro

    Name on thanks credits +Resum de savieses by Artemisa + Poster A3 of the documentary short film + 1 Cocoro pad Classic MOERI

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    Free menstruation (of pressure and plastic) with Jostun Kuttun. Pack 2

    Name on thanks credits +Resum de savieses by Artemisa + Poster A3 of the documentary short film + 1 normal pad and 1 double absorption pad by Jostun Kuttun

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    Free menstruation (of pressure and plastics) with Cocoro and art

    Name on thanks credits + Resum de savieses by Artemisa + Poster A3 of the documentary short film + Print Proyecto Tetas + 1 Cocoro pad Classic MOERI

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    Short film screening (for organizations)

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    Screening with talk (for organizations)

    Name on thanks credits + Poster A3 of the documentary short film + Screening of the documentary in your own space with the presence of at least one of the creators for a presentation and Q&A.

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About this project

A documentary short film about the period

Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Documentary distribution
Hiring of a short film distributor company to be in charge of designing and applying film festival distribution strategy for “Twenty-eight days”.
€ 2.000
Team compensation
The second round will serve to obtain a small economic compensation since all the people who have collaborated with the documentary short film and have done so voluntarily. These are professionals that have given their time to the project and make it grow. The tasks that we are going to financially compensate are- Creation of the stop-motion - Sound post production - Color grading - Creation of the soundtrack - Poster design
€ 1.120
Goteo Management Cost
Assuming the managing costs of campaign.
€ 215
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Rewards production and sending
To pay the cost of production of the rewards and the cost the send it.
€ 355
Total € 2.355 € 3.690

General information

“Aida is on a trip through Latin America during twenty-eight days, during this time I shoot her and, through observing her and our conversations, I realize of all the different moods we experience during the menstrual cycle, everyone of them indispensable and cyclical.”

Twenty-eight days is a documentary short film, a essay road movie, about the different emotional states (all of them equally important and necessary) that are expressed through the different phases of the menstrual cycle. In short, a poetic composition to respect the cyclical and changing life.

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

The documentary Twenty-eight days was born on a trip through Latin America.
During the twenty-eight days that the trip lasted, Aida (the protagonist) and Marta (the co-protagonist and the director) lived a menstrual cycle, with its four phases (pre-ovulation, ovulation, premenstruation and menstruation) and their mood changes.

The documentary focuses on the emotional aspect of the menstrual cycle, through conversations between Aida and Marta, the images of the trip and voice-over thougths. The short film avoids deep explanations of a scientific nature about the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle, the inner female body is only shown through four evocative stopmotion animations.

After filming during the trip through Latin America, the project started its production with the participation in the Feminist Documentary Laboratory of Creation Labonne 2019 Edition (Francesca Bonnemaison Women's Culture Center, Barcelona).

Once the Documentary Lab finished, the project grew, led by Marta Cortés (author and director) and Maria Cuennet (co-author and producer) who worked independently and without external financial support with the colaboration of an extensive team of friends and professionals who joined the project voluntarily.

Now that the film is finished, and it is time to share it.

This crowdfunding has the goal to reach the necessary funding to ensure an optimal distribution, that allows the film to find its public, both in the film festivals circuit and in social and educational centres interested in disseminating knowledge about the menstrual cycle.
If we achieve the optimal goal, we will also be able to pay part of the team that have worked with us making that have helpt the project gain quality.


Why this is important

The lack of knowledge during our adolescence about our menstruating bodies, the subtle social taboo around menstruation and the usual medical response to birth control drugs to stabilize it (all things that have made it difficult for us to develop a genuine love for our body and it’s different states), are the motivations behind the creation of this documentary short film.

We want to claim cyclicity as a real and enriching movement that governs our lives in opposition with the demands for emotional linearity and constant productivity that the social and economic system asks from us.

We want to ensure a good distribution of the documentary short film so that it does not only reach the circles of people who menstruate consciously but also where there is no knowledge or awareness of the cyclicity that menstruation involves. We would especially like to reach young teenagers who already entered or just entering the menstrual phase of life, when so many questions arise and, in our case, remained unanswered until years later. Finally, we don’t want to focus only on women or menstruating bodies; Cyclicality is a movement present in all aspects of life and nature and becoming aware of it is beneficial for everyone.


We’ve networked with other projects akin to our line of thinking, to be able to offer the most interesting rewards! Here we explain in detail all the projects involved and their rewards:


Cocoro is a pioneering project with an international vocation that aims to transform, make visible and destigmatize the menstrual period, that we live approximately, once a month for half of our lives.

