Wolf Country: un cortometraje contra el odio

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, United States
Finished 06 / 02 / 2021
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About this project

A dystopian story that wants to open up the debate about the origin of violence and the use of firearms.
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Renting a location to shoot in California is not cheap. With this figure we will be able to assume the cost and the permits to shoot in a forest near Los Angeles. We can assure you that we have done a lot of field work to find the most affordable place. Plus, it comes with a surprise: this location was used to record the first Tarzan movie in 1918.
€ 2.700
The use of Goteo's platform has a 5% commission on the amount we collect. Banks and Paypal add costs of between 0.35% and 3.4%.
€ 750
Material Minimum Optimum
Vehicle rentals
Trucks needed to bring school equipment and rented equipment to the location
€ 550
Catering and craft services
During three days of shooting, a lot is consumed in an outdoor set of 30 people. With your help, we will be able to pay the catering company that provides individual menus (required by the pandemic situation) and healthy snacks, as well as drinks that will allow us to be on our feet during the long hours of filming.
€ 1.100
Prop rentals
Props are items that actors use during scenes. Thanks to your help we can rent all the necessary material from The Hand Prop Room, a prop house in Los Angeles
€ 630
Costume design
Help us get costume pieces to help us create this decomposing dystopian world.
€ 300
Makeup and prosthetics
In this movie there will be shots. Quite a bunch. And very bloody. And that is not easy to do! Our makeup artist Camila Ballen will work like everyone else to develop her portfolio, but we need to cover the materials she will work with.
€ 300
Task Minimum Optimum
Studio Teacher
In order to have a child actor in our film we need to hire a certified teacher due to the California entertainment industries regulation. Thanks to your support, we can tell the story with Emma, our beloved 7-year-old actress.
€ 300
Film Festivals submissions
We want to reach as many festivals as possible and that is why we need your help. Participating in festivals (especially renowned ones) requires a registration fee that is usually around $40. With your help we can reach more than thirty festivals.
€ 850
Stunt Coordinator
For action scenes, the California entertainment industry requires a professional to be present to monitor all risky activities. Help us bring on set a stunt coordinator, who will bring credibility and safety to falls, shots and fights.
€ 250
In times of COVID19, New York Film Academy has decided to require its students to have insurance that covers all the people who work on the set. Thanks to your help, we can take out this insurance (called Worker's Compensation) and general liability that covers unforeseen events or work accidents on set.
€ 900
Special Effects
Due to New York Film Academy on-set regulations, we were unable to use any kind of visual effects during filming: explosions, gunshots, etc. That is why we need a boost to be able to choose a professional in post-production to help us in this regard.
€ 670
Color correction
Color grading is one of the key elements in making a film look as professional as possible. With your help we will be able to pay for the work sessions of a color corrector to give the finishing touch to Wolf Country.
€ 700
Total € 4.350 € 10.000

General information

WOLF COUNTRY is a dystopian short film in which a privileged caste can hunt down the "unproductive" beings in society. Eira, our protagonist, must face her initiation ritual: killing her first human prey .

In times when hatred advances in institutions and monopolizes hours of media coverage, culture faces the challenge of asking questions that help us to put ourselves in the shoes of others .

This film wants to contribute to the discussion by depicting a world in which the wealthier class is allowed to control the population of lower classes as if they were wild animals.

Help us to finish this short film by a group of students in Hollywood, which will be a cover letter for all of them in the film industry. We want to finish production and take this story to festivals around the world to open the debate: where does hatred come from and what can we do to fight against it?

Description of the project. Main features, strengths and differentials.

With this story we want to ask ourselves what makes a person different from another. And we want to do it from the big screen because we understand that cinema and culture in general are fundamental spaces for analysis and debate.

The idea came up during a conversation about the latest massacres in the United States and their common denominator: the ignorance of other realities and the lack of empathy. Does our perception of others change when we accept the challenge of knowing the "other"?

What will we do with the money raised?

  • Rent a forest in the mountains of Thousand Oaks, California.
  • Provide good food and fresh snacks to the team.
  • Hire insurance for all the people on the set.
  • Rent the equipment that the New York Film Academy does not provide (from lighting to catering tables).
  • Buy electronic material (storage and backup).
  • Cover the costs of transport to the location of all the team and talent.
  • Post-production of the film: editing, color correction, sound design and DCP (or digital completion).
  • Send the short film to dozens of festivals around the world.

Why this is important

Wolf Country is the third short film we have produced in Los Angeles as a student crew. We are making a strong commitment to him because we believe in the story we are telling.

Our goals is to continue exposing social problems that we don't usually see in the arts. We believe that this film will be our best introduction to the professional world in order to continue making good quality independent cinema.

We are addressing people who love cinema and need new stories and people interested in innovative perspectives. We are looking for an audience interested in hearing the voices of young creators who are willing to go off the beaten path and bring their ideas to the big screen.

Team and experience

In Wolf Country, the whole crew has been working in film productions for several years. Many of our 22 team members are students or recent graduates. We come from all over the world, but we have met in Hollywood , where we continue to learn project by project.

Our director is Chémi Pérez , who is also a documentary filmmaker and journalist. After making several independent documentaries in Mexico, Guatemala and Argentina, he worked at PlayGround magazine as a video editor. He studied a master's degree in contemporary film at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and now he is pursuing a master's degree in filmmaking in Los Angeles thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. His latest fiction shorts are L.A. Kelly (2019) and The Last Equinox (2019), which are about to be premiered at film festivals.

Maya Riquelme is our cinematographer. She is also film director and university professor from Ciudad del Este (Paraguay). She has just shot her thesis La Pandilla de San Antonio in her hometown and is still ready to take on the world. She is finishing her Master in Film at the New York Film Academy, also thanks to a Fulbright scholarship.

Joel Cazorla is our creative producer and journalist. He currently works with La Opinion, the most widely circulated Spanish language outlet in the US, covering national politics and immigration. His past as a documentary maker also took him to Mexico, Argentina, Madrid and Barcelona.

The crew is completed by an international group of young people who have been working together for the last two years in film production in Los Angeles:

  • Julian Molina and Mincin Golchini (USA), executive producers
  • Samuel Flynn (USA), producer
  • Justin Stapleton (USA), First Assistant Director
  • Amy Nigro (USA), continuist
  • Raúl Britez (Paraguay), direct sound and sound design
  • Eunicet Pamela (Mexico), gaffer
  • Daniela Marin Brito (Cuba / USA), first camera assistant
  • Brendan Kimmet (USA), second assistant camera
  • Heyuan Zheng (China), Production Designer
  • Verónica Badell (Venezuela), art director
  • Sylvestre Cetina (Spain / USA), costume designer
  • Camila Ballen (Colombia), makeup artist and hairdresser
  • Leire Baztarrica (Spain / USA), photographer
  • Colby Savage (USA), photographer
  • Andrea Begazo (Peru), production coordinator
  • Sean Coit (USA), best boy
  • Bianca Torrico (USA), art assistant
  • Rodrigo Gómez (Spain), production assistant
  • Natasha Abdul (USA), grip

Our cast is made up of five great actors with a really promising future:

  • Maddie Faircloth is EIRA, our protagonist.
  • Emma Kunert is the little runaway.
  • Jerod Powers is LEO, the fiercest warrior of this hunting reserve.
  • Richard Larimore as JAN, Eira's stern father and leader of the pack of "Wolves".
  • Aaron Bray is RICK, the second in command of the powerful caste.

Social commitment