Cocoro promotes alternatives to disposable products to reduce waste, help to naturalize the period and pushing for new better ways to manage it environmentally friendly and committed with our health.
Cocoro menstrual pants are very similar to conventional ones. This is possible thanks to technological innovation, which allows a light and effective combination of three fabrics: a layer of 100% organic cotton, which is in direct contact with the genitals; an intermediate layer of technical fabric that makes absorption possible. And, finally, a layer of external fabric that varies according to the model making it practical, comfortable and also aesthetic.
They are only a little thicker in the area of the bridge to be able to absorb menstruation, vaginal discharge and sporadic urine stream. They are antibacterial, breathable and damp-proof.

Cocoro collaborates with the Twenty-eight days crowdfunding offering Classic MOERI design pants.

Cocoro is feminism, sustainability, technology and innovation. The initiative was born out of a feminist aim (and need) to change the unfair situation of inferiority women face in many areas. The product, menstrual pants, is created to make us feel as comfortable as we are, for the days of menstruation, and for every day. Loving and respecting our body as it is. It is also a more sustainable alternative to classic products, mostly disposable and plastic.

More info:

ReglaFanzine.Òvul nº2

ReglaFanzine is a self-published collaborative magazine where menstruation is shown through texts, draw and illustrations as something beautiful.
ReglaFanzine participates in the crowdfunding by offering Òvul nº2, the second number of the magazine.

More info:

Artemisa Moon Calendar

Artemisa Moon Calendar participates with the Resum de savieses Artemisamoon 2020, a virtual booklet where you can read and discover the texts that were part of the 2020 agenda.
All donations receive this reward.

You’ll find (in catalan):

  • Brief explanation of the menstrual cycle and its phases and characteristics
  • 4 moon rituals and explanation of how to use the energy of each lunar phase
  • 5 natural remedies linked to the menstrual cycle and the healing of the relationship with yourself
  • 4 texts on female sexuality, tantra, cyclicity, body, etc.
  • 2 poems
    The whole booklet is accompanied by beautiful illustrations

More info:

Bamboo pads Jostun Kuttun

Jostun Kuttun makes bamboo pads. Bamboo is an ecological, sustainable option that is respectful with the environment and the people who produce it.
The fabric is fresh, absorbs quickly and is softer than hemp. It also has natural antibacterial properties and a very high deodorizing capacity, 30% more than cotton. Due to its soft fibers, it does not cause itching in the skin, is anti-allergic and acts as a thermal regulator. Bamboo fiber is able to absorb and evaporate sweat in seconds.
All the fabrics of the pads and panty liners (both bamboo and PUL) have the OEKOTEX-100 cretified which is the eco-label for textiles.
Jostun Kuttun participates in the crowdfunding with two different packs of pads.

Proyecto Tetas

Proyecto Tetas (The Breast Project) is a photographic work by Berta García-Lacht that seeks to give visibility to all types of woman breasts and provide non-normative references to the collective thinking.
The question was obvious: if there are about 3.65 billion women in the world, why only breasts that follow the beauty canonn dictated by advertising and porn are represented? In reaction to this, Berta García-Lacht took her camera and photographed over sixty women volunteer between the ages of 18 and 85 who together show a much more realistic collage of breasts, than the ones popular culture has perpetuated. Small, big, fallen, separated, with hair, with stretch marks, with spots, with scars...

Proyecto Tetas posters and totebgs have been made in order to break the established beauty canons around woman breasts.
Proyecto Tetas collaborates on crowdfunding with two types of rewards: prints and totebags.

More info:


Team and experience

Marta Cortés and Maria Cuennet met at university, studying Audiovisual Communication (Media & Cinema Degree). Menstrual cycle experiences were a regular subject in their conversations. A subject that Marta also discussed with Aida, the protagonist of the documentary.

Over the years they lived together the changing process in their conception of menstural period: before it was a nuisance, and now, a rich experience.

Twenty-eight days is the first documentary short film they make together and is the result of reflections and experiences around the menstrual cycle that the three have shared.

Aida Sanahuja Castellà – Main character
Marta Cortés Rius - Main character, Scriptwriter and director
Maria Cuennet Mas – Scriptwriter, editor and producer
Vanesa Céspedes - Supporting character
Joel Sanchez Pachas - Supporting character
Arnau Gòdia Montesinos - Stop motion animator
Chiara Tedeschi - BSO’s Composition
Josep H. Vallès - Color grading
Pol Fontanals - Sound post-production
Carlota Esteller Fabra - Auxiliary camera operator
Anna Casado Pastor - Auxiliary camera operator
Sònia Lozano Cordón - Auxiliary camera operator
Laia Manresa - Narrative counsel
Saudde Cevallos – Edition counsel
Emilia Dulom - Narrative counsel
Adrià Navarro - Teaser edition
Alba Moreno - Poster design
Jordi Esteller - Equipment
LaBonne - Mentoring


Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being

    Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Gender Equality

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.